Rebecca (WISE) born 1844, in Ringgold, PA., died 12 Feb. 1882, in Westphalia, Anderson County, Kansas. She was first married to John MICHAEL, who died during the Civil War of chronic diarrhea. They had one son, John Henry MICHAEL, b. 3 Nov. 1862, Ringgold, PA., died 10 December 1936, Westphalia, Kansas who married Arie Ann YOUNG.

Upon his death, Daniel came back to PA, and she then remarried in 1866 to the widower, Daniel E. LANKERD, b. 1831, d. 1891 in Westphalia Twp., Anderson Co. Kansas.

Daniel had been married to Rebecca (WISE) MICHAEL'S half-sister, Margaret (HOFFMAN) who was killed in Sept. 1864, when she took the horses some distance to get a barrel of water. The neck yoke came detached, the pole dropped to the ground frightening the horses. Thrown forward she was kicked by the startled horses and died of her injuries. {see: Johnson's "History of Anderson Co. KS" pp. # 159. Daniel is buried at Cherry Mound Cemetery. I have been there on my tour of Kansas.

John Henry MICHAEL and Arie Ann YOUNG are buried in the Patton Cemetery, and I have been to their graves. They had the following children, of whom I met some of the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. Issue:

1. John Godfrey
2. Samuel Louis married Louise YOUNGWIRTH
3. Ray Harrison died as baby
4. Lida Fern married Alexander Glenn "Tim" ART
5. William Lester married Marion ART [I met her when I was in Kansas in 1970's]

Seek to contact descendants of the above MICHAEL'S regarding the family Genealogy I am going to publish as some said they definitely wanted copies, but they have moved. Does anyone know of their whereabouts? If so, e-mail me immediately, I need to know by 3/15. But, if later contact anyhow!

Submitted by: Clarence R. Shirey
On: 12 March 2000
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