Seeking information on the family of Mins Thompson Johnson and Alice Warren. Mins(b. 1851-White Co.TN) and Alice(b.1857-ANDERSON Co. Kansas) were married Sept 1875 in Prairie Grove in Washington, Arkansas. Both are buried in the state of Washington. She was the daughter of Harden and Margaret Smart Warren. Siblings include:Sarah Jane, Mary Jane, Nancy(Francis), Florie, Charles Grant, Martha, Sinia and James Monore. He was the son of Jonathon and Sarah Alice Smart Johnson. Siblings inlcude: Sophronia, George, Charles Buchanan, Elmina, Price and Emma. The Warren family moved to Anderson Co. in 1855 until the late 1860's before moving to Arkansas. Unknown where the Johnsons lived. Your time and information would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Sherrie Stout
On: 26 August 2002
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