Interested in contacting anyone researching the following families who married in Anderson County.

Here are the EWING sisters:
1. Albert Isaiah IRWIN and Myrtle Blanche EWING (m.Garnett 3 July 1883).(These folks are my direct ancestors)
2. Ernest E. DELAPLAINE (or DELAPLANE) and Darl F. EWING (m.Colony 9 Oct 1892).
3. William P. STEWART and Jessie EWING (m.Granett 6 Jan 1890).

There may be a second EWING family in Anderson at that time. I would like to know more about:
1. Columbus M. EWING and Alma KANBLE (m.Welda 24 Jun 1884), and
2. John M. DIX and Saddie EWING (m.23 Jul 1884, location not given).

There is also an 1880 marriage that is very interesting:
Joseph H. McDONNELL and Malinda EWING (m."bride's city" 3 Jun 1880). "Malinda" is a common name in my EWING family, but I have no idea who this woman may be.

The EWING sisters had an uncle Frank:
Franklin P. EWING and Narcissa FULLENWIDER (m.Colony July 2, 1879). According to Cutler's "History of Kansas", this was the first marriage conducted in Colony. Cutler gives her name as FULLENWINDER. His middle initial is shown as "T." in the marriage records at Ancestry.com, but I believe it was "P.", for "Peabody".

And what appear to be Narcissa's sisters:
1. J.W. CARROLL and Ida A. FULLENWIDER (m.Colony 1 Oct 1885) He was from Utah Territory, she from Colony, KS.
2. J. E. POWELL and Dora FULLENWIDER (m."bride's residence" 8 Jun 1891). He was from Carlyle, KS, she from Colony, KS.

Then there were siblings of the Albert I. Irwin mentioned above:
1. William Rufus IRWIN and Matilda Applegate FRAZIER (m.8 Jan 1880).
2. Roland F. SHIELDS and Emily Deliza IRWIN (m.Lone Elm 25 Jan 1890).

And there may have been another Irwin family or two from Garnett and Blue Mound.
1. John M. IRWIN and Lillie DOUGHERTY (m.Kincaid 26 Dec 1889).
2. Charles J. IRWIN and Edna M. ROUTZONG (m.Garnett 1 Sep 1890).

Submitted by: Dave Crane
On: 6 January 1999
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