Department of Kansas, G.A.R. to the 36th National Encampment, Washington DC, Oct. 1902. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward, 1997.
Grand Army of the Republic Page 4


Headquarters of the Department are Permanently Located at State
House, Topeka.

Department Commander, H. C. LOOMIS, Post 85, Winfield.
Senior Vice-Commander, B. F. PEALER Post 127, Salina.
Junior Vice-Commander, J. K. HUDSON, Post 1, Topeka.
Chaplain, W. A. LIMBOCKER, Post 271, Manhattan.
Medical Director, S. G. STEWART, Post 1, Topeka.

J. W. NORTON, Post 493, Atchison. &160; J. J. STEWART, Post 32, Fort Scott.
CHARLES HARRIS, Post 55, Emporia. &160; J. B. McGONIGAL, Post 302, Colby.
D. L. SWEENEY, Post 294, Dodge City. &160; &160; &160;

Assistant Adjutant General, W. W. DENISON, Post 1, Topeka.
Assistant Quartermaster General, O. H. COULTER, Post 71, Topeka.
Judge Advocate, M. L. PARKINSON, Post 18, Ottawa.
Chief Mustering Officer, JAS. A. SMITH, Post 49, Girard.
Department Inspector, J. M. MINICK, Post 25, Wichita.
Custodian, J. M. MONTGOMERY, Post 1, Topeka.
Chief of Staff, ED. B. JONES, Post 46, Holton.
Chief Trumpeter, C. H. HOYT, Post 12, Lawrence.

Council of Administration, A. W. SMITH, McPherson.
Assistant Inspector General, W. H. SMITH, Marysville.
Special Aid, Military Instruction, J. G. WOOD, Topeka.

1868 - JOHN C. CARPENTER, Chanute   1876 - JOHN GUTHRIE, Topeka
1872 - W. S. JENKINS Leavenworth.   1876 - JOHN GUTHRIE, Topeka

1879-82 - J. C. WALKINSHAW, Leavenworth.   1894 - W. P. CAMPBELL, Willow Springs, Mo
1883 - THOMAS J. ANDERSON Topeka.   1895 - J. P. HARRIS, Ottawa
1884 - HOMER W. POND, Denver, Colorado.   1896 - W. C. WHITNEY, Cawker City
1886 - C. J. MCDIVITT, Los Angeles, Calif.   1897 - THEO. BOTKIN, Salt Lake, Utah
1890 - IRA F. COLLINS, Sabetha   1898 - D. W. EASTMAN, Enid, O. T
A. R. GREENE, Lecompton.   1899 - O. H. COULTER Topeka
1893 - BERNARD KELLY, Topeka.   1900 - W. W. MARTIN, Nat'l. Mil. Home, Kas
      J. B. REMINTON, Osawatomie
DAN WYATT, transferred from Oklahoma Territory, Topeka.

R. A. CAMPBELL, (At Large,) 17, Hutchinson. E. B. JONES, (At Large, ) Post 46, Holton.
J. H. RICKLE, Post 129, Chanute. CHARLES BUSH, Post 127, Salina
W. H. CLARK, Post 13, Ottawa. D. B. SHUEY, Post 51, Iola.
HARRY ROOT, Post 147, Beloit. JERRY SHAW, Post 294, Dodge City.
T. K. MASHETER, Post 175, Sabetha. C. M. STOCKHAM, Post 71, Topeka
P. H. CONEY, Post 1, Topeka. W. A. STANLEY, Post 336, Athcison.
M. L. PARKINSON, Post 13, Ottawa. O. B. FULLER, Post 28, Kansas City.
E. H. FUNSTON, Post 51, Iola. J. M. SPENCER, Post 12, Lawrence.
J. D. BARKER, Post 49, Girard. J. W. PIERCE, Post 54, Galena.
W. J. WALKER, Post 129, Chanute. D. J. MOORE, Post 74, Sedan.
FRED LEWIS, Post 42, Marion. J. BISHOP, Post 73, Neosho Falls.
JESSE MAY, Post 108, Ottumwa. J. W. McMILLAN, Post 19, Lyndon.
O. L. MOORE, Post 63, Abilene. THOS. DEVER, Post 123, Junction City.
C. C. FLECK, Post 465, Gypsum. S. P. BURNELL, Post 338, Broughton
SAMUEL ROBINSON, Post 69, Osborne. JAS. JUSTICE, Post 41, Hill City.
O. P. CROWELL, Post 147, Beloit. W. H. PRATT, Post 77, Phillipsburg.
M. P. SIMPSON, Post 87, McPherson. J. R. BAIRD, Post 353, Spearville.
THOS. RANDALL, Post 354, Mount Hope. J. D. EMERICK, Post 335, Valley Center.