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Records of the soldiers whose names appear in the following list were received from the War Department too late to be included in the original volume or in the first supplement. The names and addresses of relatives of the soldiers whose names appear in this supplement will be found immediately following the records of the soldiers. Corresponding numerals precede the name of the soldier and the name of the relative.

March 1, 1922.


Corrections of Records Appearing in Original Volume.

Incomplete records of the soldiers named below appear in the original volume of Kansas Casualties.

Numerals preceding the names correspond to numerals appearing in original volume.
enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

509Eustice, Richard 0 Pvt Concordia R AJanuary 28, 1918September 26, 1918K A280 Aero Sq.
Co F 55 Inf.
Co A 39 Inf.
1471Rogers, Clyde J Pvt 1 clNortonville N GApril 5, 1917Sept 28, 1018K ACo B 3 Ks Inf N G (Co B 139 Inf).
1589Sidener, Marion M Corp Burns N GApril 30, 1917September 26, 1918K ACo L 2 Ks Inf N G (Co L 137 Inf).
1674St. Clair, John E Pvt Harlan N AOctober 2, 1917October 20, 1918K A164 Dep Brig.
June Auto Repl Draft Camp
Hq Co 30 Inf.
1914Worsham, Robert E Pvt Arkansas City R AApr 14, 1017October 4, 1918K ACo M 23 Inf.
Co M 49 Inf.
Co 1 109 Inf.

Correction of Records Appearing in Supplement No. 1.

2016 Chighetti, John, should read Ghiglietti, John.

2181 Supernant, Carl, should read Surprenant, Carl. Date of death should read Sept. 29, 1918.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2212Beicher, Charles G Pvt Quinter N AMay 24, 1918April 24, 1919D15 Co 164 Dep Brig.
Co M 349 Inf.
2213Crawford, John R Pvt Coldwater N AOctober 1, 1918October 6, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2214De Santos, Cleveland Corp Hays City R ADecember 31, 1915June 29, 1919*Co L 12 Inf.
Co H 41 Inf.
Reserve Corps.
2215Disney, Benjamin F Sup SgtMadison R AOctober 11, 1914August 31, 1919......34 Co CAC.
Hq Co 63 Arty CAC.
Hq Co 65 Arty CAC.
121 Casual Co.
3 Billeting & Sup Det, Camp Lee.
2216Holloman, Charles B Pvt Kansas City N ASeptember 18, 1917July 19, 1919DMG Co 353 Inf.
3 Div Vet Corps.
2217Jensen, Jens M Pvt Kensington N AJune 25, 1918December 9, 1918DCo F 133 Inf.
Co E 308 Inf.
2218Kahnt, Arthur R Pvt Independence N GMay 29, 1917January 18, 1918DCo C 1 Ks Inf NG (Co C 137 Inf).
2219Kohler, Frederick P Pvt Hill City N AAugust 14, 1918October 20, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2220McGee, Ross Pvt Hiawatha N AJune 15, 1918October 15, 1918DCo C 3 Tng Bn Signal Corps,
Camp Meade.
2221McWilliams, Ed R Pvt Girard N AAugust 28, 1918November 19, 1918DMedical Dept.
2222Mader, Harry D Pvt 1 clAlma N AAugust 28, 1918Mch 28, 1919DMD Ft Riley.
QMC Ft Riley.
2223Magnison, Herbert E Pvt Medicine Lodge R AJuly 19, 1917May 13, 1918AMG Co 43 Inf.
2224Martin, Lewis L Pvt Mulvane N AAugust 9, 1918October 11, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
Co A 210 Field Signal Bn.
Co G 69 Inf.

* Cause not shown.

