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Queries Mar. 1997

Alderson, Anderson, Applegate, Baker, Bishop, Bradley, Chandler, Crain, Crowe, Daugherty, Davidson, Eddie, Eidson, Franks, Hamilton, Heavin, Holmes, Julien, Kelly, Kirk, Luppens, Mahan, McClennhan, McGregor, Mickel, Miller, Mishler, Montgomery, Neil, Parks, Payton (2), Phelps, Pliler, Racy, Radley, Reed, Rheaay, Shannon, Slaughter, Simpson, Stewart, Vannoy, Webb, Webster, Wilabee/Willabee, Williams


sabaert Stacy Baert Sat Mar 29 18:05:17 1997
I'm not sure if you can help me or not. My husband and I would like to find out more about his Grandfather Ralph BRADLEY. Ralph and his wife Georgette moved to Weir, KS in the late 1960's. We would like to find out more about his Military Services. Like where he was stationed, how long, when he went in the service till the time of his discharge. Thank You so much if you could find this out for us.

ALDERSON, EIDSON, RHEA(RAY) Patricia L. Hall Thu Mar 27 10:04:19 1997
Searching for infomation on the RHEA(RAY), EIDSON, and ALDERSON families of Shawnee Township, Cherokee Co. Ks. years to include 1870 to 1876. Names to include: John Lawrence RHEA(RAY) and wife Mary TURNER; 2nd wife Margaret Anna Clarissa EIDSON. James Harvey RHEA and his wife Mary J. ALDERSON and her parents James A. ALDERSON and Elizabeth Wilson ALDERSON.

SIMPSON, STEWART Thurman Tue Mar 25 13:20:09 1997
Looking for information on my Great-grandfather William Robert STEWART. In May 1897, he was age 43 residing with his wife, Amanda (SIMPSON) STEWART in Galena, Kansas. They had a son. Born May 23, 1897 in Galena, Kansas. John Byron STEWART. Soon after Amanda Simpson STEWART died. Family lost track of William Robert STEWART.


vnth11a@prodigy Gretta Wyman Mon Mar 24 14:46:44 1997
Seeking information about Otto Glenn Albert ANDERSON, born in Weir, Cherokee County, Kansas, on December 23, 1876. Father John ANDERSON. Mother Mary Christine Unknown. Brothers Edward and Peter Herman. Parents from Sweden. Otto married Rose Etta Hickman, born November 11, 1884, near Altoona, Greenwood County, Kansas.

CROWE, HOLMES, NEIL, RADLEY Bonnie DesEnfants Sun Mar 23 16:59:10 1997
My husband's gr gr grandparents, Henry and Hannah VanBuskirk HOLMES lived in Cherokee Co., KS between 1878 and 1905. They are buried in Council Corners Cemetery near Weir, KS. They had children: Anna Augusta who married Henry H. RADLEY 28 Feb 1882; Mary; Frank F. who married Blanche NEIL, from whom we descend; Jennie "Pet" who married Bradey CROWE; Martha E.; and adopted son Fred. Henry died 21 Feb 1905, and Hannah died 4 Jan 1904. I am searching for information on the siblings of Frank as well as ancestors of Henry & Hannah. Contact:
Bonnie DesEnfants
HC 74 Box 95
Torrington, WY 82240

WILABEE/WILLABEE MICHAEL Thu, 20 Mar 1997 12:35:40 -0800
I am looking for William Gordon WILABEE wife Ida Belle They had several children born in Kansas Clarence Joseph b 17 oct 1893, Peral Elven b 17 nov 1906 and Ruth Opal b 16 jan 1909. Would like to find census records

JULIEN, LUPPENS Charles Luppens Mon, 17 Mar 1997 19:00:46 -0800
I am searching for information on Joseph LUPPENS who live at Weir Kansas form about 1880 till his death on February 6, 1919. He worked at the Weir smelter, and was a coal miner by profession. Joseph and his wife Justiene JULIEN-LUPPENS were both Catholics and attended church in Weir. They are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery [also known as Highland Park] in Pittsburg, Kansas. If you can direct me to the proper sources for more information please inform. Thanks for your time and trouble.
Charles Luppens
18603 East 14th Terrace North
Independence, MO Missouri 64058-1103
email: or

