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Queries Dec. 1996

Alderson, Busse, Carr, Cassel, Cazell, Chapin, Couch, Davis, Eidson, Ellis, Gilstrap, Hall, Karns, Kassel, Kerr, Lewins, Manar, Powell, Rhea, Snider, Stark, Treat, Turner, Wallace

HALL Sandy McDoniel Tue Dec 31 14:47:57 1996
I am looking for any information about my grandfather, George Edgar HALL. He was born in England in c 1865. He disappeared in Cherokee county in approx. 1912-1913. I need to know what happened to this man. He left a wife, Louisa (Minnie) Jane with child and 4 small children. The baby died and the 4 children lived with Louisa's family in Wichita after her death in 1914. All the children were a ward of the state and the smallest was adopted. All children managed to find one another after several years, but the entire family is puzzled about their father. They lived on a farm outside of town (this information was passed on from what all the children could remember)and George has gone looking for work when he disappeared. Maybe there was a body found and could not ever be identified. Can anyone help me to ease our families minds. Should you have any informatio please feel to contact me at my address or telephone number below. Sandy (Hall) McDoniel 921 N. Woodlawn

GILSTRAP, LEWINS, WALLACE Diane Wills Sun Dec 29 16:04:16 1996
LEWINS-WALLACE Seeking confirmation of marriage between William C. LEWINS and Mary Lavon WALLACE. She may have also been using name of her first husband GILSTRAP. They were married in 1936/37 in Cherokee or Crawford County, Kansas.

MANAR Nora Hiatt Mon, 30 Dec 1996 09:47:09 -0500
My Greatgrand parents were Mary and Andrew MANAR. Andrew died sometime between the census in 1895 and the one in 1900. Mary died in 1929. I know where Mary is buried, but I haven't been able to find poor Andrew.
Any help appreciated.

ALDERSON, EIDSON, RHEA, TURNER Patricia L. Hall Sun, 29 Dec 1996 19:39:54 -0500
I am interested in finding reference to John Lawrence RHEA marriage record . He married Margaret Anna Clarissa EIDSON, August 29, 1874. In a obituary, and in a journal it states that they were located near Columbus, Cherokee Co. Ks. He had one daughter born there in 1876.
Before that he was married to Mary Ann TURNER, both being from Waverly Morgan Co. Indiana. They and their children removed to Cherokee Co. near Columbus in 1872. His wife and three of his children died there. Only one daughter survived. Julia Louisa Rhea.One child of that three died in Oct. 1873, his name Lewis. In 1879 he removed to Rockville, Miami Co. Ks.
Also looking for Marriage Record of his brother James Harvey Rhea m. Mary Jane ALDERSON Sept. 27, 1874, same area. They remained in Cherokee Co. until 1877, October when they, on their way to Iowa, came upon Rockville, and decided to stay.
Would appreciate any help you could give. I know James Harvey went to work at a lumber yard there after Oct. 1873.
Patricia L. Hall,

CHAPIN, DAVIS, POWELL, SNIDER Tracy Lisinski Tue Dec 24 11:09:40 1996
email changed 6/97
I am searching for information regarding the CHAPIN, DAVIS, POWELL & SNIDER families of Cherokee Co., Kansas. I have an Aaron Marion SNIDER (b. 12/19/1831) (derived from Dutch SCHNEITCHER)who married to Sarah F. FRANCES (b. 5/7/1847) The LUCAS POWELL DAVIS and CHAPIN families married into this family. If you have any information that may be of assistance to me, please be sure to let me know, And if I can help you in anyway, I will do so...

ELLIS Kay CaldwellFri, 20 Dec 1996 21:19:03 -0600
I am looking for the name of the parents of Doris ELLIS, born 15 Dec. 1902, in Crestline, KS. I could not find her as an 8 year old girl in the 1920 census, so perhaps her parents moved prior to 1910. Either her parents or grandparents were full-blooded Indians, I believe. I would welcome any advise on how to find her parents or grandparents.

CARR, CASSEL, CAZELL, COUCH, KASSEL, KERR Pat Irwin Mon Dec 9 20:52:25 1996
Looking for info on COUCH, Charles Henry, born 1875 in Clinton County, MO. Parents were William Lorenzo COUCH and Mary Moore CAZELL (CASSEL, KASSEL, etc). Charles married Gertrude KERR in Scammon, Cherokee County, Kansas in 1901 and they lived their lives in Scammon, Skidmore and Columbus. Charles died in 1943 -- Gertrude about 1973. Charles had several siblings who may have been in Cherokee County, as well. About the time of their marriage, Gertrude KERR was living with some of her mother's CARR relatives in Cherokee County. Willing to share info on CARR, COUCH, and KERR.

STARK Robert Stark Sun Dec 8 12:19:57 1996
Cherokee county, Stark family living in and around Galena, Kansas. Larkin Stark was said to have been buried in Badger cemetery? in 1895-96. Many Stark family members are buried at Oak Hill cemetary north of Empire. Thank you for any help.

TREAT Dale Treat Sat, 7 Dec 1996 18:25:06, -0500
TREAT, Richard
TREAT, Ignatius Enumerated in 1880 Federal Census, Cherokee county. I am ggs of Ignatius.
snail: Dale Treat, 5608 Kelso Ln., Ft. Wayne, IN 46818

BUSSE, KARNS Bernie Fri, 06 Dec 1996 18:55:22 -0800
I am searching for information on my grandparents, who may have been married in Weir, around 1920. My grandfather was John E. KARNS and my grandmother was Elizabeth BUSSE. My grandfather might also have been born in Weir. Any information would be helpful.


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