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Bagnall, Blessing, Boyd, Campbell, Case, Culp, Delzeit, Eshom, Hensley, Hoover, Johnson, Kelley, Kirwan, Knierim, Laird, Leather(s), Martin, Snyder, True, Wilson


Elmer B. (Burtis ?) SNYDER, b. abt May 1863 in OH or PA. Res. Atchison Co., KS 1900. Mar. to Lydia (last name unk.)she b. abt March 1869 in IN., children Oscar Earl, b. abt May 1890, Georgia B., b. abt. July 1891, and Robert, b. abt. Nov 1892. Family res. in Payne Co., OK in 1910. Elmer's sister Cecelia SNYDER, b. in PA, shown living with him in Roger Mills, OK 1920 (Elmer SNYDER wid. and Cecelia SNYDER Single.) Who were parents of Elmer and Cecelia? What was maiden name of Lydia?

18 December 1996, Jean Snyder


Seeking information re: John William Culp and Lena Nelson Culp who resided in Atchison from 1909 until 1950. Also seeking information re: the Dorste and Moyer families who resided in Atchison during the same time frame. Also seeking information re: ROY ALLEN CULP AND AUDREY MOYER CULP who grew up in Atchison in the who grew up in Atchison in the 1920's and 1930's.

12 December 1996, Isobel Culp


I am researching the families of: James William LAIRD and his wife Mary Jane ESHOM LAIRD; James B. LAIRD and his wife Marinda Jane MARTIN (parents of James William LAIRD); Robert H. ESHOM and his wife Emeline ELLES ESHOM (parents of Mary Jane ESHOM LAIRD). These families are from Cummings, Kansas and are all buried in Round Mound Cemetery in Cummings. Thanks!!!

29 November 1996, Denise Miller


Seeking information on the TRUE family. Charles Walter TRUE was born July 13, 1890 (SSDI) or 1891 (family sources) in Green Leaf, Washington County, Kansas. He was the son of Henry Hubbacca TRUE and Kathryn CONNAUGHTON. Kathryn, the daughter of Hugh and Mary (GRANT) CONNAUGHTON, was originally from Wisconsin, but probably living in Atchison at the time of her marriage. Who was Henry? What is the significance of his middle name, Hubbacca. Neither Hubbacca nor any spelling variation I can think of shows up as a surname in either the Accelerated Index of the 1850 census or the Kansas IGI.

27 November 1996, Linda Mathew


I am seeking the parents of Addison Campbell who is shown on the 1870 census of Atchison County as being born about 1818 in Tennessee. Also his wife, Sirepti Hill Campbell who is shown on the same census as born about 1835 in Kentucky. 8 children, one of whom edited the 'Potter Leaf' for a year in the early 1900's. Thank you.

22 November 1996, Jim Terhune


Looking for information on a Grasshopper Cemetery in Atchison County Kansas to locate Hoover family burials.

19 November 1996, Judy VanTassel


Seeking information on John Jackson BOYD, who m. Elizabeth CASE in Doniphan Co.,and moved to Atchison Co after the Civil War. He was elected Clerk of the District Court in 1889 but died shortly thereafter. I have a copy of his obituary, but feel it is somewhat embellished. Any information is important.

15 November 1996, Ken Boyd


Looking for information on James Leonard KIRWAN m. Elva Ida DELZEIT lived in Atchison county KS at least 1921-1925 and probably a lot longer. Any help greatly appreciated.

11 November 1996, Russ Herre


Seeking information on Owen Gurney Wilson, born ca 1860. Lived in Horton, KA. Father of Raymond Charles Wilson, born 1895.

23 October 1996, Richard Wilson


I have been researching the family tree of Knierim. John Adam Knierim, my great grandfather was born in Atchison on Sept 13th in one of the years from 1883-1886 (most likely 1886). Family members do know that he died on Dec 2, 1953 and buried in Mountian View, MS at Mountian View Cemetary. His parents were Adam John Knierim (?from Socton, Germany) and Sarah Cole of Ohio. Charles Albert Knierim of Breezy Point, MN runs a newsletter on the Knierim family tree. He has compiled much information on the Knierims. Charles also writes a regular E-mail newsletter from ,also,

12 October 1996, gkempe


Looking for information on George Bagnall and family. Lived in Atchison about 1873 - 1875. A daughter, Annie, may have died while they were there. George was a shoemaker.

7 October 1996, N. Bruce Bagnall


Jim Henry JOHNSON was supposed to be born about 1830-1850. Found on 1870 census as "Johnson, J.H. Atchison Co 360 Walnut township. Was supposed to have been married to a Sarah Jane KING. His mother was a Kitty WALKER. His father only knows as "Young Master". Only child known was a Sarah Jane JOHNSON according to death certificate. She was born in Clark Mills KS. Any information is appreciated.

13 September 1996, John Irons


George E. LEATHER, died in Atchison 2 Sep 1994. I need information on his father, George Beaumont LEATHER, and grandfather William Beaumont LEATHER. W.B. LEATHER was a civil engineer for the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad in the 1880s. He lived in Topeka, Kansas, and Falls City, Nebraska. He married Marion DUTTON or CROCKWELL, I need to know her correct surname. Any information gratefully appreciated.

21 Aug 1996, Helen WHYTE, Ottawa, Canada


Van Buren HENSLEY, born ca. 1828-35 Tennessee (?), living in Texas County, Missouri in 1850 with Caswell and Martha Gilmore. Married Malinda (b. 1834) in Missouri ca. 1855. Son John born Missouri; Mary J., Addie, Margaret, Lee (male), Gennetta born Atchison County, Kansas 1860s. Family was living with Parker Morris and his children in 1860 in Walnut, Atchison County. In 1870, the family was living in Oak Mills, Atchison Co. Addie m. George Tarry in Leavenworth KS in 1887; Gennetta (Jeanette) m. Alex Lookey in Leavenworth in 1886. Need Van Buren's parents, birthplace, death date, and place. Thanks.

18 Aug 1996, Dee Dee Rypka


Looking for information on the family of William KELLEY, born in Atchison County around the 1860's. He was married to Caroline Atkinson and had 5 children. Nellie Kelley was born in Parsons Kansas, 11 Mar 1888, and was married to Alfred Osborne, William Coad and Eugene Gear . She died 15 June 1947 in St Paul MN. Faye Kelley was born 16 Jan 1874, married to Peter Keller, and died 14 Jun 1976. Clyde William Kelley was born 10 May 1905, married Faye --, died 16 Apr 1979. Claude Kelley was married to Barbara --, no dates known. William Kelley was married (don't know his wife's name or dates), and he had a son James Kelley. I've been told that James Kelley once owned Jim Kelley's Golden Nuggett casino in Reno and Las Vegas but I have not been able to verify that.

12 August 1996, Roxanna Wood


Seeking information on Columbus Isaac BLESSING said to have been born in Atchinson County about 1831. Also Bible entries say he also married Jane DEAN or ADKINS. ADKINS is a previous married name. He may have just gone by the given name Isaac, our information is very very sketchy. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

1 August 1996, Gary E Blessing GBLESS1980@AOL.COM

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