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Supplement 1



Additions to Records Appearing in Original Volume.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

1977Adams, George DPvtGreat BendN AJuly 15, 1918October 23, 1918D2 Co Tng Det KSAC Manhattan, Ks.
AS Flying School Kelly Field, Tex.
2 Co 2 Wing Concentration Brig.
Sq H Kelly Field, Tex.
1978Alexander, William KPvtSedgwickN AJuly 26, 1918October 10, 1918D37 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co H 70 Inf.
1979Allison, Edwin PPvtAshlandN AAugust 13, 1918October 8, 1918DTog Det Washington Univ., St Louis, Mo.
1980Allphin, David RPvtCoatsN AJuly 22, 1918October 19, 1918D26 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Hq Co 69 Inf.
MG Co 69 Inf.
1981Alvey, Harry H PvtCentervilleN AJune 2, 1918October 3, 1918D4 Co 164 Dep Brig.
I Dev Bn 163 Dep Brig.
1982Amend, BryanPvtCummingsN GApril 30, 1917February 1, 1918DCo C 6 Mo Inf. (Co C 140 Inf).
1983Anderson, Casper MPvtNeosho FallsN AOctober 1, 1918October 16, 1918D4 Co SATC, KSAC Manhattan, Ks.
1984Arthur, EarlPvtGoodrichN AApril 28, 1918October 2, 1918DW27 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co A 353 Inf.
1985Atherton, Henry EPvtArmaN AAugust 5, 1918October 2, 1918DSup Co 22 Inf.
1946Babcock, IradellPvtCummingsN ASeptember 18, 1917November 17, 1917DCo I 353 Inf.
2 Caisson Co 110 Am Tn.
1987Baker, Otis OPvt 1 clKingmanN AMay 14, 1918October 20, 1918D314 Cav.
Btry E 62 FA.
1988Bakken, Marvin BPvtBellevilleN AJuly 22, 1918October 4, 1918D38 Co 163 De Brig.
School for Bakers & Cooks Ft Riley.
1989Baldwin, John WPvtCherryvaleN AJuly 21, 1918October 11, 1918D15 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Tr A 10 MP.
1990Balma, DomenicPvtRadleyN AJuly 21, 1918April 24, 1919D21 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co C 210 Engrs.
3 Dev Co 5 Prov Regt Camp Funston.
Camp Util Det Construction Div QMC.,
Camp Funston.
1991Beard, Lester DPvtSalinaN ASeptember 5, 1918October 14, 1918D164 Dep Brig.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

1992Beers, Edwin APvtHoxieN AJuly 14, 1918November 9, 1918D2 Co USA Tog Det KSAC Manhattan, Ks.
AS Flying School Kelly Field, Tex.
2 Wing Const Brig Kelly Field, Tex.
1993Beezley, Anvil APvtKingmanN AJune 28, 1918October 4, 1918D21 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Ord Cos Det 2 Bn Edgewood Arsenal.
Co G 2 Bn Chem Warfare Serv.
1994Birms, Charles RPvtRussellN AJune 8, 1918October 14, 1918D29 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co C 26 Bn US Guards.
1995Boes, John WPvtRaymondN AJuly 23, 1918October 15, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co C 69 Inf.
1996Bookwalter, Everett.PvtSolomonN AJune 22, 1918August 28, 1918DReceiving Co Spruce Production Div.
1997Boxberger, Jacob F PvtRussellN AAugust 9, 1918October 15, 1918DCas Det MOTC Ft Riley.
Base Hoop Ft Benjamin Harrison.
MD SATC Wilberforce Univ., Wilberforce, Ohio.
1998Bradley, Frank CPvtLiberalN A August 5, 1918October 20, 1918DBase Hoop Ft Benjamin Harrison.
FA FIring Range West Point, Ky.
1999Brandenburg, Laurel F.PvtRussellN AOctober 15, 1918November 8, 1918DSATC Co A See B Univ of Ks.
2000Brey, MarlinSgt OskaloosaN GApril 15, 1916September 29, 1918K A1 Sep Co Ks Inf.
Co B 2 Ks Inf.
Co B 3 Ks Inf. (Co B. 139 Inf).
2001Brighton, HaroldCorpIndependenceN GApril 1, 1917April 2, 1919DCo K 2 Ks Inf (Co K 137 Inf).
Co B 41 Inf.
Co L 5 Inf.
2002Brooks, ClairPvtClydeN AJuly 23, 1918October 10, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Hq Co 30 FA.
2003Brown, Ervin S PvtLeavenworthN AOctober 15, 1918October 29, 1918DSATC Univ of Ka.
2004Brumit, WilliamPvtOttawaN GApril 5, 1917October 6, 1918*Co K 1 Ks Inf (Co K 137 Inf).
MG Co 137 Inf.
Overseas Cos Co 406
2005Buller, Henry HPvtInmanN AAugust 14, 1918October 12, 1918D10 Co 3 Dev Bn 164 Dep Brig.
2006Burel, Albert RPvtTopekaN ASeptember 6, 1918October 15, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2007Burrel, Henry HPvtPittsburgN AJanuary 21, 1918October 31, 1918DCo E 311 So Tn.
164 Dep Brig.
Co A 325 Lab Bn QMC.
Co D 415 Res Lab Bn QMC.
2008Byrnes, Robert LPvtSt. MarysN AOctober 14, 1918October 28, 1918DSATC St Marys College, Ks.
2009Callahan, William GPvt 1 clWichitaN AJune 28, 1918December 7, 1918A164 Dep, Brig.
Btry D 28 FA.
2010Calnon, George C PvtMcDonaldN AAugust 14, 1918October 21, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.

