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Queries July - Aug. - Sept. 1997

Amer, Barr, Brewer, Buckman, Coberly, Cox, Daniels, Dark (2), ?Date of Gen. Lane withdrawal to Ft. Lincoln, Dean, Hobart, Humphert, Keith, Lyon(s), Martin, McDaniel, Milligan, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Munday, ?Newspapers, Ogle, Owens, Peck, Potter, Sherrow, Shields, Stevanus, Stratton, Whitesitt, Winters (2), Womelsdorf

DANIELS, WINTERS Linda Kless Tue Sep 30 17:07:26 1997
Need information regarding Olive (Ollie) WINTERS , who at age 4 was brought to Bourbon County by her grandfather and legal guardian Robert S. DANIELS. Her parents, Lydia (Alice) and Lewis WINTERS died in Redkey IN in 1878 and 1880 respectively. Ollie had a brother George who remained in IN. She died in either OH or IN around 1900. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

MOORE, MORRIS, MUNDAY Robert A. Myers Sun Sep 28 10:35:08 1997
MUNDAY, MORRIS, MOORE. Anyone researching the MUNDAY line in Bourbon Co., KY please contact me. Am related to Reuben, Presley, and John MUNDAY who appeared in 1860 census of Bourbon County, Kansas. Would like to know the connection of Madison B. MUNDAY, b. Nov. 11, 1830 in Casey Co., KY, listed in 1888 city directory of Fort Scott, Kansas, d. Dec. 28, 1911 in Fort Scott, Kansas, buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Wife was Isabell MORRIS. Also, Samuel MUNDAY, b. 1812 in KY, lived in Greene Co., IL and Lawrence Co., MO, lived in Bourbon Co., Kansas during Civil War. Had brothers named Presley, Reuben, and John. Walter Larkin MUNDAY, b. 1876 in Bourbon Co., Kansas, son of J. Munday and ? MOORE.

LYON(S), WHITESITT Barbara Young Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:06:00 -0400 (EDT)
Two surnames LYON(S) and WHITESITT Many of both families moved to Montana in 1890's; some remained in KS and visited with Montana relatives. I am interested in contacting their descendants. First name for LYON(S) was Noah in 1862.
LYON(S) WHITESITT Submitted by Barbara Young 18702 Mesa Dr. Villa Park, CA 92861 BYoung1131

WINTERS Linda KLess Mon Sep 22 04:45:51 1997
WINTERS, OLIVE (Ollie), brought to Bourbon County as an orphan, age 5 years. She was brought to Kansas by her grandparents. MM Robert S. Daniels in approximately 1883. Sometime later returned to Ohio and died at about 21 years in OH or IN. Appreciate any help or suggestions - Linda Kless

MARTIN, OGLE Victor Lewis Sun Sep 14 18:21:04 1997
Any information on Joshua James or James Joshua MARTIN, born 3 Feb 1865, in Manchester, Scott, Illinois. Married 1 May 1891 to Elizabeth Ellen OGLE, place unknown. He worked as a Coal Miner and a Millwright. May have worked the mines of CHEROKEE COUNTY, KANSAS, CRAWFORD COUNTY, KANSAS OR BURBON COUNTY, KANSAS. The last record I have found is: 1910 Census, Libreral, Barton, Missouri. ED 5, sheet 29, line 175. He was 45 years of age at that time. It has been rumored that he was seen in Pittsburg, Crawford Co. Kansas in the 1930's. Any thing you can help with the marriage place, and the death date and place, will be appreciated. Thank you, Vic.

COX, DEAN, HUMPHERT Bill Seward Tue Sep 9 08:31:12 1997
Franklin Pierce COX was born in Missouri on 8 Jan 1854. He married Mary C. SOWERS in Hopkins, MO on 1 Dec 1872 in Hopkins, MO. They moved to Seneca, KS in 1880 and to Horton, KS before 1900. They both died in Horton, KS. He on 10 Apr 1933 and she on 4 Jun 1938. They had 3 children. Metta COX (later married a HUMPHERT and then a DEAN, Charles A. COX, and Verne COX who stayed locally and later moved to Effingham, KS in Atchison County. Verne had a Daughter named Isabel COX


BJ PECK@AOL.COM BJ PECK Tue Sep 9 06:38:04 1997
William SHIELDS was married to a Mary SHIELDS Oma SHIELDS was by grandmother. She married Frank PECK from Bronson KS. They had one girl Euleta M.PECK (POTTER) born Sep.3th.1908 at Bronson KS. 2 sons Owen M.PECK born Jan.26th.1911 Norman E .PECK Born Jun.15th 1916 at Bronson KS. William SHEILDS died in 1943 buired at Parson KS. Owen PECK is buired at Bronson next to Frank PECK Euleta PECK POTTER is burried at Fort Scott,KS. Norman E PECK is buired at the national cemetery at Fort Scott. KS.

