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Queries Apr. 1997

Allison, Bass, Bennett, Benson, Brooks, Buckley, Carver, Charlton, Clark/e, Cross, Daniel, Davlin, Dunan, Evans, Everitt, Frank, Galpine/Gilpin, Gardner, Graham, Hall, Harvey, Humble, Kemp, King, Larimore, Lee, Newill, Palmer, Schermerhorn, Sidell, Smith (2), Starling, Stearns, Steely, Stewart, Tacket, Taylor, Williams, Williamson, Wyrick

CARVER Susan Haswell Sat Apr 26 16:42:45 1997
I am researching a landscape history of the George Washington CARVER National Monument, near Diamond, Missouri. I am looking for information on Richard S. CARVER (c. 1804-1873), the brother of Moses CARVER. Moses owned the farm where George Washington CARVER was born. Richard supposedly arrived in Missouri c. 1838, but moved a few years later to a farm on Starr Prairie, one mile east of Baxter Springs, Garden Township, Cherokee County, Kansas. Whether or not Richard and his family stayed on during the Civil War, I don't know. In 1866, when the U.S. first offered for sale tracts in the Cherokee Neutral Lands, Richard CARVER supposedly bought 320 acres on Shoal Creek, about 3 miles south of Galena. Is any trace of this farm or its original buildings left? Richard died in March 1873 and was buried in the Carver family cemetery on his brother Moses' farm (now the G.W. Carver National Monument). Richard's son, John, is buried at the Gandy Cemetery in Garden Twp. Other CARVERs are buried at Lowell Cemetery, Cherokee Co. Are there any CARVERs left in Cherokee County? Any information on the CARVERs, their descendants, and their holdings in Cherokee Co. would be appreciated! Thank you.

LARIMORE Sherrie Boswell Sat Apr 26 22:11:05 1997
Looking for all information on LARIMORE in Cherokee Co. and surrounding area. Particularly Samuel LARIMORE and his son, Timothy M. LARIMORE. Samuel LARIMORE living with Timothy and Timothy's family in 1900 near Melrose. Would like death information.

WYRICK Bill Wyrick Wed, 23 Apr 1997 20:56:38 -0400 (EDT)
WYRICK in Baxter Springs, KS
I am seeking any information on John WYRICK and wife "Mary".
The only information I have on John and "Mary is that they were both "alive in 1911".
John's wife "Mary" was a fullblood Osage Indian, they were the parents of at least five children, two of which were:
John H. WYRICK (Osage Allotment card #-2079) b. 01 Jul 1897, Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co.,Kansas, this child was enrolled at the Carlisle School on 20 Nov 1911 at the age of 14. He had 42 months of schooling at the Osage Boarding School at Chilocco, Kay County, OK. He "departed" the school on 03 Oct 1912 and re-enrolled on 26 Sept 1914 and finally he took leave a final time on 01 May 1915.
Elnora J. WYRICK (Osage Allotment card #-2080) b. 03 Dec 1902, Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co.,Kansas, this child was enrolled at the Carlisle School on 26 Sep 1914 at the age of 12. She had two-brothers, one of which was John above, and another un-named brother who was deceased by the time of her enrollment at Carlisle (26 Sept 1914), and a sister, who was alive at this time(also un-named). She was at the St. Mary's School 1911-14 (5th grade). She was described as 5' in height and 120lbs. She left the school on 01 May 1915. By 1916, she was in the Mount Alto, Pennsylvania, Sanitarium suffering from tuberculosis.
Any information on this family would be most appreciated. Thank you.
Bill Wyrick
Klamath Falls, OR

FRANK Jane Cart Thu Apr 24 07:49:44 1997
Would welcome any information on the family of Ida Mae FRANK Tarr. Lived in Columbus (Cherokee County), Kansas in the late 1800's until approximately 1945. The names of her parents, etc. would be great.

DUNAN, HALL, KING, NEWILL sherry stringfellow Thu Apr 24 12:10:57 1997
HALL: Am seeking info. re. John C. HALL. On the 1870 census for Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co. KS are listed three John's C. HALL. They are 25, 26 and 27 years of age. All are from MO, all are farmers, and two of them are worth $5,000.00! On pg. 158 John is living in the same household as Frank DUNAN a billiard saloon keeper from NY. On pg. 163 John is living in a hotel. On pg. 169 John is listed in the same household as William A. NEWILL a blacksmith from MO. How can this be?? Was John C. HALL such a common name in Baxter Springs that there could be three of them all from MO, all about the same age, all farmers, all worth $5000.00 and all living in Cherokee? My gfather's name was John C. HALL. He went on a cattle drive from TX to MT in the 1880's. Some of the men he was with on the trail drive; Smokey HARVEY, Sam BENSON, Bud ALLISON, Jake WILLIAMSON, Sterling CROSS, Charlie DAVLIN, Bill HUMBLE, Jerry BUCKLEY, John LEE, Cal STEWART, Sam BASS and Fred GARDNER. Has anyone heard of these names?? I read a little about Baxter Springs being "a rendezvous for the notorious Texas cowboy, gambler, prostitue, saloon keeper, and multitude of villains and ruffians", but this is ridiculous! I know very little about gpa before his arrival in MT. He md. my gmother there in 1898. Supposedly his mother's maiden name was Mary or Annie KING. ANY info about these three men all with the same name, would be most welcomed. Did they marry? have children?? ???? Thanks

