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Supplement 1



Additions to Records Appearing in Origimal Volume.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2134Milkowski, John MSgt 1 clLeavenworth,R AAug 14, 1915June 13, 1919ATr B 4 Cav.
Tr C 14 Cav.
14 Aer Sq.
215 Aer Sq.
68 Aer Sq.
133 Aer Sq.
2135Milne, Cleo W.SgtNewton R AJuly 7, 1917Dec 3, 1918DCo H 43 Inf.
Co H 79 Inf.
2136Moreno, Pampilo Pvt Argentine N AJan 24, 1918Oct 7, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2137Murdock, Mearl R Pvt 1 clConcordia N GMay 9, 1917Oct 18, 1918DCo G 2 Ks Inf (Co G 137 Inf).
2138Murphy, CliffordPvt Atchison N AMay 17, 1918July 1, 1918D23 Con Co AS Sig Corps.
2139Nelson, Harold A Pvt ..........R AJune 4, 1917June 27, 1918*Tr B 1 Cav.
2140Nets, William E Pvt Blue Rapids N ASept 6, 1918Oct 24, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2141Noonan, John P Pvt Paola N AOct 14, 1918Oct 30, 1918DSATC unassigned.
2142Notestine, Clyde F Pvt Burdett N AJuly 22, 1918Jan 7, 1919.....Co C 69 Inf.
2143Omara, Edward W Pvt Hartford N AJune 24, 1918Oct 2, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co G 2 Bn Edgewood Arsenal.
Chemical Warfare Service.
2144Opdyke, John E Pvt Altoona N AJuly 21, 1918Oct 8, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co C 210 Engrs.
2145Oshel, Claude J Pvt Ottawa N AOct 15, 1918Oct 31, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2146Painter, William M Pvt Lawrence N AOct 3, 1918Oct 28, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2147Palenske, Ed Corp McFarland N ASept 18, 1917Oct 4, 1918K ACo L 353 Inf.
Co B 7 Inf.
2148Patterson, Charles E Pvt 1 clPaola N ASept 6, 1917June 16, 1918K ACo G 353 Inf.
Co A 7 Inf.
2149Pence, Willard G Ret Dunavant N ASept 6, 1918Oct 24, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2150Pepper, John A Pvt Conway Springs N AOct 1, 1918Oct 25, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2151Peterson, Wilhelm Pvt 1 clKansas City N GMch 30, 1917Sept 26, 1918K ACo D 3 Mo Inf (Co D 140 Inf).

