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Coffey County, Kansas

[from The Coffey County Republican, July 2, 2002]

The annual Jasper family reunion was held June 23 at the Gridley Community Building.
The day began with visiting. Kenneth Wagner led in prayer before lunch. Everyone then introduced themselves and their descendents, which was followed by more visiting and picture taking.
The eldest man in attendance was Harvey Meyer, the eldest woman was Violet Germann, and 3 1/2-month old Madaline Wagner was the youngest. Bary and Emily Steer of Alberta, Canada, came the farthest. She is a descendant of Silas M. Jasper. Also recognized was Anja Gubitz of Germany, a foreign exchange student staying with John and Shannon Knoblock.
Guessing games went to Coban Honey for the children and Charlie Jasper for the adults.
During a family meeting it was decided to have the next reunion at Kelley Hall in Burlington, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, June 22, 2003. It is hoped that all Jaspers will be there.

[from The Coffey County Republican, August 13, 2002]

Warm weather did not stop the Kellerman reunion on July 21. It was held at the St. Theresa Catholic Church in Westphalia. Fred and Harriet Kellerman and their families hosted the reunion. Those in attendance enjoyed tables full of bountiful food and they all had a chance to try something new.
Those present to enjoy the day of fun, visiting, eating and getting acquainted with new family members included the following:
Thelma and Vincent Haefler; Bill and Ginny Kellerman; Randy and Linda Oneslayer; Ray, Linda, Mike, Angela and Brandy Haefler of Shawnee Mission; Allen Kellerman of Merriam; Peggy Smith and Jason Lunsford of Kansas City; Dan and Theresa Kellerman of Scranton; Dennis, LaNita and Todd Roberts of Ottawa; Alice Dechant of Springfield, Mo.; George and Donna Kellerman, Mike, Jenny and Cyerra Kellerman, Violet Kellerman, and Merle Hilligas, all of Garnett; June Hertzler of Welda; Donald and Betty Kellerman, William and Gary Cherry, Barbara and Cami Shaw, Evan Dewald, Liz and Yvonne, Danny, Salley, Dustin and Naihon McDonald, Matt Davis, and Heather Foster, all of Emporia; Ina and Loren Railsback, Houston, Texas; Erica Kellerman, Fred Kellerman, Jr., and Donna Fannin, all of Lawrence; Jean Parker of Lebo; Kathy Burr; Tedd and Preston Sutherland; Brett Cole of Independence; Chelcie Hawkins of Fredonia; Amy Bower, Brittany Kracht, a friend of Amy's; Jonathan, Samantha and Alexis Bowen of Ottawa; Jeremy, Brennan and Tirstan Lakey of Bay City, Mo.; Milo and Janice Kellerman, David and Edna Donovan, Sherry and Edward Donovan, Rick Ellis and Tabitha Smoot, Brian, Tina, Robert, Nick and Chase Donovan of Iola; Derick Foster of Hartford; Jenny Cole and Quenton Criqui; Jessica Serrell, Kobie and Jovan, and Aaron Johnson, all of Waverly; Wyatt and Millie Cole, Bill and Wyatt, Crissie and Jacob Cole, Bobby Sanborn, Jeremy Roberts, Connie, Joseph, Tristen and Kursten Metzger, and Floyd and Joan Hess Sr., all of Burlington, along with the hosts, Fred and Harriet Kellerman Sr.
Next year's reunion will be July 20, 2003, and it will be hosted by Joan and Floyd A. Hess, Sr.
Cards were signed for Carl Brown and Joey Kelly, who are in the service, and a get well card for Robert Spruck. The family hopes everyone will return next year for another fun afternoon of visiting.

[from The Coffey County Republican, September 18, 2001]

KRAFT--The reunion of the Kraft family was held September 1, 2001 at Kelley Hall, Burlington, Kansas.
The next reunion will be August 2002.

[from The Coffey County Republican, October 19, 2001]

KRAUSE--Marvin and Roberta Witteman and Maxine Payer hosted the Krause family reunion Oct. 14 at the Waverly Senior Center. The 2003 reunion will be hosted the first Sunday in October by members of the Fred Krause Jr. family.

[from The Coffey County Republican, July 13, 2001]

LANKTON--The 35th Lankton Family Reunion was held at Council Grove on Father's Day weekend.

[from The Coffey County Republican, August 13, 2002]

There were 44 descendants of Carl and Goldie Luft who met Aug. 3 and 4 at the Bill and Helen (Luft) Wallace home.
Vernon, Joy and Jodie, of Arvada, Colo., arrived on Tuesday to help the Wallaces prepare for the weekend. Bob, Diane, Jon and Lance Wallace also helped every day.
The weekend was filled with fishing, paddle-boat riding, swimming, hayrack rides, games, and a wiener roast. Lots of picture taking and visiting were also on the agenda, as well as more eating.
Those attending were: Jerry, Debie, Dean and Jana, Arvada, Colo.; Rick, Tracy, Megan and Ryan McCahan, Belinda and Chris Arnold, Aurora, Colo.; Craig, Jenny, Leanna, Brendan and Aiden Bryan, Highland Ranch, Colo.; George and Lynn Luft, Mike and Coleen Luft, Arriba, Colo.; John and Lorna Luft, Topeka, Kan.; Randy, Penny, Rusty and Riley Greeve-Biester, Knobnaster, Mo.; Leslie Newton, Columbia, Mo.; Thad, Dawn and McKenna, Bonnville, Mo.; Keith and Travis Wallace, Lebo; Kristen Wallace, Beau and Liz Wallace, Bob and Donie Wallace, Zila, Jon and Lance Sadler, Emporia; Nicole Damashek, Burlington; Carol Perry, Waverly and Kenny and Phyllis Perry, Vassar.
The next reunion will be in Aug. 2004 at the George Loft home at Arriba, Colo.

[from The Coffey County Republican, September 11, 2001]

LYMAN-ROTH--The Lyman-Roth reunion was held September 9, 2001 at Kelley Hall, Burlington, Kansas.

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