I am looking for information on the following ancestors, who all lived at one time in Cherokee County:
Martha Louise DANIEL (born 1837, died after 1900)
Elijah Green STEELY (born about 1830, died before 1900) Married before 1856
David C. STEELY (born after 1857, died after 1942)
Risse GRAHAM Married after 1883
Wiley Blunt STEELY (born Apr 8, 1860, died Jun 26, 1939 - buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, KS)
1) Millie Sula SIDWELL (born 1877, died before 1906) Married July 13, 1896 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma
2) Lena Pearl TACKET (born 1878, died 1969) Married about 1906, probably in Galena, KS
Julia Ann STEELY (born July 1861, died after 1899)
Walter SMITH (born March 1855, died after 1899) Married about 1879
Elijah Green STEELY, Jr. (born 1856, died about 1907 - buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, KS)
Mary Amelia STARLING (born about 1866, died about 1897) Married August 7, 1884, in Berryville, Arkansas
Gladys and/or Louellen STEELY (born August 1886, died after 1902)
Lydia Ann Steely BENNETT (born Feb 8, 1892, died Apr 28, 1960 - buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, KS)
Susan Carolyn STEELY CHARLTON (born Nov 20, 1872, died Mar 30, 1931 - buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, KS)
Thomas WILLIAMS (born in 1880 or 1881, died after 1931) Married in February, 1919

GALPINE/GILPIN Carolyn Gilpin Carver Sat Apr 19 07:46:13 1997
John W. GILPIN is in the 1860 Shawnee Kansas census and Robert J. GALPINE and John GILPIN are listed in the 1870 Kansas census for Cherokee Co and Shawnee Co's. Would like to know if these two are related and will exchange GILPIN data.

EVERITT, PALMER Nora Hiatt Sat Apr 19 21:42:16 1997
MINNIE PALMER I am looking for information concerning Minnie PALMER who died in New Salem in November of 1977. Was she the daughter of Jane and John EVERITT of Cherokee Co KS? Was her husband Wood PALMER? I have a picture of a young couple holding a baby it is old. on the back it says "Minnie, Wood, and baby" Minnie is my cousin and I would really like to find her family I have pictures to share.

BROOKS James Brooks Wed Apr 16 12:11:09 1997
Looking for any info on Cooper BROOKS, particularly date and place of death and burial. Cooper was father of Lyman BROOKS who was owner of the Brooks hotel in Columbus KS, Cherokee County. Lyman died in 1916. I have Columbus newspaper accounts of his death. Also would like to contact any living relatives of Lyman and Cooper BROOKS

CLARK/E, TAYLOR Willie Wright Sun Apr 13 08:02:01 1997
TAYLOR, Lemuel D who married Henreitta CLARK/E in Wyandot Co., OH on 24 Apr 1851. Lemuel died 1915 in Cherokee Co., KS. Henreitta died 1901 in Cherokee KS. Would like infor on Lemuel's parents and Henreitta's parents. Also would like any information on their siblings and their descendents.

KEMP Bruce Kemp Tue Apr 8 09:18:58 1997
Looking for information on Charles Anderson KEMP born in Cherokee Ks. 1 Jan. 1889. Need ifno on parents.

SMITH, STEARNS Betty Laird Sun, 6 Apr 1997 10:38:59 -0400 (EDT)
I'm writing in the hope that you can set me on a path to finding information about a pioneer woman by the name of Carrie STEARNS SMITH who settled somewhere in southeastern Kas., arriving in 1867. I have traced her to at least 30 miles south of Arcadia. Maybe she went all the way to Baxter Springs. I don't know.
All I really know about her was that she wrote very well, had a great sense of humor, and a lot of pluck.
Have you ever heard of her? Who might know something about her? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Betty Laird

SCHERMERHORN The SCHERMERHORN Family Fri Apr 4 13:20:37 1997
Am looking for any descendents of E.B. SCHERMERHORN, who lived in Cherokee county in the early 1900's.

EVANS Meg Scott Tue Apr 1 08:50:52 1997
Looking for any reference to Emond(?) EVANS. b. approx 1830-1835 in Galena, Kansas. Wife - Catherine PRATT, b. Saybrook, CT. Resident of Somonauk, IL by 1850 Son Almus P. EVANS, born Ames Iowa 1860. Were there any EVANS families in the Galena

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