Atchison County Kansas
Queries July - Nov. 1997

Adkins, Aikman, Alderson,Allis, ?Atchison Orphanage (2), Bahr, Bean, ?birth records, Blessing, Boone, Butman, Carrico, Cobb, Conn, Cummings, Dean, FarrowFoland (2) (3), Franklin, Good, Gosline, Graham, Grame, Henderson

, Hibbs (2), Highfill, Hipple, Hoppins,Hyatt, Kleppinger, Kuhn, Lambert, Marsh, Masterson, McBride, Murray, Otis, Pease, Pennington, Peterson (2), Schweder, Smith, Stewart, Tarman, Trauble, Tucker, Waddle, Watkins, Wilson (2), Weiss, Wolf, Wolfe, Womach, Wright


I'm looking for any information regarding the SCHWEDER family. There were several Schweder families in Atchison, KS beginning in 1860. I would like to share information with any one with SCHWEDER links.

30 November 1997,deeann,


I am looking for information about John Graham born 7-5-1835 in Scotland and died 11-25-1875 in Atchison, Kansas, his sons James D. Grame born about 1852 and William D. Grame born 4-12-1861 and died 4-2-1883 in Topeka, Kansas. I'm also seeking information on Emma Levina Good born about 18698 and died 3-10-1930 who married August Wolf. Also, information on Florence Good, Emma's daugher who married a Franklin.

17 November 1997, Mary Grame-Collins


Alfred OTIS was Amelia EARHART's grandfather. I am looking for a list of his ancestors to make the connection to my OTIS line (decendants of Richard WARREN). Thanks.17 November 1997, Peter Haliburton


Seeking information on Abraham WOMACH (1802VA-1860KS) and wife Lucinda AIKMAN (1808TN-1873KS). Son James Samuel Womach m. Mary Emeline BAYLESS in 1866.

22 October 1997, ahorne


William F. Smith and Isabella M. \??\ had a child Mary G. Smith 1872 or 1873 in Atchison. If anyone has access to birth records for that time please respond.

13 October 1997, Chris Davies


Do you have any records for:
Charles Wilson 1827-1897 (came to Atchison in 1855)
+Mary K. Brown 1831-1921
William Marian Wilson ?-?
+Mary Isadora Herron 1849-1925
Roy Martin Wilson 1884-1923
+Ruby Doris Sharp 1893-1977
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

11 October 1997, Michael Wilson


Seeking further information on Clarence CONN and his family who resided in Atchison, KS. Clarence was born Feb. 1884 Arkansas.

6 October 1997, Carol Garafola


I am looking for any information possible on Thomas HIGHFILL, born in Potter, KS in 1869, died in atchison in 1955, married to Lotti Evelyn HURST,born in Potter in 1869, died in Atchison in 1950. Parents of Roy, Glen, Nellie, and Clyde (my great grandfather). This is all I have to go on and the farthest I can go at the moment. I don't know any info. on the children except Clyde either. If anyone can help please get back to me. Thank you very much!

6 October 1997, Janice Richardson


Do have any idea on the availability of Atchison Co, births for the years 1872-1873? Any help would be appreciated.

1 October 1997, Chris Davies


I am looking for any information on a James Guy Cobb born Feb 7, 1882 in Atchison, or any information on his father James Cobb.

18 September 1997, Dan

Lambert, Cummings

Researching orphan train riders: Robert E. Lambert dob 1913 approx. Known to have spent time in Cummings. Placement handled by Kansas Children's Home and Service League(letterhead dated 3/7/1946 says organization founded in 1893 and headquartered in Topeka.. Robert had one sister Bertha, three brothers Bill, Clyde(known to have traveled to San Diego) and Jack. Trying to determine connection between the home and Cummings. Also whether Lambert was birth name or adopted name. Thanks for any information.

17 September 1997, Carolyn Lambert


I am researching the surname BEAN in Atchison County. Armina Bell BEAN was born in Atchison 27 Feb 1874. She was daughter of John Hardin BEAN b. 22 Oct 1850 in Winchester, Scott County, ILL. John was son of Michael M. BEAN b. 27 Aug 1828. Michael BEAN was in Civil War and homesteaded land in Atchison, Mt. Pleasant township. Is anyone else researching this line??? Does anyone have information as to where in Atchison County the Mt. Pleasant township is located?

