Atchison County Kansas
Queries Jan. - June 1997

Amend, Bailey, Barnes, Bedwell, Bilderback, Bohler, Boss, Brownfield (2), Burke, Chew (2), Cloves, Cobb, Dykes, Elliott, Emery, Engle, Erzen, Gilpin, Gish, Glover, Graham, Guerrier, Hood, Horner, Hurst, Jones, Law, Linville, Little, Luke, McLenon, Navinsky, Niggli/Niggly/Niggley, O'Down, Powers, Ransom, Reddick, Rhodes, Running, Seip, Short, Shulcher, Snider, Stillings, Stonecipher, Storey, Tompkins, Townsend, Tucker, Tuley, Tull, Ussary, Vandiver, Weaver (2), Wise, Workman, Wright


G grandfather Stephen Workman b abt 1815 in TN, in Greely KS in 1860, moved back and forth to AR and Mo. My grandfather John Tyler Workman was born 1861 in Atchison, KS. Other children maybe Andrew, Simon, and Issac Frank. Any help would be great. Thanks

21 June 1997, JBled24168


Looking for information on the following names and people that were living in this county, NAVINSKY, ERZEN, SHULCHER, DYKES. Any info would be greatly recieved, these people were in the area in the mid to late 1800's and early 1900's.

18 June 1997, RSkaggs777


Margaret Stuart Chew (my great grand mother) b. 5/22/1844 Del Rye, Scottland d. 1925 Atchison, KS. Vital statistics has not been able to find a record. Can you help or advise me? Thank you for your time.

13 June 1997, Kirk Brittain


Researching family of William and Rachel Horton Gish. William had an Inn in Atchison during the 1860/70's, where my great-grandfather, David Hammond Hagar, met and married their daughter, Laura Matilda Gish. William died 28 Feb. 1889 in Atchison. Would like to hear from anyone else who may be researching this family.

4 June 1997, Ardath Brown


Elijah RANSOM b. ca 1790 NY d. 14 Sep 1669 Atchison, KS wf- Sarah Rhodes, son Ira b. 10 Jul 1840 NY d. 7 Feb 1906 NE married- Sarah Ann SHORT 1840-1915, exch info Any and All!!

18 May 1997, Bill Scholtes

Niggli (Niggly) (Niggley)

I am looking for information about my greatgrandfather's brother, Michael Niggli (Niggly) (Niggley) and probably some other variations. References from Waterville, KS history says he ran a store (or maybe a salon/bar) or both in Atchison around the period 1865-1868. Any information anyone has would be appreciated. Michael was a Civil War Veteran and was wounded quite serious in the arm and spent about a year in the hospital and was discharged in Sept 1864.

17 May 1997, Chuck Niggley


My great grandfather Samual was born in 1842 Eng. d. 1913 Atchison Ks. I have a picture of his big house with servants. Any info. you could give me would be appreciated. My father George Samual Smith was born in Atchison 1890. Thanks for any help.

15 May 1997, Al Guerrier Smith


My g-g-uncle Bernt O. Running, lived in Atchison ca 1880s-1900s. Operated a laundry in the city. Any information on him and his family would be appreciated.

7 May 1997, Roger Pyle


Looking for any decendant of John Edward Glover & Martha Jane Hiler. There were 10 children, circa 1870 to present.

25 April 1997, Freda P. Summar


Seeking info on descendants of Isaac Horner; m. Elizabeth Farrell in Doniphan Co. Moved to Atchison 1882; Children: Elizabeth m. Ed McGurk; Ella m. W.H.St.Peters; James; Rose; Dr. Thomas m. Emily Armstrong who had Tom Jr.; a daughter who m. Tom O'Laughlin; 2nd daugh. who m. W.B.Warde.

22 April 1997, Ellen Horner


Francis Gilpin is listed in the 1860 Atchison County census. Would like to know spouse and children of Francis and exchange data with other Gilpin researcher(s) regarding Gilpin ancestry and this family.