enlisted or
Died.Cause.Served in -

2225Maxwell, Charley Pvt Liberal N AOctober 3, 1917July 15, 1918K A164 Dep Brig.
Co K 353 Inf.
Co B 7 Inf.
2226Millican, Earl C Pvt 1 clParsons ERCDecember 29, 1917October 13, 1918DSchool of Mil Aeronautics,
Austin, Tex.
346 Aero Sq.
2227Milner, Lee R Pvt Republic R AJanuary 2, 1918February 28, 1918DCAC unassigned.
2228Morton, Lyle E Pvt Lincoln N AOctober 1, 1918October 9, 1918DSATC Wesleyan Univ, Kansas.
2229Murphy, Robert C 1st Lt Minneapolis E 0..............October 26, 1918D WInfantry.
2230Quiroga, EmilioPvt Kansas City N ASeptember 12, 1918October 12, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
2231Reinecke, William F Pvt Morrowville N AJuly 23, 1918December 8, 1918DHq Co 29 FA.
2232Riley, Ben J Pvt 1 clHutchinson R AOctober 21, 1914September 26, 1918DCav Det US Military Academy.
2233Ryan, James J Corp Buffalo R AJune 1, 1917April 13, 1918D1 Co US Disciplinary Bks,
Ft Leavenworth.
2234Schreiner, Jewell R Pvt Lamar N AOctober 5, 1918November 1, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2235Severna, Josiah S Pvt Princeton N AJanuary 22, 1918Mch 4, 1918DCo E 314 Am Tn.
2236Spayd, John R Pvt 1 clCherryvale N GJanuary 15, 1914December 26, 1917DCo K 2 Ks Inf NG (Co K 137 Inf).
2237Thom, Clarence L Pvt Caldwell R ASeptember 20, 1917August 11, 1919DCo E 15 Inf.
2238Vance, Island 0 Pvt Phillipsburg N AFebruary 22, 1918May 1, 1918DCo F 319 Engrs.
2239Wagner, Roy J Pvt Hill City N ASeptember 19, 1917September 29, 1918K ACo M 353 Inf.
Co C 140 Inf.
2240Walstrom, Edward Pvt Burlingame N AJuly 22, 1918January 25, 1919D164 Dep Brig.
Co F 10 Am Tn.
2241Warner, William W Cook Burrton R AOctober 26, 1916September 30, 1918ACo C 22 Inf.
MG Co 22 Inf.
2242Warren, Harlan P Pvt Delphos N AOctober 11, 1918October 12, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.
2243Watson, John S Pvt 1clWhitewater N AJuly 25, 1918January 11, 1919DHq Co 30 FA.
Hq Det 10 FA.
2244Willson, Ace T Pvt Parsons N AFebruary 5, 1918October 14, 1918D164 Dep Brig.
QM Corps.
2245Woody, Charles R. Pvt Paxico N AOctober 9, 1918November 23, 1918DSATC Univ of Ks.

Relatives of Deceased Soldiers Named as Persons to be
Notified in Case of Emergency.

[Note copied from original volume: Corresponding numerals preced the name of the soldier and the name of relative or friend named by the soldier as the person to be notified in case of emergency.]

509. John L. Largent, uncle, 421 West 12th St., Concordia, Ks.

1471. (See original volume.)

1589. (See original volume.)

1674. John St. Clair, sr., father, Harlan, Ks.

1944. Mrs. Clara Queen, sister, R - F. D. 1, Box 99, Weatherford, Tex.

2212. Mrs. Sophia Beichter, mother, R. F. D. 3, Curtice, Ohio.

2213. T. H. Crawford, father, Coldwater, Ks.

2214. Mrs. Elizabeth De Santos, mother, Hays, Ks.

2215. Samuel Disney, father, 1315 Mulberry St., Baltimore, Md.

2216. Mrs. J. C. Holloman, mother, 622 Pecan St., Helena, Ark.

2217.Mrs. Hannah Jensen, mother, R. F. D. 1, Kensington, Ks.

2218. Mrs. W. H. Kahnt, mother, Burlington, Ks.

2219. Mrs. Edna P. Kohler, wife, Hill City, Ks.

2220. Oscar McGee, father, Hiawatha, Ks.

2221. Phillip R. McWilliams, father, R. F. D. 4, Girard, Ks.

2222. Mrs. Allie Mader, mother, R. F. D. 2, Eskridge, Ks.

2223. Mrs. Emma E. Magnison, mother, Medicine Lodge, Ks.

2224. Charles B. Martin, brother, Mulvane, Ks.

2225. Floyd Heaton, friend, Liberal, Ks.

2226. John N. Millican, father, Lockhart, Tex.

2227. Mrs. Maude Millter, mother, Republic, Ks.

2228. Sherman Morton, father, Beverly, Ks.


2230. Pedro Quiroga, father, Cienega de-Flores, Mexico.

2231. Fritz Reinecke, father, Marionville, Mo.

2232. Mrs. Carrie Riley, wife, 106 East St., Hutchinson, Ks.

2233. Harry Douglas, friend, Ft. Leavenworth, Ks.

2234. Mrs. Emma Schreiner, mother, Kenoma, Mo.

2235. Cecil 'M. Severns, brother, Clay Center, Ks.

2236. D. H. Spayd, father, 903 East 7th St., Cherryvale, Ks.

2237. Robert W. Thom, brother, 414 South Robert Ave., El Reno, Okla. [additional information received from Katherine THOM Mullenax indicates that Clarence is buried at Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas.]

2238. Lemuel Vance, father, Phillipsburg, Ks.

2239. Lawrence Wagner, father, Hill City, Ks.

2240. Ewan Walstrom, father, R. F. D. 3, Burlingame, Ks.

2241. Mrs. William W. Warner, wife, 30 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

2242. Mrs. Maude Warren, mother, Delphos, Ks.

2243. Clarence Watson, brother, R. F. D. 1, Whitewater, Ks.

2244. Mrs. Amy Brown, mother, Erie, Ks.

2245. J. D. Woody, Paxico, Ks.

Transcribed from Supplement No. 2 KANSAS CASUALTIES in the WORLD WAR, 1917-1919: Regular Army, National Guard, National Army, Enlisted Reserve Corps, Adjutant General's Office, Topeka, Kansas, March 1, 1922, printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, B. P. Walker, State Printer, Topeka. 1922. 9-2583

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