COBERLY Burdette Coberley Mon Sep 8 08:59:51 1997
I am looking for the final resting place and other info on my gt grandfather.His name was George Washington COBERLY,last known living with his brother Wesly COBERLY in Fort Scott in the 1910 census.I can not seem to find out when he died or where he is buried.Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.


Patricia Sproat Sun Sep 7 10:57:07 1997
I am searching for marriage records of Burbon County as early as 1880 in the MILLIGAN name they were there until around 1910 can anyone help with this also maybe marriages in Allen county around 1870 to 1880 as they moved over to burbon county in 1880--

MORRISON, WOMELSDORF nancy Fri, 05 Sep 97 22:05:11 -0700
Looking for the death of Dora E. WOMELSDORF MORRISON wife of T.J. MORRISON who died in Bourbon Co. KS sometime between 1910 and 1920. Anyone know when she died. In 1910 she was alive with her husband Thomas in Bourbon Co. In 1920 he is a widower and living in Linn Co, KS. I think from an obit that I have that was undated, she was living a mile west of Fort Lincoln School House. Can anyone help?

DARK, OWENS Inez Jackson Tue Sep 2 18:48:38 1997
Hi: I was wondering if someone could do a search for a marriage license there in Bourbon County in the year of 1888 or 1889. The names are William DARK and Cynthia M. OWENS their ages would of been William around 30 and Cynthia would of been around 14 or 15. Thanking you in advance Inez

?Newspapers Wilda Brown Mon Sep 1 16:56:16 1997
NEWSPAPERS - Would like to know names and addresses of all newspapers for Bourbon Co., circa 1875 and 1916. Were there more than one? Is there an address to write to for obits? Thanks much!

AMER B Post Mon, 18 Aug 1997 12:11:33 -0500
Hello! Am Looking for information on AMERs. Most were probably buried in Mapleton cametary.Need Info if possible on John AMER , Tom and Lizzie Mae AMER any help would be appreciated
Thank You
Bernice Post

BUCKMAN, ?Date of Gen. Lane withdrawal to Ft. Lincoln Nan Wolf Sun, 3 Aug 1997 17:34:04 -0400
My ancestor, Clement Evermon BUCKMAN, arrived in Bourbon Co. from KY in 1857 with his own young family. His daughter mentioned in her memoirs: "Here the house was made of logs cut from a forest nearby of hickory and walnut. It was built near the bank of the Marmaton River. While this river did not run all the time, there was one deep place where there was always plenty of water. Here we could always find fish to try our luck in fishing. Those were the "good old days" when there was plenty of game: deer, wild turkeys, prairie chickens, quail, and gray squirrels. My father and brother Andrew were very fond of hunting, so we were always well supplied."
On Oct. 10, 1861, Clement E. BUCKMAN joined the Co. K, 3 Regt Kansas Vols. He was in Company "I" 6th Reg't Kansas Cavalry by the time he was mustered out 10 months later due to illness - at Ft. Scott.. He furnished his horse and equipment and his due mileage at mustering out was 20 miles.
My question is this - AT WHAT DATE IN 1861 DID GEN. LANE PULL HIS FORCES OUT OF FT. SCOTT LEAVING THE AREA OPEN TO THE ADVANCING CONFEDERATE FORCES OF GEN. RAINS? He left only the cavalry at Ft. Scott. Was it during this period that my ancestor joined the service - in order to help protect the county that had been abandoned by Gen. Lane?
I know that Clemant Buckman left Bourbon Co. for the West in 1864 in a wagon train that included a brother, J. J. Buckman and family, a daughter Susan, and her husband, John Teague and two neighbors. From his daughters memoirs (narrated verbally to her daughter) in 1933:
"What excitement there was as the wagons began lining up for the long journey. The members of our family - father and mother, Andrew, Josephine, Sarah, Margaret and Clem.. My married sister, Susan, and her husband, John Teague, (with horse drawn wagon) ; my father's brother , John (Uncle Cook) Buckman and his family; two families of our near neighbors and a lot of other emigrants who joined us for protection from the Indians and for company. There were nearly one hundred wagons in all., A few of these were horse-drawn, mostly ox teams. Then, there were the loose cattle and horses to be driven.
(continuing her memoirs) "Any group, in order to progress, must have a leader, so father was chosen Captain and the train was on its way. A number of neighbors accompanied us on horseback for several days - helping to get the stock used to being driven on the trail, and to bid us goodby and Good Luck. Father's aim was Arizona. Here he could take up land and, with his cattle and horses, he could soon have the home he wished for."
QUESTION: FROM WHERE WOULD THIS WAGON TRAIN HAVE LEFT? Ft. Scott? (It had to be close enough to their Bourbon home territory for the neighbors to accompany them for several days. ) ARE THEIR EXISTING NEWSPAPERS FROM THIS TIME THAT MIGHT HAVE MENTIONED THIS MANY PEOPLE LEAVING THE AREA - AND WHY? About 2/3 of the way through her trail narrative, the daughter mentions, "Some of our train, having heard of the marvelous country in Oregon, had chosen that as their goal. Bidding us good-bye, there was a parting of the ways and they headed out the Northern trail to Oregon, leaving our train much smaller to continue on our journey." I believe that she suddenly remembered this and inserted it here when it actuallly happened much earlier on the trail.
I would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion about my questions above or who had family in Bourbon Co. about this time.
Nan Wolf
3401 Stanley Ave., Turlock, CA 95382-0537

