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Coffey County, Kansas

[from The Coffey County Republican, June 11, 2002]

DANFORD--"Sixty-two members of the Danford family gathered for their annual barbecue lunch June 1 at Kelley Hall in Burlington."
"The day was spent on visiting, going over previous reunion pictures and looking through the Danford book that Hoyle Adams has worked on. Order for the book were taken. The next reunion will be June 14, 2003 at Kelley Hall."

[from The Coffey County Republican, July 23, 2002]

The Martin, Xavier and Aloise Decker family descendants held their reunion on Saturday July 13, at Kelley Hall in Burlington. More than 100 were in attendance.
Helen Gasche, Olpe, was presented with a gift for the oldest person present and Albert Deckerof West Hills, Calif., received a like gift for traveling the farthest. Don Gates of Lawrence donated several of his framed "Photograph Artistry" as door prizes awarded by drawing names.
Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to J. Elvin Decker who celebrated his 87th birthday on July 13 and also to Bob Yokum who had celebrated his 82nd birthday on July 7.
Wedding anniversaries were acknowledged with congratulations to Leo and Anna Clare Laws for their 50th anniversary on June 14, to Leo and Barbara Kay Decker for their 27th anniversary on July 9, as well as Jeff and Jani Amerein for their 13th anniversary on July 14.
Attendees were Carol Stump, June Decker, Lester and Betty Decker, David and Ginger Mefford, Robert J. Decker, John and Delores Decker, Leo and Barbara Kay Decker, Philip Decker and Bonnie Rife, Sharon Lewis and Lukas Martin, all of Burlington;
John Brian Decker, Katlynn and Jessica Decker, Emporia; Rosemary Ward, Waverly; Marvin and Debbie Decker, Brandi Decker and Ryan Schwartz all of Altamont; Clara Bruha, Salina; John Bruha, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Casey Decker, Afton, Okla.; Dale, Julie and Kelsey Decker, Reynoldsburg, Ohio; Diana, Karen and Kaitlin Jaggers, Orrick, Mo.;
Floyd, Maxine, Dan, Mary and Darrell Gates, Chanute; Jimmie, Evelyn and Mahaley Jones, Iola; Mike, Kathy and T. J. Decker, Bobby Awi, James M. and Barbara Ann Decker, Jeff, Jani, Lauren and Steven Amerein, Teresa and Bradley Wright and Reta Decker all of Topeka; Chance VanAusdall of Holton;
Art and Denise Kent, North Kansas City, Mo.; Jerry and Gail Ishmael, Bates City, Mo.; Sueanne Decker of Overland Park; Dennis Gates, Wichita; Joe, Vicki, Benjamin Gray and Sally Ann Peterson, Coffeyville; Heather Decker, Jonesboro, Ark.; Dwight, Rhodora, Angeli, Ember and Christian Decker, Waverly; Paul M. and Dorothy Decker, Coffeyville;
Jeremie and Jenny Reid, Enid, Okla.; Eldeen Meyer, Shawnee Mission; Joyce Swafford, Sands Springs, Okla.; Flora M. Gaylor, Tulsa, Okla.; Leo and Anna Clare Laws, Union City, Tenn.; Karla and Kay Wagner and Dave Dalum, Minneapolis, Minn.; Elizabeth Lantz, Olpe; Sylvia Klumpe, Madison; Bob and Dorothy Yokum and Linda Cravens, Humboldt; Kenneth and Judy Decker, Westwood; Jim and Mildred Decker, Carbondale; Jim and Darlene Moritz, Milford;
J. Elvin and Lucille Decker, Emporia; Jeffery and Shannon Benes, Kansas City; Bernice and Patti Trowbridge, Iola; Beverly Masri, Pflugerville, Texas; Artis Knowles, Wichita; Cathy and Mile Likes, Elk City; Don Gates, Lawrence; Meekah Decker, Independence, Mo.; Floyd and Neva Decker, Columbus, Ohio.
The next reunion is planned for the second Saturday of July 2004.