* Result of sinking of S. S. Otranto.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2011Carl, Martin RPvt Goodland R AMay 8, 1918November 6, 1918D8 Co CAC.
39 Arty CAC.
2012Carlson, Axel PvtMcPherson N AOctober 4, 1917November 16, 1917DI Caisson Co 110 Am Tn.
2013Carlson, Gustaf F. E Corp Jamestown N AOctober 5, 1917January 22, 1919D164 Dep Brig.
Co 1 160 Inf.
2014Carlson, Lewis A Corp Randolph R ADecember 11, 1917April 18, 1918*--
2015Chansler, Arthur J Pvt Erie N AJune 23, 1918January 8, 1919DHq Co 30 FA.
Btry E 30 PA.
2016Chighett;, John Pvt Breezy Hill N AMay 26, 1918October 14, 1918D23 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Bkry Co 388.
Bkry Co 367.
Bkry Co 407.
2017Christenson, August J Pvt Brookville N ASeptember 5, 1918October 12, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2018Cline, William A PvtScandia N AAugust 5, 1918November 30, 1918DBtry E 30 FA.
2019Coons, Glenn C CorpLawrence N AApril 27, 1918Oc 10,1918DMD.
2020Cronin, William R Pvt Garnett N AAugust 30, 1918October 27, 1918DMD.
2021Darnell, Claude DPvtAgra R AApril 14, 1917May 30, 1917DCo A 23 Inf.
2022Davis, Glenn W Pvt Lenora N ANovember 3, 1918November 29, 1918DRet Co I Tank C, Camp Polk.
2023Day, Clifford L PvtOsawatomie N AAugust 24, 1918October 8, 1918DCo D 30 MG Bn.
2024Decker, Roy E Pvt Thayer N ASeptember 5, 1918October 22, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2025Defries, Rust E Corp Muncie N GApril 26, 1917October 17, 1918DCo A 1 Ks Inf (Co A 137 Inf).
2026Devine, Daniel P Pvt 1 clCherryvale N AApril 27, 1918October 22, 1918K A23 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co D 353 Inf.
2027Dickey, Elzie M Pvt Iola N AAugust 5, 1918October 15, 1918DBtry E 30 PA.
2028Dodd, Herbert A Corp Beloit N AMch 12,1918October 6, 1918**4 Co CAC, Ft Screven.
CAC Unit 1 Sept Auto Repl Draft.

* Drowned. ** Result of sinking S. S. Otranto.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2029Dreher, Earl R Pvt Vermillion N AJuly 26, 1918October 20, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Amb Co 54.
2030Eckwall, Earl PvtFalun N AJune 25, 1918September 30, 1918DSup Co 135 Inf.
2031Ellis, Edward Pvt Glade N AJune 22, 1918December 16, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co F 69 Inf.
2032Emig, John L Pvt 1 clGoodland N ASeptember 18, 1917July 15, 1918K ACo H 353 Inf.
Co A 7 Inf.
2033Enright, John F Pvt Olathe N AJuly 22, 1918January 26, 1919DCo A 19 Div MP.
28 MG Bn.
2034Ervin, Forest C Pvt Eureka N AAugust 10, 1918October 19, 1918D37 Cc 164 Dep Brig.
45 Co 164 Dep Brig.
2035Evans, Harry H Pvt Cleveland N AOctober 15, 1918November 6, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2036Ewing, Bunee Pvt Eudora N AJuly 19, 1918October 15, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2037Ewing, Jesse W Pvt Great Bend N GJuly 25, 1917April 14, 1919DCo C 2 Ks Inf (Co C 137 Inf).
2038Fablstrom, Verner E Pvt Clay Center N AOctober 14, 1918November 1, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2039Fair, Orsh D Pvt Great Bend N AJune 26, 1918September 30, 1918DCo K 135 Inf.
2040Fenton, William Pvt.Wheaton N ASeptember 18, 1917September 28, 1918K ACo G 353 Inf.
Co M 140 Inf.
2041Ferris, Hobart Ret Caldwell N G..............November 16, 1918D(Unassigned).
2042Fisher, Sidney P Pvt McPherson N GMay 25, 1917October 1, 1918K ACo D 2 Ks Inf (Co D 137 Inf).
2043Foley, Bert LPvt LeboN ASeptember 5, 1918Dee 21,1918D 164 Dep Brig.
2044Foulks, Edward APvt Kansas CityN AOctober 16, 1918October 31, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2045French, Floyd WPvtHutchinsonN AJune 23, 1918October 16, 1918D Co C 26 Bn US Guards.
2046Frendle, Leonard DPvtOskaloosaN GMay 5, 1917Mch 1,1918D Co B 3 Ks Inf (Co B 139 Inf).
2047Frey, James TPvt 1 clWichitaN AMay 26, 1918Dee 29, 1919DCo D 338 MG Bn.
275 MP Co.
2048Friesen, JacobPvtWichitaN AJune 28, 1918February 19, 1920D Co M 351 Inf.
2049Gann, Homer MPvtVernonN ASeptember 5, 1918October 10, 1918D 164 Dep Brig.
2050Gardner, Clyde DPvtParsonsN AApril 29, 1918February 12, 1920DCo D 66 Engra.
77 Co 20 Group TC.
74 Co TC.
2051Gates, Truman R PvtPrincetonN GJuly 28, 1917Mch 3,1918DCo K 1 Ks Inf (Co K 137 Inf).

Transcribed from Supplement KANSAS CASUALTIES in the WORLD WAR, 1917-1919: Regular Army, National Guard, National Army, Enlisted Reserve Corps, Adjutant General's Office, Topeka, Kansas, March 1, 1921, printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, Imri Zumwalt, State Printer, Topeka. 1921. 8-6059

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