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Author: Leslie Ferguson
Subject: Mackey
Date: 12/07/1997
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Query: Researching Mackeys in Allison, Kansas
William Piatt MACKEY born 1856, married Leona Logan in 1878. They had 5 children in the 1880's: Daisy, Rubyerla, William, Leland, and Eva Elysabet. Any info, help and or advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Author: Yarbrough
Subject: Clarence Pullen B. 1876 Decator Ks
Date: 12/05/1997
Mailing address (optional): 282 pinetree way Selma Oregon 97538

Query: Looking for information on the Clarence Pullen Family 1876 Decator Kansas.

CARRINGER Scott T. Kraus Tue Dec 10 12:58:29 1996
CARRINGER: Chester Cornelius Carringer (b. 18 Oct 1856, PA, died Boise, ID) and wife, Valeria Magdalene Schick (b. abt 1859,OH, d. Boise, ID) were residents of Norcatur, Decatur Co., KS, from abt 1880-1900. They had six children born in Norcatur: 1) Willis/Wallace (b. abt 1886); 2) Volney A. (b. 24 Apr 1889); 3) J. Cloyd (b. 24 Jan 1891); 4) John C. (b. abt 1893); 5)Mary A (b. abt 1895); and 6) Sylvia Olive (b. abt 1897). Looking for relatives/descendants of this family.

MORGAN, REED Johnita P. Malone Fri Jan 31 05:28:11 1997
Would like to correspond with descendants of Frank Alexander REED, b. 7 May 1868, Mahaska Co., IA., d. 21 Nov 1915, Thomas Co., KS., m. Louisa M. MORGAN, b. 30 Jul 1873, d. 27 Dec 1927. Their children were Rosie Ann, Cinda Ellen, Amanda Jane, Sarah Elizabeth, James Lewis, Frank Alexander, Jr., Grace Edith, Hattie Louisa, Wilbur Everett, and Floyd A. Frank Alexander REED lived in Harlan Co., NE, Box Butte Co., NE., Decatur Co., KS., and Thomas Co., KS.

McATEE, STONE Cindy Pierce Tue Feb 18 11:22:50 1997
I am looking for information of the family of George W. McATEE and his wife Ellen Kindness STONE. They live for a while in Cedar Bluffs, Decator, Kansas. Thanks.

Croy, Painter Gary Hessee Sun Feb 9 15:44:36 1997
CROY. Looking for information about Malen E Croy who married Lulu Painter on 14 April 1886 in Decatur Co, KS. Did they have children? Any information appreciated.

AWTRY, MCVICKER, PERFECT Scotty Roberge Thu Mar 6 20:53:12 1997
SURNAME: MCVICKER, My GGGrandfather, ARCHIBALD MCVICKER died near Cedar Bluffs, Decatur County KS in 1899. He was a farmer and had lived in the area for about 10 years. He is said to have been buried in Danbury Nebraska. He was married to SARAH JANE PERFECT, born 1824 in Monongalia Co. VA she died in 1916 in OK. Their daughter CAROLINE MCVICKER (b. 1841)married CHARLES AWTRY and lived in a sod house at Cedar Bluffs KS. Anyone with any information on MCVICKER, I would really appreciate your help. My name is Scotty

HENRY, WHITE Katherine Wells Wed Apr 23 14:05:11 1997
WHITE, William b. 1860 m 1879 HENRY, Susan b. 1860 WHITE, Thomas Albert b. 11/22/1887 Overton, Kansas HENRY, Hugh or any related families.

FLEMING  Phyllis Miller Fleming Fri Apr 25 20:24:23 1997
I am looking for Caughey S. FLEMING, born 1854, Decatur Co. Oral family history says Caughey was an orphan from Iowa or Kansas. (Both states have a Decatur Co.) Caughey "appears" in Shelbyville, IN, sometime between the 1870 and 1880 census. He married here in Shelbyville and raised a family here. Sometime between 1850 and 1860, a wagon train left the Shelbyville, IN, area, headed for Page Co, IA. This wagon train included some FLEMING's. I have (cyber) "talked" to a gentleman in IA who said some FLEMING's passed through Decatur Co, on to Page Co, with some going to KS. Would ANYONE with any FLEMING connections or knowledge please contact me?

Marquart, Willcoxon Denise Thacker Thu May 8 09:37:11 1997
I am looking for the marriage record of my great grandparents. Their names are George Josiah Willcoxon and Sarah Tracy Marquart. The 1880 census has them living in Oberlin, Decatur, Kansas at the time of the census - unmarried. They were married sometime between 1880 and 1884 when their first child was born in Oberlin. I would like a date and if possible a place of marriage. Thank-you.