19 April 1997, Carolyn Gilpin Carver


Looking for descendants of: William LITTLE and Minnie SNIDER, Children were: 1. Lillian b 1892 2. Nile b 1907 Minnie might be Minerva, Snider sometimes Snyder

12 April 1997, Norris Taylor


The AMEND family owned a farm in Cummings in the late 1800 and most of 1900. Many are buried at the cemetery there. My great grandmothers name is on the stained glass window at the Methodist church there. My Grandfather Luke built a 2 story house in Atchison and it was still standing when I was there a few years ago. My mother was born in Atchison in 1910 and the family moved about 1911 or 12 to Montgomery Co, Kansas. Thomas Wise moved to Atchison about 1859 or 60 and was a builder. He is listed in several City Directorys. His daughter, Kate, married Mitchell Amend in 1875 and they had 11 children. I would like to correspond with anyone related to this family.

12 April 1997, Joy Jenkins Holder


Thanks to your suggestion, I've obtained at last a copy of my great grandparents' marriage certificate from Atchison Co. It is signed by John Hyatt(?), Minister of the Gospel. I'm interested in learning what church he was connected with. According to a family bible, these folks were married in Effingham, so am wondering whether this man was a pastor of a church there? The certificate was dated March 18, 1885. My great grandparents were Frank WEAVER and Lizzie BROWNFIELD. Any advice on this one? Thanks.

3 April 1997, Stan Hixson


Alexander TOWNSEND lived in Atchison Co, KS from 1860 until ? He was married to Mary CRAIGHEAD. They had children, William Mathes TOWNSEND, Abigail Townsend, who m. TRAPP, Elizabeth who m. James SHERER and Martha who m. T.L. BULLER. Have much information to share on this family.

24 March 1997, Vickey Baumli


Searching for any information on my paternal great grand parents: Thomas and Elizabeth (Wendel) Burke, married February 14, 1898 in Leavenworth, Kansas. Elizabeth was born on September 16,1876 in Kessel, Germany. No info on Thomas's birth place and his parents names.

17 March 1997, Susie (Burke) Dulchinos


Looking for BEDWELL, USSARY, and relatives of Claudia SMITH or YARBERRY in Leavenworth and Atchison Counties. Have genealogical history of Stephen BEDWELL and am looking for other BEDWELL researchers. I am using Family Tree Maker 3.4 and can generate GEDCOMs for automated researchers or NGS register reports, group sheets, trees and other tools.

3 March 1997, Ken Yarberry


Seeking contact with any descendants of Owen and Mary (BOHLER) SEIP. The SEIP family came to Atchison, KS in 1858. Owen was a bricklayer, contractor, and, in 1900, police chief. He died in 1920; Mary died in1925, both in Atchison.

2 March 1997, Herb Bohler

Bilderback, Stonecipher

Looking for any information of Charles M Bilderback, born Atchsion county, married Maude Stonecipher, born Atchison county. Two daughters: Nellie & Lily.

21 February 1997, Ron Tucker


I am continuing research on the following primary names: BARNES, CLOYES, COBB, ELLIOTT, GRAHAM, LAW, McLENON, O'DOWD, REDDICK, STILLINGS, TUCKER, TULEY, TULL, VANDIVER, & WRIGHT.
I also have several hundred secondary names from surrounding areas.

20 February 1997, Ron Tucker


Looking for relatives. Would like to share information.
One set of my great-grandparents were Elijah HURST and Mary Elizabeth BAILEY. They were married and had at least some of their eight children in New Market, Buchanan County, Missouri, just across the river from Atchison County, Kansas. Later they moved to Atchison County where they lived until they died. I am not sure where they lived in Atchison County -- it may have been close to Potter as they are buried in Fairview Cemetery there southwest of Potter. I am their son, Jesse Claybourne HURST's, granddaughter and would like to get in touch with anyone knowing more about these families. Another set of my great-grandparents were William Bethel POWERS and Nancy Jane MARTIN. I know the descent of their union and Nancy's family history fairly well, but don't know back past William's father Henry F. POWERS. William and Nancy moved to Mount Pleasant, Kansas in Atchison County to raise their family. I am their daughter Louella POWERS HURST's (married Jesse Claybourne HURST above), granddaughter. They are buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. I would like to get in touch with anyone knowing more about the POWERS line. Thanks.

