Looking for information on the BUCHTEL family of Garnett, Anderson Co. Alfred BUCHTEL, early Monroe Twp. constable, was killed by a train in Garnett on May 2, 1904. His wife, Ora (Orrie) (BAKER) BUCHTEL died October 15, 1885 in Garnett. Alfred & Orrie's daughter, Etta Faye (aka Marette) BUCHTEL (born July 5, 1872 in Anderson Co.), married about 1890 George W. DUZENBURY (possibly also from the Anderson Co., area) and had a daughter, Mabel Ida DUZENBURY, born June 17, 1891 in Los Angeles, CA who she abandoned. Etta BUCHTEL may have been the girl friend/wife of the Sundance Kid (Harry LONGABAUGH) who used the names Etta and Ethel PLACE (Sundance's mother's surname). Etta BUCHTEL ended up in California where she married my grandfather in Oakland in May 1911. Alfred and Orrie's son, Henry BUCHTEL (born July 26, 1869 in Anderson Co.), went to California about 1893 where he married about 1904, as her second husband, Daisy O. SMITH (born January 1, 1869), daughter of Clark B. & Fannie (BUMP) SMITH of Anderson Co. Alfred and Orrie's son, George BUCHTEL (born January 20, 1877 in Anderson Co.), married November 27, 1900 in Anderson Co., Ethel E. HINER (born June 26, 1884) daughter of Peter and Mary HINER of Anderson Co. and they also went to Los Angeles, CA.

Submitted by: Don Dickson
On: June 14, 1998; updated 16 June 2001
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