[from The Coffey County Republican, July 30, 2002]

The family of the late Maude and Bert Decker gathered on July 21 for a family reunion. A covered dish dinner was served at 12:30 p.m.
Following the reunion, a surprise birthday celebration was held for Darlene Decker Moritz, 70, and Reta Decker, 80. Both honorees were surprised, as each thought the celebration was for the other.
Reta has been a resident of Topeka for more than 50 years and retired 16 years abo as the executive secretary for the vice president of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.
Darlene and Jim Moritz reside in Milford. Darlene was also employed by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.
Jim and Darlene (Decker) Moritz, Janice Decker and Ray Stewart hosted the reunion and the surprise birthday party. Darlene and Jim's children, Marilyn Ferris and Loretta Fisher, made the beautiful cakes, Sandra Moritz and Brenda Manning made the decorative mints and Harvey's wife Tammy beautifully decorated the tables with a sunflower motif.
Darlene and Jim's grandchildren, Alecia Moritz and Amanda Manning, assisted with the guest book and table favors. Casey Moritz, Kara Moritz, Mistie and Melissa Fisher and Crystal Ferris assisted at the reception table. Shane Fisher, J.R. Manning, Jessie and Lance Ferris, Molly and Jessica Barbee also assisted throughout the day.
One hundred forty-two family and friends attended, including Loren, Kurt and Diani Skillman; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Skillman, Levi, Colt and Ty; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Robrahn; Mr. and Mrs. Theron Metzger, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Chris Skillman, Ashley, Ethan and Zachary; Mr. and Mrs. Levan Skillman; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fleming, Mason, Dillon and Galen, Waverly; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mock, Ariel and Matthew, Scranton; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hall, Overbrook; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Murphy and Cameron, Strong City; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hodges, Kaitlyn, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Andrew and Jacob, Olpe; Sheri Decker, Marie Decker and Terri Hall, Wichita; Tami Decker and Jeffrey, Timothy Soule, Eureka; Mary Sharp and Alexander, Point Pleasant, N.J.; Tracey Decker, Brittany, Justin, Derek and Jim Morrow, Howard; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Walker, Victoria and Ian, Wichita Falls, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jackson and Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Baxter and Stacey, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hunter and Jake, Edmond, Okla.; Agnes DeLeye, Mark DeLeye, Mary Dodson, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Becker and John Charles Andrick, St. Marys; Mr. and Mrs. James Moritz, Milford; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fisher and Shane; Mr. and Mrs. David Manning, J.R. and Amanda; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Moritz, Kera and Casey; Sandra Moritz and Alecia, Chapman; Mr. and Mrs. Monty Ferris, Crystal and Lance, Wamego; Curtis Barbee, Mollie and Jessica, Abilene; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stewart, Norwich, Conn.; Reta Decker, Mr. and Mrs. John DeLeve, Dalton and Macy; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Decker; Mary Matchan; Estelle Rings; Georgia Foster; Elizabeth Durkin; Frances Melchior; Dorcas Welch; Marie Allen; Ramona Faulkner; Betty Short; Dorothy Rabe; Joy Davis, Ruby Offen; Travis Jacobe; Genny Nyman; Bonnie Haag; Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Nemec; JoAnn Miller; Shirley Peck; Dorothy Reichart; Alise Worster; Bessie Johnson; Ruth Davis; Lois Gerhardt; Dorothy Ribordy; Irma Grotefendt; Bertha Wempe; Connie Smith; Jackie Shellenberg; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Haefner; Helen Lloyd; and Mary Turnball, Topeka; Pat Murray and Barney Murray, Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Greenwood, Milford; and Hildegard Pearl, St. Marys.

[from The Coffey County Republican, July 27, 2001]

DECKER--A reunion of the descendants of the Jake and Catherine Decker family was held July 14, 2001 at Kelley Hall, Burlington, KS.
"New officers were elected and the 2002 reunion will be held in Burlington."

[from The Coffey County Republican, October 5, 2001]

FIGGINS--The annual Figgins reunion for descendants and other relatives of the late Charles and Lula Figgins was held Sept. 23 at the Goodyear Shelterhouse in Topeka, Kansas.

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