15 September 1997, Nancy


My relatives Hezekiah Webster BOONE and David C. HOPPINS lived in Wayne Township Doniphan Co. in 1860. My grandmother said she was born on a farm just outside of Atchison 1860. Which is it? Doniphan Co or Atchison Co.? The Boones moved into the area around 1854 before either counties were created. Do you know of a town that was called Wayne. It doesn't appear on a map. Appreciate your clearing this up for me.

12 September 1997, Mmmwiens


looking for maxine and dallas wilson dau of john wilson his wife my grt. aunt. last known info early 1900's thank you.

8 September 1997, roland elliott

Hibbs, Marsh

Researching children of Jesse Hibbs (1878 Allen Co KS) and Iva Marsh. Jesse left children in an orphanage around 1915 in or around Atchison KS. Children were William (b Abt 1906), Margaret (1908), Albertha, Martha (1909), Amos (1912). There may have been more children. Jesse Hibbs worked on farms in NE Kansas after 1915. Any suggestions also appreciated.

8 September 1997, Donald White


Searching for information on Foland. Ggrandmother was Ida Mable Foland her sisters were Nellie and Alice. Ida born in 1871 and Nellie 1875. Nellie was born in Atchison Co. Ida may also have been born there. Found burial sites Miami Co. for Folands, not sure if they are conected. Searching Briggs, Foland, Whipple, Bodenham, Phillips,Collins

30 August 1997, Suzanne Phillips


I have some information on my ggGrandmother that (If possible) I would like to have confirmed and any other information added. Jane DEAN ( Maiden) other married names ADKINS and BLESSING d. abt 1882 buried Mt.Pleasant, Atchison Co. Pardee Cemetery NW/4 sec.4T6R19. Hope that you can help I have been chasing this for a couple of years.

27 August 1997, Gary E. Blessing


George E. & Fanny (Vickery) Wright was in Atchison Co. in 1880 Geo. b.1833, Rome, NY d1899, Texarkana, Ar Fanny b1837in Oswego Co.NY-2 sons Frank and Edgar.need help. Thank you.

27 August 1997, mrin62


Would someone look up some names in the Atchison Co Cemetery books. The family name is PETERSON. In the 1900 census Charles PETERSON and his wife Ann had 4 children. Mable b1890, Carl and Mary b 1892 and Ruth b1898. In the 1910 census, wife Ann and daughter Mary are missing. It also listed that they had 6 children and 4 living, so there might be 2 other children buried there. I am looking for cemetery listings for Ann, Mary and 2 other children. Thank you.

27 August 1997, Joy

(Atchison Orphanage)

What can you tell me about the orphange that was located in Atchinson KS during the 1940-s? Is it currently open or did it close (if so when)? Also do you know of any pictures of it that I might be able to obtain. I was adopted from it in 1947 and have my adoption records and was looking for a picture of it. Thanks for your time

18 August 1997, S.K. Watson


I am searching for information on the Foland family. My G-grandmother was born in Kansas date unk. as Ida Mable Foland. I would guess this to be around 1870-1880's. Any information on Folands would be most welcome. thank you Suzanne Phillips

18 August 1997, Suzanne Phillips

Farrow, Wolfe

I am looking for information about the Farrow and Wolfe families. Specifically, I need to confirm when they arrived in Atchison. It was either in 1874 or 1875. There was the William Harris Farrow family, wife Elizabeth, and children Susan, Harriet, John, Mollie and Alfred. Their son John is reported to have died on August 26, 1877 at the age of 6 and was buried in Mt. Vernon cemetery there. The Farrows moved to Iowa Point about 1877 or 78. (I have confirmed this through Doniphan County sources.) The Wolfe family was Lemuel, wife Harriet and children Elizabeth (wife of William Farrow), Thornton, Lloyd, George and Louisa. They moved to Oberlin in the early 1880's. (I have confirmed this through Decatur County sources.) Thank you

18 August 1997, Kent Willis


Looking for any info on grandmother who was born in Atchison Co. Nellie Francis FOLAND b.11/12/1875. I think her parents were Emma SMITH and Henry FOLAND. Nellie married Clarence WEATHERBY in San Francisco Dec 29, 1898. From there they lived in Falk (Elk River), California close to Eureka California. Thank you

14 August 1997, Kathy Moore


George M. and Amelia J. Henderson lived on George Street in Effingham City in January of 1920. He was 75 and she 72 at the time. Their daughter Luella, and her husband, Clayton E. Davison, lived with them along, with their son George I. (my husband's grandfather). Clayton and Luella were both 38 in 1920, and George was 10. We are putting a family history together for our young daughters, and would be interested in any information you might supply, or suggestions on how I might find out more about them. All I have is a copy of the 1920 census, which is how I have the above information.