13 February 1997, Marta Hurst


I am looking for the family of Williard Linville, of Atchison, County. He was supposed to have been chief of police of Atchison at one time. He was born c 1870. Willing to share information on other lines of the Linville family.

13 February 1997, Pamela S. Brown


Looking for information on the following individuals who lived in Atchison. Margaret Stuart Chew; born 5/22/1842 Del Rye, Scotland, died ? 1925 at Atchison, KS. Married to Lewis Mark Chew (no information available). One child known, Agnes Frances Chew; born 3/27/1873 at Atchison, KS. Any and all information very much appreciated. Thank you.

9 February 1997, Kirk Brittain


I had family that was born in Atchison Co. in the 1860's. What are my chances of getting any birth or death information on them? Who should I contact?

5 February 1997, sssilva


Orphaned children search. Is it possible to get information from the Kansas Children's Home about children who have been there? Looking for the orphaned children of James K.P. and Eva May EMERY HOOD. Eva died 19 May 1891 in Kansas and James died 14 Jun 1892 at the Kansas Solders Home, Dodge City. Children - Clyde Barrett b. 28 Sep 1879, Frank Emery b. 16 Aug 1883, Annie b. 18 Mar 1887, Ethel Maude b. 4 May 1889. James' instructions to Soldiers' Home was that, upon his death, his 3 oldest children, who were at the Soldiers' Home with him, were to go to the Soldiers Orphans' Home at Atchison, KS. Ethel Maude was with his sister and family already, Adaline and Henry C. Farnsworth in Thayer Co, Neb, however not with them in 1900 census. Another aunt of these children was Jennie (Nancy Jane) HOWELL wife of Henry Howell of Silver Lake, Shawnee Co, KS. All these families originally from Iowa. Would appreciate any info about the home or these children.

31 January 1997, Karen Hanley


Looking for date and any details of marriage in Effingham KS area sometime in early 1880s before mid-1885 between Frank WEAVER and Eliz J. BROWNFIELD. Weaver was born in Indiana in about 1856 and Brownfield in Penna in about 1862. Thanks!

28 January 1997, Stan Hixson


Fred C. TOMPKINS born 8-May-1876 in Atchison KS. No names for parents. I have pictures of brothers Benjamin and Charles plus sister Ida but no details. Married Margaret Edith Frary. I'm just getting started and would like to know where to write for birth records and how much they might cost. Any other information on this, of course, would also be greatly appreciated.

18 January 1997, Ben Tompkins


I am interested in any information pertaining to Thomas R. Jones b.1850, his wife Rachel Blythe Jones b. 1855 and children Lotti b. 1875, Cora b. 1878 and Edna b. 1879. The family came from Colorado and lived in Atchinson in the 1880s. The father was a boiler maker by trade and may have worked for a railroad. They later moved to Ohio.

11 January 1997, Bill Reiley


James Storey my gg-grandfather was married to my gg-grandmother Sarah Jane Johnson in Oct 1891 in Atchison Co, Ks. J.Storey changed name to James Meeks between 1891 and 1894 before moving to Oklahoma. They had one son born in Atchison Ks named James Elsworth Storey. James Storey was supposed to have been in the military and owned some land in Atchison Co.

9 January 1997, John Irons


Jesse Engle married Elenor ? and had Clarence Engle (1882) m. Catherine Boss; Robert Engle, Minnie Engle and Evalina Engle. Moved to Fresno CA. Looking for names and dates of parents, children etc. They were either in Atchison Co. or Huthison (reno co.).

6 January 1997, Ryan Engle

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