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Queries Jan. - Mar. 1997

Anderson, Arnett, Booth, Brown, Buche, Burrows (2), Carpenter, Carr, Chambers, Charles, Colebaugh, Cox, Gillespie, Goff, Gunsaullus, Hardwick, Harris, Hawkins, House, Kimbley, Laswell, Leeper, Long (2), Lookinbill, Martin, McCormack, McElfresh, McMillen, Mosier (2), Myers, Nash, Newcomb, Osborn (2), Payne (2), Proctor, Robinson, Shatto, Starks, Turner, Vandegrift, Viers, Wakefield, Warner, Welch, Willett, Woodard, Wright, Zook

HAWKINS, McELFRESH, VIERS, WELCH Suzanne Latham Temple Fri Mar 21 18:50:42 1997
I am looking for information on WELCH's that lived in Pawnee,Kanasas, Bourbon Co. around 1860"s. Abner and Susanna Welch moved from Tuscarawas, Ohio in 1854 on to IL, then on to KS in 1859. Abner died there in 12/12/1870, and I assumed is buried in Pawnee. Their children, Lewis B. WELCH married Mary J. VIERS in Pawnee in 1865. Susan R. WELCH married B.J.HAWKINS on 10/14/1862, Jemima WELCH married John McELFRESH (a ME (Methodist?) minister) on 9/27/1864. The rest of the family then moved onto MN. I have names of the children of these great, great aunts and uncles. I would love to hear from someone having information on this family.

CARR, OSBORN Pat Irwin Thu Mar 20 13:49:03 1997
Looking for any information on Caroline CARR OSBORN. She died in Bourbon County KS May 1893. Who was her husband? Did she have children? Her father was John F. CARR. Any record of him in Bourbon County 1870s- 1880s? Any information appreciated. Pat

HARDWICK William P. Hardwick Wed Mar 19 16:55:17 1997
Bourbon county. My great grandfather was Jordan HARDWICK. He died in Ft. Scott, Bourbon county, Kansas, in about 1888. Supposedly he went completely blind before his death. He was buried in a cemetery in southeastern Gentry county, Missouri.
I am seeking any details about his death or why he was in Ft. Scott, Kansas. I do not know if his being blind had anything to do with being in Ft. Scott. He had been living in Edgar county, Illinois, prior to going to Ft. Scott, but I do not know when he went to Kansas. I will be glad to share info with anyone interested.

LOOKINBILL Leon G Lookingbill Tue Mar 11 06:03:05 1997
Seeking information on a J. E. LOOKINBILL who owned 80 acres in Drywood, NE1/4 of Sec. 9 Twp 27 Range 25, BOURBON Co. (believe this info came from a 1878 Atlas). Can you please provide me with J. E. complete name, d of b, d of d, whether married or not, if so spouse name and childrens name and where did he come from. Please note that J. E. last name was spelled LOOKINBILL and not LOOKINGBILL. Thank you. Will respond. Leon G. Lookingbill, 295 Brian Circle, Afton, TN 37616-4623-02


NASH, ROBINSON, WILLETT, LONG Janet Sue MILAM 108 W. Ollie Floydada, TX 79235-3847

BURROWS, PAYNE Steve Burrows Sat Mar 8 21:48:25 1997
Looking for information on Stephen Douglas BURROWS, who lived with his wife, Emeline C. (PAYNE) and family around the Union- town area (Marion twp) in the 1867 - 1912 time-frame. Stephen is buried in the 'Mason Cemetery' located somewhere in Bourbon county, KS. A couple of the children lived their lives in Bourbon Co, (John Henry BURROWS, Lewis BURROWS). Any info welcome! <>

COLEBAUGH Bonnie Samuel Sat Mar 8 15:01:31 1997
COLEBAUGH: looking for info on Mattie Samuel COLEBAUGH and her descendents. Mattie lived in Bourbon Co. abt. 1885-1915+ with her family. Her parents were John C. and Margarett Samuel of same county. I believe she lived in Marmaton. Bonnie Samuel, Albuquerque, NM.

COX Jerry McClure Fri Mar 7 01:29:21 1997
In the 1880's, several brothers of the COX family moved from Morgan Co., Illinois to Bourbon Co. in the Fulton/West Liberty area. These included Nero, Samuel, Albert, John, Leartis and a sister, Adaline. Another brother, Augustus, settled just east of the Bourbon Co. line near Richards, Missouri. I would like to exchange information about the Cox family with any who are interested.

MARTIN, WRIGHT Jerry McClure Fri Mar 7 01:02:35 1997
In 1857, Silas S. and Mary Ann (MARTIN) WRIGHT moved from Iowa to a farm north of Fulton, Bourbon Co. (Children in WRIGHT family: Ella, Jenett, Franki, Ida, William, Edward, Cora, Henry) The following year, Mary Ann's parents, Melker J. and Sophia (FRUSHOUR) MARTIN moved from Iowa to a farm east of Fulton near Barnesville. (Children in MARTIN family: Mariah, Emily, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Evaline, Henry, Margaret, Appalonia, John, Sarah) Surnames of area families who married MARTIN/WRIGHT children are: COX, COTTER, HANWAY, MILLER, MOORHEAD. I would like to exchange information on these families with any who are interested.