* Concussion of brain.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2152Phillips, Theodore Pvt Gridley N GApr 9, 1917Sept 28, 1918K ACo C 1 Ks Inf (Co C 137 Inf).
2153Prewitt, Ralph Pvt Weir N AOct 3, 1917May 4, 1919A314 Mobile Vet Section.
2154Rawlings, Claude Pvt Parker N AAug 14, 1918Oct 16, 1918DCo B Sec B SATC, Univ of Ks.
2155Ream, Leland L Pvt 1 clChetopa N GMay 7, 1917Sept 28, 1918KACo C 1 Ks Inf (Co C 137 Inf).
2156Reed, Earl Pvt 1 clHalstead N AJuly 22, 1918Dec 16, 1918DCc F 69 Inf.
2157Rengstorf, HermanPvt Bremen N ASept 6, 1918Oct 14, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2158Rhoades, Roy G CorpRose Hill N AOct 2, 1917Nov 8, 1918D W47 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co C 354 Inf.
2159Rhodes, Delmer H Pvt Caldwell N AAug 15, 1918Oct 19, 1918DSec B SATC, Univ of Ks.
2160Roach, Joseph Pvt Leavenworth N ASept 8, 1917Nov 20, 1917DCo H 353 Inf.
Btry F 334 FA.
2161Roe, Burt Pvt Belle Plaine N AJune 25, 1918Nov 9, 1918DCo H 134 Inf.
2162Romans, Walter Pvt Pratt N AAug 27, 1918Oct 6, 1918DAmb Co B MOTC, Ft Riley.
Base Hos 103, Ft Sheridan.
2163Ross, Elmer J Pvt Junction City N AJuly 23, 1918Dec 27, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co F 69 Inf.
2164Rostetter, Frank L.Pvt 1 clFairview N AApr 29, 1918Sept 15, 1918D W31 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co M 353 Inf.
2165Sanders, Fern Pvt St John N AJuly 22, 1918Oct 13, 1918DCo G 69 Inf.
2166Satterlee, Ray Pvt Moline N AFeb 25, 1918Oct 15, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co M 356 Inf.
2167Schaffer, Fred Pvt Oakley R AJuly 22, 1918Nov 5, 1918DRet Unassigned Signal Corps.
2168Schisler, John Pvt Herndon N AOct 2, 1917July 22, 1918K A41 Co 164 Dep, Brig.
Co G 353 Inf.
Apr Det Camp Merritt.
3 Co 4 Prov Tng Bn.
Co E 103 Inf.
2169Sharp, Ora APvtChanuteN ASept 5, 1918Oct 22, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2170Shumaker, Charles E Pvt Wetmore N AMch 29, 1918Sept 4, 1918AMD.
2171Sickles, Grover C Pvt Pretty Prairie N AJuly 21, 1918Oct 11, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2172Smith, Harry P Pvt Topeka N AJuly 26, 1918Oct 19, 1918DMD Unassigned.
2173Smith, Philip SCorpLiberalR AJune 1, 1917Apr 24, 1918DCo D 4 Engrs.
2174Spillano, Daniel RPvtKansas CityN AJune 25, 1918Oct 15, 1918D 164 Dep Brig.
Btry D 30 FA.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2175Steward, Herbert S Pvt I cl.Council Grove N ASept 19, 1917Oct 29, 1918K ACo 1353 Inf.
2176Stewardson, Samuel S Pvt Colby N ASept 18, 1917July 23, 1918K AHq Co 353 Inf.
Co B 353 Inf.
Co 3 Div Cas, Camp Merritt.
Co A 7 Int.
2177Stice, Harry P Sgt Oswego R AFeb 25, 1914Oct 28, 1918*14 Co CAC, Ft Mills, P. I.
21 Co CAC Manila Bay.
6 Co CAC Manila Bay.
2178Stolte, Fritz Pvt Ludell N AAug 5, 1918Jan 21, 1919DBtry C 30 FA.
2179Strawser, Ira D Pvt Wamego N AJuly 23, 1918Sept 24, 1918**Tr A 10 MP.
2180Sullivan, Otis S Pvt I clMorland N AMay 15, 1918Oct 11, 1918DTr F 314 Cav.
2181Supernant, Carl Pvt 1 clClifton N GMay 22, 1917Oct 10, 1918K ACo C 3 Ks Inf (Co C 139 Inf).
2182Tarr, Floyd T Mec Neodesha N AJuly 21, 1918Oct 13, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Btry B 30 PA.
2183Taylor, Fred L Pvt Columbus N ASept 5, 1918Oct 12, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2184Taylor, George D .........Rosaville N AApr 29, 1918Feb 2, 1919D25 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co L 355 Inf.
2185Taylor, Grover T Pvt Kinsley N AOct 3, 1917Oct 31, 1917D164 Dep Brig.
2186Taylor, Mack Pvt Kansas City N AJuly 19, 1918Jan 2, 1920DPion Inf Unassigned.
2187Taylor, Ross W Pvt Kiowa R AApr 19, 1917Sept 8, 1918*Tr H 8 Cav.
2188Taylor, Vern A Pvt Troy N ASept 5, 1918Oct 14, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2189Thomas, Zack Pvt 1 clAlamota N ASept 18, 1917Sept 28, 1918K ACo L 353 Inf.
Co M 140 Inf
2190Thurman, Raymond D Pvt Wichita N AJune 14, 1918Oct 17, 1918DCo A See B SATC, Univ of Ks.
2191Tracy, Ranney.Pvt Zurich N ASept 4, 1918Oct 13, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2192Tupper, JohnPvt Lecompton N AJuly 8, 1918Oct 8, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Hq Co 69 Inf.

