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Queries Oct. 1996

Cassel/Cossel, Cowan, Decker, Delana, Lewis, Moyer, Owens, Rishell, Tefft/Tifft

LEWIS Peter Thomas Tue, 29 Oct 1996 21:33:27 +0000
Any information at all sought on JOHN LEWIS of Weir City KS or his place of burial. This is thought to have been HOSEY HILL Cemetery near Weir City around January 1917. His obituary was published in the "COLUMBUS MODERN LIGHT" ON 18 January 1917. John arrived in Kansas from Morriston in South Wales around 1885, his wife Hannah and their eldest son, also John, followed him about 1 year later. I suspect Hannah may also have been buried at Hosey Hill Cemetery, but have no idea of when she died. Any info at all on her would also be very much appreciated.
Many thanks
Peter Thomas
South Wales

MOYER, RISHELL Linda VanOrden Sat, 19 Oct 1996 23:10:34 -0400
My grandparents, John Albert RISHELL and Emma Elverna MOYER who lived in Carthage, MO were married 1 January 1901.
They were not married in Jasper Co., MO -- and some family tradition says they were married in Kansas.
Could you please check Cherokee County marriage listings for that time period?
Linda VanOrden
Junction City, OR

COWAN, DECKER, OWENS James M. Hostetler Sat, 19 Oct 1996 00:57:12 -0700
The surnames I am looking for in Cherokee County are Owens, Cowan, & Decker. Owens arrived in CK cty in approximately 1872 from Wales. The Cowans arrived around 1853 from Ohio & Indiana (father Wm Cowan was a State Representative in 1875). Sinthy M. and John Decker arrived around the turn of the century (approx. 1900). The last known year in the county for Owens (Clarence Oliver and Lucy Ellen) was 1934 or 1935. I am uncertain about the Cowan family. Some may still live in the area. The father, John Decker, died in 1935. My name is Cindy Hostetler, 7281 S. Pontiac Way, Englewood, CO 80112. My e-mail address is:

CASSEL, COSSEL, DELANA, TEFFT, TIFFT Kathleen Cooper Mon Oct 28 16:30:34 1996
See updated query posted Nov. 1998

BOOTHBY, MARTIN Richard Duran Mon Oct 28 06:53:39 1996
Looking for information on Daniel Boothby and wife, Elizabeth Martin, who were living in Baxter Springs, Cherokee County about 1863 to 1865. They moved to Jasper County, MO about 1866

EVERETT, EVERITT Jane Boggess Mon Oct 21 04:28:24 1996
Everi(e)tt - looking for info on either spelling. Cherokee County. From Germany-Orange Co,NY-,PA-,Madison Co,OH-,Mercer Co, MO-,Cherokee & Labette Co, KS. -From Aaron Evere(i)tt, abt 1753 to the

OWENS Cindy HostetlerTue, 22 Oct 1996 00:57:43 -0700
I suspect that Oliver and Sarah A. Owens may be the parents of my great-grandfather (Evan D. Owens), and emigrants from Wales. They are buried in the Columbus City Cemetery, as is John W. Owens (possibly a brother of Evan Owens). An obituary for any of them would be very much appreciated. I believe Evan was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales in 1852. He immigrated to the U.S. in approximately 1871 or 1872. His only surviving son, my grandfather (Clarence Oliver Owens) was born 31 July, 1887 in Cherokee County. Any additional leads would be very much appreciated. My e-mail address is and my snail-mail address is: Cynthia Hostetler, 7281 S. Pontiac Way, Englewood, CO 80112-1633

COWAN, DECKER, OWENS, SHARRON Cindy Hostetler Sat Oct 19 00:15:01 1996
I am looking for the birth record of Clarence Oliver Owens in Columbus, Kansas in 1887. I am trying to locate his father's (Evan D. Owens') birthplace and exact date of birth in Wales. I have not located the burial location of William Cowan and Sarah (Sharron) Cowan. They were the parents of Mary Jane (Cowan) Owens, wife of C.O.Owens. Were the Cowans Quakers? If so, where are they buried. Please advise as to the John & Sinthy M. Decker family which probably arrived in Baxter Springs around 1900. Thanks for assistance!


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