ARNETT, WOODARD Suzanne Kaley Fri Jan 31 21:19:07 1997
Seeking info on David WOODARD Pawnee Bourbon Co who was on the 1870 census. Also Alex ARNETT who was on the 1860 Ft Scott Bourbon Co census.

GOFF Dorothy J Smith Sun Feb 16 16:35:06 1997
Looking for any information on Nellie May GOFF b October 31, 1860 Fort Scott, BourbonCo, Kansas. D September 14, 1914 in Hamilton, Montana. Ravalli Co.

CHAMBERS, KIMBLEY, PROCTOR Jerry Proctor Sat Feb 15 22:35:59 1997
Iam searching for any information on any of the following:Pamelia KIMBLEY b:March 09,1872 d:April 18,1934. She was married to George Washington CHAMBERS b:May 11,1863 d:Feb 1947.They had a child named Lillie May CHAMBERS b:Jan.22,1894 d:Aug.22,1974.They all lived in Fort Scott,Bourbon County.Lillie May CHAMBERS married Arthur PROCTOR. If you have any info you can offer I'd love to hear from you,Thanx Jerry Proctor 3733 OroBlanco Dr.#203 Colorado Springs,CO 80917

OSBORN, WAKEFIELD Jim Wakefield Fri Feb 14 17:19:30 1997
Bourbon County, Linn County searching for the ancestors and descendents of George W. WAKEFIELD who married Ruth OSBORN who he survived. In 1854 his home was burned and he was murdered by pro-slavery forces. His orphan children were 1. John 2.William 3.Susan 4. Almeda 5. Martha 6. Annie 7. EMMA married Dec. 22 1869 her first cousin William H.T. WAKEFIELD son of Honorable John A. WAKEFIELD, 8. George W. a Mound City Kansas farmer.

BOOTH, SHATTO Donald D. DERR Sun Mar 2 17:46:06 1997
Need marriage information on my Grandfather Elseworth Elmer SHATTO and first wife, Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" BOOTH. They had a daughter Dora Bell SHATTO b. 3 july 1883 probably in either Allen or Bourbon Co., KS. What happened to Dora Bell? Her brother Clarence C. SHATTO was my mothers half brother that she never knew. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

GUNSAULLUS, HARRIS Wilda Marshall Brown Sun Mar 2 12:13:11 1997
DEATH RECORDS IN BOURBON COUNTY I'm searching for the death record or obituary for my gr-gr-grandparents Henry B GUNSAULLUS B/16 Nov 1825 - died 6 Jan 1873 Bourbon Co., and Eunice W. HARRIS b/3 June 1827 - died 11 February 1908, also Bourbon Co. Can anyone help me by directing me to the right place to ask? Thanks

BROWN, LASWELL, TURNER Ann Olson Sun Feb 23 10:47:58 1997
John TURNER and Amanda LASWELL were married in Sangamon Co. Ill. and came to Bourbon County, Ks between 1865 and 1868 and settled near Uniontown. Amanda died 7 April 1875 and buried at Hatch Cem. John married Eliza BROWN 10 Feb 1876. He died 14 July 1921 and buried at Hatch with Amanda. Eliza died ? and is buried at Hatch Cem. with her parents. I have 3 generation of LASWELL and nothing on John. I will share what I have

BURROWS, PAYNE Steve Burrows Fri Feb 21 12:02:25 1997
BURROWS, Stephen Douglas - born in Washington Co. OH in 1827; died in Bourbon Co. KS in Nov of 1894; buried in the 'Mason Cemetery' (Bourbon Co). Married Emeline Celica PAYNE in Apr 1856, in Noble Co. OH. They had 13 children (who survived infancy). A couple of their children lived their entire lives in Bourbon Co. KS. Interested in any information regarding Stephen, or his family.

LONG Janet Sue MILAM Sun Jan 19 07:02:49 1997
!!!FOUND!!! Marriage Records--Bourbon County--I am searching for marriages of my great grandfather's siblings. Probably most of them are in Bourbon County or possibly Allen County. Is there a way to get an index of those Marriages between 1888 and 1910? I don't know specific dates so I hate to write to the courthouse. The surname is LONG and there are 7 sibs.

LEEPER, McMILLEN Randy Frederick Sat Jan 18 06:30:43 1997
Seeking marriage date and place, birthplaces, any information about parents and children of Joseph K. McMILLEN b. 4/25/1827 d. 8/14/1887 and Harriet LEEPER b. 10/5/1835 d. 12/11/1901. Joseph and Harriet are buried at Centerville Cemetery, Devon, Bourbon County, Kansas.