14 August 1997, Amy Albright

Murray, Weiss

I am looking for information on Robert Murray and Anna Margaretha Weiss. I think were married in Leavenworth or Atchison KS. They lived in Leavenworth, KS around 1880-1900. Anna Margaretha (Margarete)"Weiss" Murray was a milliner, (she owned hat making business) in Atchison, KS around 1890. They had two sons, George Scott Murray was born Feb. 24, 1893 in Leavenworth, KS, he died Dec. 11, 1968. Robert Murray is believed to be about 3-7 years older than George. Both boys attended Christian Brothers School (boarding school) in St. Joseph, MO. Thank you.

5 August 1997, Christie Langston


My great great uncle, Henry Kuhn, and his wife Catherine Herr Kuhn arrived in Atchison in the summer of 1854. Or more correctly, the arrived where Atchison was to be! Henry Kuhn was then 24 years old, the son of Emanuel and Mary Sites Kuhn of Chambersburg, PA. Emanuel Kuhn was the county surveyor of Franklin County, PA for some years and taught the skill to his son, Henry.
Henry Kuhn was engaged to survey and lay out the plat for Atchison which he completed during the summer months of 1854. Lots were sold in September and, voila!, a new city was born!
Henry Kuhn, having taught school for two or three years in Marion, Franklin County, PA, was then engaged as Superintendent of Schools for Atchison.
Following the Civil War, two of his sisters and their husbands plus his parents moved to Kansas and settled in north Marion County in the College Hill District. One sister,Martha Kuhn Rhodes, was my great grandmother.
Henry Kuhn and family moved to Anadarko, Indian Territory in the early 1880's where he was Indian Agent. Around 1890 they moved to Marion, KS where he and a son-in-law ran a newspaper. He returned to Atchison briefly around 1899 for the last gasp of the Atchison "Champion?". He died in Topeka in 1900 and is buried in the little cemetery at College Hill given by my great-grandfather, John Metz Rhodes, to the College Hill Presbyterian Church, then located on the Marion-Dickinson County line 1 mile east of Kansas Highway 15. His wife, Catherine Herr Kuhn, died in 1903 and is buried beside him.

2 August 1997, jrhodes


Researching Amos Hibbs, was placed in orphanage about 1915-1918 in Atchison County KS. Looking for name of that orphanage.

30 July 1997, Jeane Cubley

(Orphanage in Atchison)

I am inquiring about the Kansas State Orphanage in Atchison in the early 1920's. My mother was there after her mother died, name Ernestine EVANS. Any information on the availability of records for that period would be appreciated. Thank you.

30 July 1997, Jeane Cubley


I would like to correspond with anyone having CARRICO connections in Atchison & Doniphan county. I am particularly interested in Nancy CARRICO with associated names of BUTMAN, KLEPPINGER, TUCKER, TRAUBLE.

16 July 1997, Ron Tucker


Looking for Charles H. MASTERSON who d. 6 May 1885 in Potter, Atchison Co, KS and his wife Rachel WADDLE MASTERSON who d. 18 Nov 1878 in Potter, Atchison Co, KS. Looking for Charles MASTERSON's parents, Wm. Masterson and Betty Hewitt. Looking for Rachel WADDLE's parents, John and Mary WADDLE. Thank you.

14 July 1997, richnkay


Interested in the descendants of Reverend L A Alderson. Pioneer settler of Atchison Co and Baptist preacher. His sons should have included Joseph Coleman B-29 Oct 1839. Floyd Powell B-21 Apr 1842, Irving Newman B-24 Jul 1845, Mary Cornelia B-19 Oct 1848 M Church J White in KS, Alan Lindsey B-16 Dec 1850, Cary Trimble B-30 Apr 1853. Cary died in Atchison 26 Aug 1907. He married Mary B ? Walter Wyatt B- 12 Feb 1856 M Nannie Tiffany 1883 D-1895, Lewis Allen B- 1863. Would like to exchange descendency information on this family and the related maternal lineages. Thank You.

