The obituary (1907, Lancaster, OHIO) of my gr-grandmother, Emma Shull/Scholl, lists three sisters: "Lucy Bloom, Eliza Seigley, and Ellen Bloom of Garnett, Kansas". It is thus not clear if all three of these sisters lived in Garnett, Anderson County; exactly who they married, when they moved there, or even their age (Emma was born 1872).

Anybody know about Shulls/Schools who married a Bloom or a Seigley, and lived in Garnett?

Follow-up posted 10/31/98:

Consider this a follow-up to my previous post about the Shull sisters, who ended up in Garnett in the 1880's as Ellen Bloom, Lucy Bloom, and Eliza Seigley. I have since found out the following info, which may assist to make connections.

Lucy was also known as Lucinda. She was born in Fairfield Cty, Ohio on 1841 January 3, and died in Garnett on 1920 December 20. Her husband was Frederick Blum of Logan, Ohio; they married in Fairfield Cty on 1862 March 26. Their children include Clara, Bertha, Kate, Lizza, and Ida.

Ellen was also known as Helena. She was born in Fairfield Cty on 1843 January 8 and died "eight days short of her 100th birthday." She married Frederick Blum's brother, Jacob, in a double ceremony (yes, sisters married brothers). Jacob and Ellen's children include Jacob, John, Will, Frank, Louis, Charlie, Dora, and Sophia. Charlie was still alive and married to Gertie Ruff as of 1963.

Eliza also went by Liza and Louisa. She was born in Ohio about 1834. Her husband, David, may have gone by the name of Seaglea or Sigler. Their children include Sarah (later Sarah Jones), Lafayette, and Edward. Eddy may still have been alive in 1963.

I have much information on the siblings, parents, and grand-parents of these sisters; but would like to know about and (maybe even) meet some descendants.

Submitted by: Paul Rabe
On: August 24, 1998
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