Samuel Brown Hamilton was born June 30, 1856 in Morning Sun, Iowa. He died May 27th in Eldorado, KS and is buried next to his wife in Colony, KS. His first wife was Lovina Elizabeth Pilgrim whom he married in 1877. Samuel and Lovina moved to Anderson County, Kansas around 1879. Samuel owned the Four Square Land and Investment Company in Welda and Colony, Kansas and he and Lovina had 4 children: John Andrew, Flossie, Cora, and Anna. Lovina died in 1906. After Lovina's death Samuel married a widow, Mary Elizabeth Livingston and they had two sons: Hale Maxwell Hamilton and Lowell Clark Hamilton. Lowell is still living in Colorado, keeps a garden, and has an amazing memory.

I am interested in learning more information about this family, childrens school records, church records, property information, business information, etc. and appreciate any assistance. Thank you for all of your help, when I started this search last fall I knew very little and have since discovered so much information about this family. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Melissa Ziegler
On: 2 November 1999
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