Holden Virgil D. Miller Tue May 13 08:56:30 1997
Searching for confirmation of Surname Holden in Osborne Co, Ks. Sidney F. Holden was the Son of James Francis Holden and Lora C Young, Born 3 Jan 1876 Osborne, Ks. (info ob from Oklahoma Death Certificate. He married after 1900 to Josie Mae Gaston Possibly in or around Randolph, Ks, or Westmorland, Ks. We are interested in finding any information which would confirmed their residence in Osborne Co. Ks., ie., land records, birth records and etc.. James and Lora also had a daughter born supposedly in Decatur Co., Ks. Ella Ida Holden, born 1885 near Oberlin. Ks.. She Married my Grandfather John William Welsh at Spring Township, Pottawatami co., Ks 1903. My Mother, Velva Pearl Welsh was Born there and they moved to Wallace Co.Ks. after 1905. Any info located or connected in any way would be deeply appreciated.

Daniels, Demmick Ginger Daniels Tue May 20 19:09:34 1997
Seeking information on parents of Earnest Ray Daniels born in Decatur County Kansas in 1884. Parents are Lemuel Daniels and Emily Demmick Daniels. Earnest Ray Daniels had four brothers and sisters born in Kansas and five brothers and sisters born in Decatur County Kansas. Family moved to Oklahoma Territory in 1896.

Claar David E. Clark, Jr. Mon May 26 21:15:28 1997
When I was eight years old in 1979, my family and I went to a "Claar" family reunion in Oberlin, Kansas. As I recall, possibly up to 100 relatives attended this event. I remember hearing stories of my great-great grandfather who settled and named an area in DC county called Hawkeye. I even read a story called, "Boyhood Memories of Hawkeye, Kansas." Are there any Claar family members still living in your county? I am the grandson of Mary Claar (Clark); daughter of Joy Claar. I was raised in Massachusetts, but attended college at Wichita State and married a local girl and stayed here.

JOHNSON, PETERSON Mary Ann Bolton Fri May 30 23:30:18 1997
JOHNSON/PETERSON Great Grandparents Erick JOHNSON (1849-1928) and Christina PEARSON (1858-1920) came from Tyngsjo Sweden in 1888 by the way of Kandiyohi County MN settling near Herndon in Rawlins County about 1895. Grandparents Oscar Theadore PETERSON (1869-1925) and Anna JOHNSON (1881-1954) were both born in Sweden and married in Rawlins County in 1899. My mother Ethel Larena PETERSON (1919-1995) graduated Decatur County H.S. in 1938. Lots of descendants--Any connections?

Gallentine, Warrick Thomas E Gallentine Fri Jun 20 14:02:44 1997
Searching the name Gallentine. Have part of family tree. Would like more information. Willing to share what I have. I have found a lot of Gallentine's living in Decatur co and Nemaha co Kansas. Names I do have are Abraham,imigrated in 1801,his sons,Daniel,Jacob,Abraham,Joseph and some of their childern, Joseph Gallentine and Sophia Warrick, their childern, Daniel W, william, Jane,Mary,Joseph W, John W, Jacob, Abraham W, and David,so contact me by e-mail or write to Thomas E Gallentine,1350 Springfield Ct., Fairfield,Ca. 94533 Thank You

HINES Jack Hines Fri Aug 8 02:06:19 1997
I am searching for information on the surname HINES in Decatur County. Specifically in the Hawkeye area in the southwest corner of the county. Time frame late 1800s to early 1900s. Any information provided will be sincerely appreciated.

?Research information Erma Kyle Mon Sep 1 23:03:39 1997
My grandfather was a county commissioner in Decatur County 1919-1920. I'm interested in more information about him. Is there are museum in Oberlin? What are its hours? Is there a genealogical library? Hours? It's a long trip from here. I'd like to plan for enough time. Thanks.

HATCHER Rod Williams Thu Sep 4 07:40:59 1997
Searching for information on the Surname of HATCHER. Specifically Edith Dean Hatcher and her parents. Would have lived in Beloit around the 1900-1915. Married a Millard Oren Jackson and moved to the Tasco area in Sheridan County around 1915.

Remington, Rouse Sherry Wiesen Thu Sep 18 17:05:44 1997
I am searching for any information on Lydia Remington Rouse who may have lived and died in Decatur Co. Any information would be of great help. Lydia was married to John Rouse and had a son named Joseph. They were all to be here around the same time. I believe Lydia died in 1879 because she is not listed with John in 1880.

BELL Johanna McCarthy Sat Sep 27 01:34:44 1997
BELL, John Higgins Benjamin Franklin b. Feb 07, 1818 in NY, d. in Decatur County, Kansas, June 08, 1907. Wife Catherine Keith Bell d. in Decatur County, Kansas Jan 12, 1894. Would love any info you might have on John and Catherine. Thank you, Johanna McCarthy

Gearing, Sonday C.A.N. Thu Oct 16 09:00:38 1997
I have a great great grandmother that was a resident in Oberlin Kansas, Decatur county, in the mid 1850's to early 1900s. I have reason to believe she is buried in or near Oberlin, Kansas. Is there anyone that can help me with the search in finding if she is indeed layed to rest there. Her surname is very unusual. Her name is Mary Sonday nee Gearing. As of yet, I have no record of her death or burial. Thank you in advance.

County Coordinator
Sharleen Wurm

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