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Supplement 1



Additions to Records Appearing in Origimal Volume.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2052Gay, Edmo ACorpPlainvilleN AMch 14,1918Oct 6, 1918*Sept Auto Rept Draft, Ft Screven.
CAC Unit No 1.
2053Gorman, Andrew APvtGarnett N AAug 5, 1918Oct 15, 1918DMD Geni Hosp 25.
2054Graves, Charlie F Pvt Clifton N AOct 1, 1918Oct 15, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2055Greathouse, William M Pvt Valley Falls R AApr 12, 1916June 9, 1919DCo F 41 Inf.
2056Griffic, Ben H Pvt Bogue N AOct 29, 1917Jan 16, 1918DCo B 349 MG Bn.
2057Groner, Joseph S Pvt St Paul N AJuly 21, 1918Nov 27, 1919D237 Amb Co 10 So Tn.
Camp Amb Serv, Camp Funston.
2058Guffey, Fredrick L Pvt El Dorado N ASept 5, 1918Oct 13, 1918D164 Dep, Brig.
2059Gunnells, Louis Pvt Ellsworth N AAug 26, 1918Oct 5, 1918DProv Amb Co F MOTC.
Base Hosp 102.
2060Gustafson, Richard C Pvt Osage CityN AOct 5, 1917Sept 12, t918K A40 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co G 160 Inf.
Camp Kearny RepI Draft.
Co H 103 Inf.
2061Hall, Ralph V Ret Kensington N ASept 5, 1918Oct 12, 1918D(Unassigned) 164 Dep Brig.
2062Ham, Edmund N Pvt Hiawatha N AOct 21, 1918Dec 5, 1918DCo B 339 Bn Tank C.
2063Hanawalt, Lester Pvt Jewell City R ADec 13,1917Jan 9, 1918DSignal Corps Unassigned.
2064Harkin, John F Pvt Paola N ASept 18, 1918Oct 9, 1918DUSA Tug Det, Ft Hays, Ks.
2065Harlan, Frederick W Pvt Pratt N AJune 25, 1918Oct 15, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2066Harold, Dennis A Pvt Dresden N AAug 15, 1918Nov 30, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2067Harral, Albert Pvt Frontenac N ASept 18, 1917Oct 18, 1917DCo A 353 Inf.
2068Harrison, Arch I Pvt Mound City R AOct 16, 1915Mch 7,1920DCo 13 Engrs.
162 Dep, Brig.
Hq Det 6 Engrs.
2069Headrick, Leslie A Pvt Hugoton N AJuly 21, 1918Nov 12, 1918DBtry A 30 FA.

* Result of sinking S. S. Otranto.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2070Hedrick, Guy C Corp Robinson N ASept 6, 1918Jan 5, 1919D164 Dep, Brig.
2071Heidel, Edward Pvt 1 clJunction City N AJuly 23, 1918Oct 2, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Btry F 28 FA.
2072Hepler, Russell C Pvt Rosedale ERCDee 19,1917Oct 25, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2073Hervey, Royal Q Pvt Mayfield N AJuly 22, 1918Oct 16, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2074Hiebert, Henry P Pvt Hillsboro N ASept 5, 1918Oct 13, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2075Higgins, Dallas L Pvt Admire N ASept 6, 1918Oct 24, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2076Hill, Leroy Pvt 1 clGardner R AMay 9, 1917June 7, 1918D WBtry A 15 FA.
2077Hippie, Francis E Pvt Hutchinson N ASept 22, 1918Oct 12, 1918DMD MOTC, Ft Riley.
2078Hoffman, Clyde M Pvt Gypsum N AJune 24, 1918Oct 11, 1918D31 Serv Co Signal C.
2079Hoffman, McKinley H Pvt Hoxie N AAug 25, 1918Nov 3, 1918DHq 322 Sn Tn Amb Co 385.
2080Hull, Cecil A Pvt McCune N ASept 5, 1918Oct 28, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2081Hull, Clarence M Corp Waverly N GApr 10, 1917Sept 29, 1918K ACo C I Ks Inf (Co C 137 Inf).
2082Hunt, Charles L Pvt Salina N AApr 26, 1918Sept 12, 1918K A33 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co H 353 Inf.
2083Irwin, Albert J Pvt Hill City N AMay 24, 1918Oct 2, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
School for Bakers and Cooks QMC.
2084Jones, Morris B Pvt Cedarvale N AAug 13, 1918Oct 19, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2085Jones, William J Corp Claflin N GApr 10, 1917Sept 26, 1918K ACo C 2 Ks Inf (Co C 137 Inf).
2086Joseph, Frederick M Pvt Topeka N ASept 4, 1918Oct 14, 1918DMD.
2087Keen, Frederick EPvt Greenleaf N AAug 14, 1918Oct 14, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2088Kimpler, Frank B Pvt Ellinwood N AOct 1, 1918Oct 22, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2089Lacey, Bert L CorpDinas N AMay 26, 1918Oct 4, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2090Larson, Alva W Pvt Leonardville N AAug 14, 1918Oct 9, 1918DWashington Univ Tng Det, St Louis, Mo.
2091Lewis, Alvin D PvtDouglass N AJuly 25, 1918Oct 10, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co F 69 Inf.
2092Liggett, Joseph C Pvt Almiena N AOct 14, 1918Nov 15, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2093Lockwood, Howard D Pvt Wichita N AJune 23, 1918Oct 11, 1918DCo A 328 Bn Tank C.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2094Logan, Gus F Pvt Leoti N AJuly 25, 1918Oct 10, 1918D44 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co I 70 Inf.
2095Love, Ephriam G Pvt Arkansas City R AMch 2,1918Oct 15, 1918D288 Acro Sq.
AS Armorers School Wilbur Wright
Field, Ohio.
2096McAllister, Paul R Pvt Horton R AApr 13, 1916Dec 6, 1918*Co C 22 Inf.
2097McCall, Peter V MecGirardN AAug 28, 1918Oct 14, 1918DMD.
2098McCartney, James H Pvt Winfield R AApr 13, 1917Apr 15, 1918DCAC 2 Co, Ft Winfield Scott.
Btry A 18 PA.
2099McClure, Edward A Pvt Hutchinson N ADec 12, 1917Jan 10, 1918DEngrs, Unassigned.
2100McColloch, Clark W Pvt 1 clLawrence R AApr 24, 1918Oct 10, 1918DMD, Ft Leavenworth.
Hq Yale Army Laby School.
Base Hosp 113.
164 Dep Brig.
2101McConaughey, George E Pvt Deerfield N ASept 6, 19 81,1918D164 Dep
2102McConnell, Robert E Pvt Newton N ADec 3, 1917May 23, 1918DQMC, Unassigned.
2103McCoy, Howard L Pvt Beattie N ASept 6, 1918Oct 16, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2104MeCray, Robert J Pvt Garden City N AAug 30, 1918Oct 21, 1918DMOTC, Ft Riley.
11 Dep Bn Signal C.
423 Tel Bn Signal C.
2105McCullough, Floyd Pvt 1 clBurlington N ASept 19, 1917Nov 1, 1918K ACo H 353 Inf.
2106McDaniel, Claud 0 Pvt Medicine Lodge N AAug 25, 1918Nov 25, 1918DMOTC, Ft Riley.
Amb Co 24.
2107McDonald, Charles A Cook Nickerson N AMay 13, 1918Oct 24, 1918DTr A 307 Cav.
Btry A 51 FA.
Hq Co 51 FA.
2108McGlinchy, Edwin J Corp St. MarysN AJune 26, 1918Oct 4, 1918DCo A 210 Engra.
2109McGovern, John A Pvt Topeka N ASept 11, 1918Oct 9, 1918D5 Prov Bn Engrs.
2110McGuire, Frank B Pvt Kanopolis N AJune 22, 1918Nov 1, 1918D2 Spruce Sq SP Div.
2111McHugh, Charles J Pvt Waterville J NAJune 25, 1918June 6, 1919DCo E 352 Inf.