GILLESPIE, McCORMACK Charles Gillespie Thu Jan 9 19:56:23 1997
We would like to have any information on James Thomas Gillespie believed to have been born in Fort Scott (Bourbon County)on August 21, 1912. We would like information on his parents. His father was Lew GILLESPIE and his mother was Sally McCORMACK. Sally was born in Virginia in the late 1800's. We beliew Lew was born in Missouri in late 1800's. Sometime after the birth of James Thomas, the Lew GILLESPIE family moved to Nebraska (Omaha, Nebraska City, Auburn). Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

HOUSE, STARKS Janice Bedwell Thu Jan 9 18:12:51 1997
I am searching for the death date and burial place for my husband's gr,gr-grandmother, Nancy STARKS HOUSE. She and her husband, Lewis HOUSE, and their children are listed as living in Drywood Twp., Bourbon Co. in the 1880 census. They had moved there from Clay Co., IN. By 1882, Lewis and the children were back in IN, in Sullivan Co. and he has married another wife. A family story is that Nancy died and he moved the children east in a covered wagon. Does anyone have any information about her? Thanks for any help.

BUCHE, ZOOK Cindy Keith Wed Jan 8 12:13:54 1997
ZOOK, looking for information on Fred ZOOK in Bourbon County, Fort Scott area, early 1900's. Trying to find out if ZOOKs were in Revolutionary War. BUCHE, also Bourbon County.

MOSIER B Thomas Mon Jan 6 22:09:53 1997
Am researching the following families that are related and resided in Bourbon Co from mid 1800s to early 1900s: CHARLES, MOSIER, JARO, PARLIER, MCCARTNEY, GREGG, CHARLES. Specifically, William/Nancy MOSIER resided Bourbon Co from about 1850s. Children: Mary E, Charles W, Manuel S, Joana, Minerva Jane, Emma, David M, Roselia, John T, Hester Ann, Frank and James M. Any and all information welcome and am most willing to share. Thanks

ANDERSON, CHARLES B Thomas Mon Jan 6 22:17:29 1997
Am researching the following families that are related and resided in Bourbon Co from mid 1800s to early 1900s: CHARLES, ANDERSON, HOLEMAN, WHITCOMB Specifically, Thomas L CHARLES aand wife Mary Susan ANDERSON resided Bourbon Co from about 1850s. Children: Anna E, Evalena "Lena", William Thomas "Elmer", Maude, Minnie and cousin Gertrude Davis. Any and all information welcome and am most willing to share. Thanks

MOSIER B Thomas Mon Jan 6 22:09:53 1997
Am researching the following families that are related and resided in Bourbon Co from mid 1800s to early 1900s: CHARLES, MOSIER, JARO, PARLIER, MCCARTNEY, GREGG, CHARLES. Specifically, William/Nancy MOSIER resided Bourbon Co from about 1850s. Children: Mary E, Charles W, Manuel S, Joana, Minerva Jane, Emma, David M, Roselia, John T, Hester Ann, Frank and James M. Any and all information welcome and am most willing to share. Thanks

I am seeking information on Jospeh and Susan CARPENTER he was born abt 1830 in Canada, she was born abt 1829 in Vermont. I found them in the 1875 Kansas State census living in Pawnee, Bourbon County, KS. They had the following children: 1) Susan; born abt 1847 in New York
2) Louisa; born abt 1849 in Illinois she married Warren B WARNER on 10 Jul 1868 in Bourbon County, IL she died in 1875 in Pawnee, Bourbon County, KS, they als olived in Crawford County, KS.
3) Joseph; born abt 1852 in Illinois
4) Levi; born abt 1855 in Illinois
5) Louis; born abt 1857 in Illinois
6) Sardinia; born abt 1860 in illinois
7) Jerome; born abt 1868 in Illinois
8) Joseph; born abt 1870 in Kansas
9) Charlotte; born abt 1874 in Kansas
Any help you can offer would be appreciated. I found Joseph and Susan CARPENTER in the 1875 State Census living in Pawnee, Bourbon County, KS.
Please email at
Thanks in advance for your help.

MYERS, VANDEGRIFT Peter Vandegrift Sat Jan 4 17:40:40 1997
My father Leroy VANDEGRIFT, according to his WW1 draft registration, was born in Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., KS on 5 Oct 1888. His folks, subsequently moved on to Allen Co, then down to Beaver Co,OK and to Bartlesville Washington Co,OK. His mother, Eliza Jane (MYERS) VANDEGRIFT died 30Nov1918 in La Harpe,KS and his father, Asa Williard VANDEGRIFT died 8May1936 in Iola, KS. I have no good evidence of the Fort Scott birthplace. Will greatly appreciate any help.

NEWCOMB Ken.Newcombe Thu Jan 2 18:37:28 1997
NEWCOMB - George "Bitter Creek" NEWCOMB is supposed to have been born in Fort Scott, Bourbon Co.,Kansas. He was an outlaw who rode with the Dalton gang and was killed in 1894 or 95. Does anyone have any information on him? Who were his parents and when was he born?


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