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Coffey County, Kansas

[from The Coffey County Republican, August 10, 2001]

MACLASKEY--A family reunion of the descendants of the James W. Maclaskey family was held August 4, 2001 at the Gridley Community Center.
"In 1876, J. W. Maclaskey came from Adams County, Ill. with his family and purchased land in North Township, Woodson County. A few years later he house known as the Maclaskey Ranch House was built."

[from The Coffey County Republican, July 20, 2001]

MAINE--A family reunion of all of Russel and Lois Maine's children and most of their grandchildren was held at Cedar Ridge at the Woods in Branson, Mo. This was their 2nd bi-annual Maine Reunion on June 30 to July 3.

[from The Coffey County Republican, August 6, 2002]

The 71st annual Mattox family reunion was held Sunday, July 28, at the senion citizen building in Burlington.
It was a very nice day of visiting. There were 30 family members present. A covered-dish dinner was served at noon.
Some family members had photographs of past reunions, years ago. It was very interesting to look at them and try to figure out who the family members were that were pictured. A group photograph was taken of this reunion.
Several gave reports on family members unable to attend. Cards were sent out in the hope that more family members would be present. There were several new faces at this reunion. The family was happy with the turn out and hopes to have more attend next year.
The next annual reunion will be the fourth Sunday, July 27, 2003.
Those in attendance were Steve and Diane Hitchens, Topeka; Bob Murray, Spotsylvania, Va.; Robert Strichler, Fredericksburg, Va.; Ella May and Wesley Hunter, Oklahoma; Retha Hunter, Gridley; Eldon and Ruby Combes, Carbondale; Bob and Darlene Crouch, Carbondale; Mavis and Darell Fortney, Tulsa, Okla.; Alberta and Malvis Land, Ochelata, Okla.; Danny, Joyce, and Jerrod Edington and Lelia Lantz, Lecompton; Jim and Nina Mattox, Yates Center; Ruth and Ralph Hays, Burlington; Martha Mattox, Burlington; Lucy and Dick Wagner, Emporia; Charles and Marilyn Todd, Spring Hill; and John and Dixie Edington, Tecumseh.

[from The Coffey County Republican, August 14, 2001]

McGLOTHLIN--A family reunion was held August 11, 2001 at the 4-H Building at Kelley Park, Burlington, KS.
"All parted planning another reunion next year to be held in Indiana."

[from The Coffey County Republican, August 2, 2002]

The annual Meats reunion was held July 21 at the park meeting room in Eisenhower Park, Abilene. Everyone enjoyed a basket dinner at noon. In the afternoon, a silent auctions was held and many pictures were taken. Next year's reunion will be July 20 at the same place.
Those attending were Don and Cathy Meats, LaDonna True, Gary and Judy Meats, LeRoy; Gloria Metzger, Courtney, Krystal and Brailey, Burlington; Roger and Ruth Ranes, Moran; David Ranes, Uniontown; Arlin and Sandy Meats, Auburn; Julie and Jeff Bartz, Jayme and Jordan, Olathe; Bob and Barbara Bausch, Mayetta; Barbara Meats, McPherson; Frank and Judy Morrow, Marva Meats, Rich, Kelli, Forrest and Cole Morrow, Joe Morrow and Lea, Jerry and Barbara Ramsey, Wichita; Ruby Harrington, Heath Clemons, Carl, Loretto and Ashley Meats, Abbie and Steve Hanson, Concordia; Tracy, Yvonne and Trevor Turner, Terry and Linda Ingermanson, Solomon; Kalen Robison, Abilene; Sheldon and Sally Meats, San Angelo, Texas. Gerald and Leta Meats, Abilene, hosted the reunion.

[from The Coffey County Republican, November 9, 2001]

MOZINGO--The John Thomas and Mary E. Jenkins Mozingo family reunion was held Sept. 29 at the Coffey County Historical Museum in Burlington. Carol Hamman has redone the family tree. The Mozingo reunion book is 410 pages long, and for the cost of paper and ink, she'll make copies. Carol Hamman, 7235 Ridge Ave., Kansas City, KS 66111 or e-mail

[from The Coffey County Republican, May 31, 2002]

ODELL--The Odell family members and descendents attended a carry-in dinner last Sunday evening, May 26, at the First Christian Church Fellowship hall.
Richard Driscoll of California was here for the Memorial weekend and stayed with his aunt Helen Saferite.
Those enjoying the visit with Richard and other relatives were: Karla Rodgers, Renee and Eric Flott, and Kim and Mazie Koeterman all of Emporia; Ray and Joyce Whipple of Ness City; Helen Saferite and Gail, Carolyn, Tasha and LaNesha Harvey all of Neosho Falls; Richard Driscoll of California; Doug, Karen, Rhett and Ryan Gleue, Jerry and Delma Murray, Eulalia Odell and Greg, Kim and Cody Murray all of LeRoy; Caryl Beth Flores, and Glenda Pargman all of Iola; Ned, Norma Nick and Taylor Mattingly of Winfield.

[from The Coffey County Republican, August 24, 2001]

OHMIE--The 31st annual reunion of the Ohmie family was held August 11, 2001 at Kelley Hall, Burlington, KS.
Marie Ohmie and family in Iola will host next year's reunion.

[from The Coffey County Republican, October 23, 2001]

OTTUMWA--The Ottumwa Community Homecoming was held October 7, 2001 at Kelley Hall in Burlington, Kansas. Officers for the next two-year term of 2002-2003 were elected: Bill Winter-President; Bob Crouch-Vice-President; Gloria Rifenbark-Secretary; Louise Wortman-Treasurer; Bob Bish-Song Leader; Leona Winter-Pianist. Next year's homecoming will be held October 13, 2002 at Kelley Hall in Burlington, Kansas.

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