* Drowned.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2112McIntire, Charles A Pvt Emporia N ASept 4, 1918Nov 12, 1918DMD Unassigned.
2113McIntyre, Leo Pvt Sharon N AJuly 22, 1918Oct 14, 1918DCo C 69 Inf.
2114McKay, Hubert C Pvt Sparks N AAug 14, 1918Oct 21, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2115McKay, John C Pvt Medicine Lodge N ASept 5, 1918Oct 25, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2116McKim, Leo PvtBarnard N AJuly 24, 1918Oct 9, 1918DCo M 70 Inf.
2117McKinney, Alex E Pvt 1 clBelle Plains N GMay 18, 1917Jan 3, 1918DCo L 3 Ka Inf (Co L 139 Inf).
Hq Co 139 Inf.
2118McKinney, Algia M Pvt Arkansas City N ASept 5, 1918Oct 31, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2119McKinney, Grover CorpBelvidere N AJune 25, 1918Oct 6, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co G 20 Inf.
2120McKinney, Lester L Pvt Wellington N AAug 27, 1918Sept 29, 1918DMD Unassigned.
245 Field Hosp 12 Sn Tn.
2121McKinney, Walter T Corp Ashland N AAug 28, 1918Oct 6, 1918D247 Field Hosp, 12 Sn Tn.
2122MeMains, Irvin E Pvt Fort Scott N ASept 5, 1918Oct 8, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2123McMillan, Lester V Pvt El Dorado N AAug 26, 1918Nov 6, 1918DMD.
2124McQueen, Ralph I Pvt Garden City N AJune 26, 1918May 17, 1919DCo C 133 Inf.
Co M 164 Inf.
2125Mann, Clarence E Pvt Irving N ASept 19, 1917Oct 28, 1918D WCo L 7 Inf.
2126Manson, Walter R .Pvt Attica N ASept 5, 1918Oct 11, 1918D32 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co M 5 Prov Bn Engrs.
2127Marshall, John L Pvt Topeka N AOct 14, 1918Nov 5, 1918DSATC, St Marys College, St Marys, Ks.
2128Marshall, Roger W Pvt Coffeyville N AJune 21, 1918Oct 18, 1918D59 Dep, Brig.
2129Martin, Ernest R Pvt HugotonR ADee 12, 1917Jan 20, 1919DAir Service unassigned.
109 Aer Sq.
Sq B Carlstrom Field, Florida.
2130Martin, Jacob PvtClearwater N AJune 28, 1918Oct 10, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Btry E 30 FA.
2131Medlock, LeRoy F Pvt Valley Falls N AAug 15, 1918Oct 19, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2132Morciez, Edward Pvt Weir N AJuly 21, 1918Dec 17, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Hq Co 29 Inf.
2133Meslob, Herman Pvt Belleville NAAug 25, 1918Oct 5, 1918DMD.

Transcribed from Supplement KANSAS CASUALTIES in the WORLD WAR, 1917-1919: Regular Army, National Guard, National Army, Enlisted Reserve Corps, Adjutant General's Office, Topeka, Kansas, March 1, 1921, printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, Imri Zumwalt, State Printer, Topeka. 1921. 8-6059

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