DAUGHERTY, MAHAN, REED, WEBSTER, WILLIAMS Sharon Miller Wed Mar 19 07:22:21 1997
WEBSTER, F.C., wife ______Vaughn, ch.Fred, Deios, Harry, Nellie, Frank, Jennie( b. Oct 30, 1884 m Jesse C. MAHAN later moved to MI,) and Lloyd. All lived in Cherokee, KS at one point.
MAHAN, Peter Dale: b. 1856 His father was Samuel MAHAN and his mother was Sarah Isabel DAUGHERTY. He came from ., VA Orange Co. IND to Cherokee, KS. Purcahsed land in Oklahoma. Married Martha (Mattie) Tillison WILLIAMS, I have his ancestry back to his grandparents (Peter and Mary REED MAHAN -1782 - ) and further back on his grandmother's side. I'd like information on Peter Dale MAHAN's brothers and sisters:Franklin G., Mary O., Robert S., Sarah J., JamesC., Clara B., and John W. Children of Peter Dale and Martha MAHAN are Jess C. (my granfather), Charles Orn, Claude Reed, Estelle, and Effie. Mary O., Robert S.,

CHANDLER, SHANNON pk burney faulk Wed Mar 19 09:18:01 1997
I am searching for information on my grandmother's (Lubinda) father (unknown firstname) CHANDLER and mother (unknown firstname)SHANNON or sisters Anna and Belva CHANDLER. They lived just westof Crestline around 1880/1890.

MONTGOMERY, PARKS bud Montgomery Tue Mar 18 18:12:06 1997
Seeking birthplace of Joshua MONTGOMERY b.1867 someplace in KS,perhaps in Cherokee Co. Father:James Thomas MONTGOMERY, b.1842 IN.James was a Civil War veteran from IL, and may have received a land grant in KS. He returned to Illinois before the census of 1870. James married Mahala PARKS in 1860 (Joshua's mother) Any help, suggestions, or info appreciated. Could someone e-mail me the name of the office to write in Columbus for birth records? I'll need the zip,etc. Thanks,

PAYTON, SLAUGHTER Rita Hallett Sun Mar 16 01:17:46 1997
Searching for information on John PAYTON, b 1849?? in Louisa Co., IA. He is supposed to have settled in SE Kansas in either Labette, Cherokee, or Neosho County. His parents were John & Catherine (SLAUGHTER) PAYTON. His brother James M. might have settled in this area also. Another brother Richard m. Sarah Gregory in Louisa Co., IA. Richard was killed in the Civil War. They had a daughter, Eilza. Sarah married Albert Neighbors in 1867, also in Louisa Co., IA. They are said to have settled in this area also. Any info on the ancestors or descendents of these individuals would be greatly appreciated. James M PAYTON was my great grandfather.

BAKER, PAYTON, PHELPS Rita HALLETT Sun Mar 16 01:36:53 1997
Looking for ancestors or descendents of James & Mahalia (BAKER) PHELPS. They settled in SE Kansas in the early 1870's or early 1880's. By 1900 they had moved across the state line into Indian Territory. They had several children including Martha Mehaley m Bert PAYTON, Thursa Ann, William, John, Margaret Cordelia m William PAYTON, Irena, Izora, Sarah, & others (not sure of names). James is buried at Williams Timberhill Cemetery near Welch, OK. I believe Mahalia is buried in SE Kansas. Any information on the ancestors or descendents of this family would be greatly appreciated. I beleive they were in either Cherokee, Labette, or Neosho Counties in SE Kansas.

MILLER, MISHLER Janet Lynn Thu, 13 Mar 1997 23:21:26 -0600
Subject: Cherokee Co., KS Cemeteries Looking for the name of the Cemetery that individuals living in Galena between 1880 & 1920 would have used. Looking specifically for Ruby MILLER who died at about 14 months around 1915. Also looking for two MISHLER children who were born and died around 1900. One's name was possibly Samuel. The Cemetery name and book availability would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Janet Lynn

HEAVIN, KIRK, PLILER Curt Pliler Wed Mar 12 23:50:03 1997
I am seeking information on the PLILER line. My ggrandfather moved to Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co. in the 1890's I believe. His name was John Franklin PLILER. My father, Richard JD PLILER was born there in 1935. John married Martha Jane HEAVIN from Baxter Springs. I also have a tie to the KIRK line. Isaac Fidella KIRK died in Baxter Springs in 1944. I welcome ANY information I can get. Thank you.