*Drowned.** Struck by lightning.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2193Unruh, Tobiaus HPvt 1 clHutchinson N AMay 27, 1918Jan 31, 1919D164 Dep Brig.
2194Vilott, Fletcher Pvt Mankato NAApr 30, 1918Nov 4, 1918K A65 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co G 355 Inf.
2196Vincent, George H Pvt Girard N AOct 28, 1918Feb 2?, 1919DCo C SATC, Kansas City College Unit.
2196Walker, Irl J Pvt SpiveyN AAug 14, 1918Oct 12, 1918DUSA Tng Det Washington Univ,
St Louis.
2197Walrod, Jesse L Pvt Fulton N GJune 26, 1917July 15, 1918D WCo K 4 Dakota Inf.
Co A 148 MG Bn.
Co A 150 MG Bn.
2198Warner, Eugene Pvt Milford N AJuly 23, 1918Oct 6,4918DSup Co 29 FA .
2199Watson, Edgar R CorpSedan N ASept 18, 1917Sept 28, 1918D WCo G 353 Inf.
Co M 140 Inf.
2200Weiss, Vester T Pvt Waverly N AAug 6, 1918Jan 2, 1919D164 Dep Brig.
Btry E 30 FA.
2201White, Guy L Pvt Coffeyville N GMay 10, 1917Sept 28, 1918K ACo A 3 Ks Inf (Co A 139 Inf).
2202Wiesbe, Frank Pvt Marion N AAug 27, 1918Oct 7, 1918D18 Amb Co MOTC.
Base Hosp 103.
2203Williams, Howard D Corp Chanute R ANov 20, 1916Mch 11, 1919D5 Co Coast Defense, Ft Monroe.
2 Co Coast Defense, Ft Monroe
2 Co Coast Defense, Chesapeake Bay.
Co L 335 Inf.
13 Co Coast Defense, Chesapeake Bay.
14 Co Coast Defense, Chesapeake Bay.
Co A School Det, Ft Monroe.
2204Willis, William R Pvt Tully N ASept 18, 1917Nov 4, 1919DSup Co 363 Inf.
3 Co 4 Inf Tng Regt.
MG Co 102 Inf.
2205Wilson, James C Pvt 1 clLoring N GMay 26, 1917Sept 28, 1918K ACo A 1 Ks Inf (Co A 137 Inf).
2206Wilson, Walter TPvtEl DoradoN GSept 11, 1917Apr 23, 1918DCo P 3 Ks Inf (Co F 139 InO. Co B 110 Sup Tn.
2207Worman, Elmer EPvtMeadeR ADec 11, 1917Jan 16, 1918DAviation Section Signal Corps, Unassigned.
2208Wright, James MPvt 1 clKansas CityN GJune 21, 1916Sept 28, 1918K A Co D 3 Mo Inf (Co D 140 Inf).
2209Wyatt, William MPvtLexingtonN AOct 14, 1918Nov 4, 1918DSATC, Univ of Ks.
2210Yates, Ralph DPvtChanuteN AJune 23, 1918Oct 22, 1918DCo I 69 Inf.
2211Young, Harry LPvtNickersonN GApr 7, 1917May 31, 1918.....Co E 2 Ks Inf (Co E 137 Inf).

Transcribed from Supplement KANSAS CASUALTIES in the WORLD WAR, 1917-1919: Regular Army, National Guard, National Army, Enlisted Reserve Corps, Adjutant General's Office, Topeka, Kansas, March 1, 1921, printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, Imri Zumwalt, State Printer, Topeka. 1921. 8-6059

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