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Coffey County, Kansas

Family Reunion Notes

This page needs help.

What I have:
I now have permission from the publishers/owners of the Coffey County Republican to upload the newspaper articles for family reunions. I'm warming up my typing fingers. KJH (with big smile plastered on face. :-)

What I would like the page to have:
Announcements of up-coming family reunions and a name & address of a contact person for the reunion.
Submitted write-ups of the reunion including names of members in attendance.
A calendar of up-coming events.

What I need from YOU:
Ideas, this page is in the 'bare-bones' state. I'm open to suggestions about the whole page. I think that the page could be useful, but it definitely needs a lot of work to get it there.


Beal, Becker, Bradley, Castle, Carpenter, Chatelain,

Danford, Decker (Bert & Maude), Decker--Martin, Xavier, Aloise, Decker (Jake & Catherine), Figgins,

George, Germann, Hargrave, Helmer, Ingerwersen,

Jasper, Kellerman, Kimber, Kraft, Krause, Lankton, Luft, Lyman,

Maclaskey, Maine, Mattox, McGlothlin, Mozingo, Odell, Ohmie, Ottumwa,

Pollman, Rich Reunion, Rich, Roth, Sleezer, Stohs, Stutesman,

Todd, Truelove,

Wallace, Williams, Williamson, Yoho

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