6 July 1997, Rick W. Mandigo


Would someone in Atchison, look in an Atchison city cemetery book and tell me if there is an Annie Peterson listed. She would have died between 1900 and 1910. Also, maybe her daughter Mary. They were there in the 1900 census, but not with the family in 1910. Thank you very much.

3 July 1997, Joy Holder



Query: HENRY WATKINS came from Buchanan County, Missouri and settled in

Atchison County, Kansas (Mount Pleasant, Twp.) in the 1850's. He left Missouri with

wife, FRANCES and two sons, Willard and Jessee. FRANCES must have died sometime

after his arrival to Kansas. He remarried, ELIZA TOBIN, and they had two children,

GEORGE MORRIS WATKINS and JOSEPH D. WATKINS, before returning back to

Missouri in the 1860's. I would like any info. on HENRY WATKINS or on MOUNT

PLEASANT TWP. during the period of time.




Query: HIPPLE, John (age 61) and Catherine (age 58), were listed on the 1860 census in

Atchison Co, KS but not on the 1870 census; searching for death dates and locations.

Margery Borger 12/02/1997


Mailing address : 6957 24th Street Apt 7, Sacramaento, CA 95822-4435



Looking for Nelson Gosline married Elizabeth Ann Hagan

Author: Joe Basinger, 12/05/1997




Inf on parents of Neamiah Pacard Pease came to atchison county in1863 born march 8

1841 in Main Died Dec. 9 1894 Buried in Aschcraft cemetary near Mt pleasant was

married Nannie Bell Aschcraft was aschool teacher at Seymour school

Author: Ron Pease Date: 12/11/1997




Edward Otis "Buddy" ALLIS, (dob 1925) may have been given to a man in the late 1929 's in Kansas. The mother was living in Atchison County, Ks during this time period. Also another boy,Lawrence Robert Allis (dob 1929) was given to some people when the family car broke down (1929-30) The parents never came for him, and probably ended up in a orphanage The oldest boy may remember a sister by the of Bertha "Babe". Parents name were Hazel Hyatt,Allis,Pennington. Hazel was with a man by the last name of Pennington, when she gave the boys away. Fathers name was Lawrence Allis. Would also like any info for any orphanages that may have existed during this time period or were records would be available..The mother also lived in Douglas Jefferson, Ottawa counties..

Author: JULIE BATH 12/11/1997




I am looking for information re: Jesse Marcus Tarman and his wife, Emma Louise Bathke Tarman. They came to Atchison Co in 1878. Jesse died in 1926 and Emma Tarman died in 1935. Their children were: Nellie Amber Tarman, b. 1879, Myrtle Louise Tarman, b. 1881, and Jesse Edward Tarman, b. 1883. I have some information on them but I am looking for any kind of clue that might tell me where Jesse and Emma were married and where they were before they got married. Any information appreciated.


Mailing address : Rt 1 , Grainola, OK 74652



Query:My great aunt Mamie L. STEWART married Frederick J. BAHR in Hiawatha, KS

in April 1909. At the time she was very ill with cancer. The couple moved onto

Frederick's farm in Atchison County with his mother. This is where Mamie supposedly

died the same year, 1909. I have not been able to find any death record for Mamie,

however, and can find no trace of Frederick BAHR or his family. Any information will be

greatly appeciated. Thanks.

Author: Shelli Moore 12/28/1997


Mailing address :24102 Paseo Del Campo, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677



I would like to correspond with anyone with information about the descendants of Andrew J. McBride born 1821 or his sister Sarah McBride Ramsey b. 1830. They moved to Atchinson Co. Ks around 1855 from White Co. Tennessee. Andrew's children:Dejanira,Sarah E. Lucien,Floretta, Tennessee, AndrewJ.,Leonora, Lucillious. Sarah Ramsey's children:Emma E.,Andrew J.,Frank M.

Author: Patsy Scott 12/28/1997


Mailing address : 406 Oakland Drive , Sparta,Tennessee 385


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