BISHOP, KELLY and others E. Andersen Mon Mar 10 19:37:18 1997
My mother's family, KELLY, was born and raised in Baxter Springs, Cherokee County, KS. I have quite the history on the ancestors and decendants. Surnames also include; BARRETT, BISHOP, BURKE, COLLINS, CONFER, DOAN, FAGG, FELLOWS, FRAZIER, HARDIN, KELLY, SIKES. Happy to share what research I've done. I am specifically looking for information regarding John W. BISHOP or Elizabeth Jane COX BISHOP, both of whom are buried in Baxter Springs. Also, Joseph Patrick KELLY is believed to have been deputy U. S. Marshall in Indian Territory. Looking for confirmation of that. Also seeking birth/death dates for Earl Eugene KELLY sometime after 1921, but before 1936.

VANNOY Pat King Sun, 09 Mar 1997 13:45:18 -0500
Searching for information on family of Henry VANNOY b. 1856 in Whitley Co., KY. He was living in Morris Co., KS in 1869 and Cherokee Co., KS in 1893. His wife's name was Jane ? Willing to share information on the Vannoy family in TN.
Pat King

MICKEL, WEBB Karen Bennett Fri Mar 7 19:13:55 1997
Looking for information on, Sadie Alice WEBB, who married Charles Henry MICKEL, in 1892, at Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., Kansas. According to marriage announcement, Sadie WEBB, was a resident of "The Miami Nation, Indian Territory" when she married. As she was only 18 years old, I'm sure she must have lived with her family. Anyone out there aware of a WEBB family in that area, would love to hear from you. According to census information, Sadie was born in Tennessee and her parents were also born in Tennessee. Her death certificate mentions her father's name as James WEBB. Thanks for any help!

FRANKS Carolyn Lyson Wed Mar 5 22:31:03 1997
Carrie Eliza FRANKS, b.1867 in Cambridge OH, moved as a child to live with a relative in Galena, Cherokee County following the death of her parents, Hayden & Elizabeth FRANKS. Looking for name of relative and connection to family. If anyone has ideas or recognizes the name, please contact me. Thank you for your help.

DAVIDSON, EDDIE, HAMILTON, McCLENNHAN, McGREGOR Whit Middleton Wed, 5 Mar 1997 19:46:58 -0600 (CST)
I have done alot of research on the Andew HAMILTON family of Weir,Ks. His children were William(coal miner)m. Maggie DAVIDSON of Weir, Mary Jane McCLENNHAN of Weir(I think),Fanny EDDIE/McGREGOR(two husbands??) of Weir, Andrew, John Henry Hamilton of Columbus(a lawyer),Matthew,James,and Stewart. William was my ggf. He had 9 children. His Youngest was Daisy who was my gm. She married Abe ROW.I am interested in any descentents of the people mention. Especially Mary Jane, Fanny, Andrew, James and Stewart. I have some info on John Henry. I am also interested in a Charles G. HAMILTON. He was a minister of the Scammon or Cherokee Presbyterian Church in 1905 and 1912. He officiated at several family events. I feel he is related but don't know where. Appreciate any and all help. Email or


Mike Harlow Sun Mar 2 15:13:44 1997
Seeking descendants of Monroe RACY, Sheridan Twp, Cherokee, KS. Monroe is listed in 1900 with wife Ida A, and children: John A b, Feb 1886 in MO Wm. E b. Apr 1889 in MO Samuel H b Jan 1891 in MO Charles M b. Oct 1897 in MO Lee O. b. May 1900 in KS Monroe was married to Lizzie APPLEGATE in Ray Co, MO on 22 Dec 1881. Trying to get information on Lizzie, when and where she died, children, etc. Will share information.

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