HOBART Joanne Hobart Legits Mon Jul 7 08:57:39 1997
I am looking for the death and burial of Guy Charles HOBART, who was born 27 Jan 1817 in Essex, Chittenden Co., VT, moved to Ohio when an infant and was in Bourbon Co. KS when he enlisted in the 6th KS Cavalry in 1862. He died sometime in 1869. Was this in Bourbon Co.?

STRATTON Lora Mather Sat Jul 5 07:44:23 1997
I am interested in Fort Scott city history beginning in 1855. I have found that my ancestor GABRIEL MCLEAN ( GM) STRATTON purchased one of the officier quarter's buildings at Fort Scott. I have since then found that he had a daughter who was born in Fort Scott in 1857. This family's eldest daughters were baptized Catholic at the Osage Mission. I'd like to find the record of the daughter ROSE STRATTON born in 1857. My question is: What were the Catholic missions/churches that were located in Fort Scott in 1857? Would there be any schools established and are there any records available?

DARK Inez Jackson Wed, 23 Jul 1997 06:35:18 -0700
Here is what information I have. William A. DARK and family wife Cynthia and children Clyde, Opal, and Chester. They were living in Bourbon County in 1900. Thanking you in advance Inez

BARR Mary Laura Hanley Fri, 11 Jul 1997 05:21:57 -0500
BARR about 1840 -1860
James Polk BARR
Charles BARR
Mary Ann Barr chg'd name to Annie MaryBARR she was born in Brown co.Tx but later lived in Bourban co. where she delivered mail by horse- back.
Thank You
Laura Hanley
Milw. WI

STEVANUS Mary Stevanus Jul 2 1997 I am researching the STEVANUS family that lived in Fulton, KS approx. 1900-1940.
Mary Stevanus
5032 Merganser Ct.
Frederick, MD 21703

KEITH, SHERROW Cyndi Hill Jul 1997 Any information on the following would help:
Children: Margaret Esther SHERROW
Born: April 27, 1894 (Fort Scott, KS)
Died: June 19, 1966 (Emmett, ID)
Children: Marie Elizabeth SHERROW
Born: October 31, 1898
Died: October 16, 1899
Children: William Edward SHERROW
Born: January 1, 1896
Died: ?
Married: ?
Children: Lee Roy SHERROW
Born: August 26, 1904
Died: ?
Father is: Harve SHERROW (Born June 30, 1871 in Springfield, MO)
Mother is: Addline A. KEITH (Born May 31, 1869, in White Cloud, NE - which sort of exists today)
The problem I have is that I do not know when Harve and Addline were married. I am only to assume that they were married before Margaret was born, but then again, who knows! I only assume (again) that the other children were also born in Fort Scott, KS. I know that Margaret died in 1966 in Emmett, ID (that's my hometown).
My address is: 827 Burkett, Jackson,TN 38301
Most of the information that may be able to help have a cut off date that ends before either one of my relatives were born/died.

BREWER, McDANIEL Randy Lucke Wed Jul 2 08:40:19 1997
Searching for information on Harold L. BREWER who lived in Fort Scott, Kansas, Boubon County until his death in 1980. He was married to Retta Jane McDANIEL. Harold BREWER was born in Estherville, Iowa. Retta McDANIEL was born in Nixa, Missouri.


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