Andrew Jackson HANNAH born 1817 near Ohio River in Brown County his 1st wife was Margaret C. DUNLAP their children were Joseph Mansfield (m. Agnes WEAVER), William A. (1852-1909 m. Sarah GAMBLE), & Mary E. HANNAH (m. Dr. George BONE), Pittsburgh PA area. Martha WEAVER (wife #2) & AJH children were Henry (m. Eletha DICKINSON in Anderson County, KS in 1887), Gustave, James, Ida (m. Andrew Redmond in Anderson County, KS in 1886), Allie, Agnes, Rachel, George Weaver, Blanch, and Estellla. Andrew's siblings were W. H. and Jane HANNAH..Is Andrew buried in ANDERSON County, KS he was there in the 1880's

Submitted by: Deneise Hannah-Myers
On: 21 June 2000
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