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Queries 1999   

Andrews, Ballard, Becwar, Beers, Billings, Bishop, Bouts, Boutz, Bunch, Carfield, Coleman, Cross, Dodd, Gulliams, Greene, Hayworth, Henderson, Hewitt, Holliday, Jelinek, Johnson, Krizek, Laymon, List, Litsinger, McBeth, McCalla, McCartney, McKee, Munns, Munson, Nalley, Palmer, Rice, Ritter, Rosenkrans, Rouse, Ruzicka, Shearer, Speake, Watson, Woerpel, Wolfe, Zdenek

Subject:  Holliday
Author:  Karen Van Patten

Date:  01 Dec 1999
Query:  I am looking for information concerning the names of my grandfather
Boyd Allen Holliday's parents.  Boyd Allen Holliday was born in Van Buren
County Iowa but moved to Decatur County Kansas probably in the early
1900's or late 1800's
Would appreciate any info

Subject:  Bunch, Andrews, Henderson
Author:  Twila Beck
Date: 12 Nov. 1999
Query:  BUNCH, Worley Scott,  b. 3 Sep. 1888, Decatur County, KS. d. 24 Sep. 1962.  He m (1) Lottie Isabelle ANDREWS; m (2) Christine HENDERSON. 
Children by m (2):
1.Worley Emily
2.Frances Lorraine
3. Darline Laverne
4. Dolores Jean
Any info will be appreciated.

Subject:  Rouse, Coleman

Date: 13 Oct 1999
Query:  Looking for any information on the Rouse family. John Rouse and family went from Nebraska to Kansas in the early 1800's. Originally he was from NY, OH, IA, NE and then Kansas
Please email me at 

Subject:  Billings
Author:  Michele Randall 

Date: 09 Oct 1999
Query:  I am searching for information on the BILLINGS family in Decatur County, Kansas.  Andrew BILLINGS married Addie Cleminson and had a son Ralph Andrew BILLINGS in 1903.  Ralph was my husbands grandfather.

Subject:  Krizek, Becwar, Zdenek
Author:  Michele Randall 

Date: 09 Oct 1999
Query: I am searching for information about the Krizek family in Decatur Co.
Kansas. Frank Krizek married Josie Becwar in 1885 in Oberlin, KS. My
husband is descended from their daughter Josephine.   I suspect that Josie may have been born in 1869 in Fillmore County, Nebraska, the daughter of Frantisek BECWAR and Mary Zdenek

Subject:  Woerpel
Author:  Susan Henderson 

Date: 28 Sep 1999
Query:v I am doing a full name research study on all WOERPELs.  This is a very elusive family that lived in various counties of Kansas in the late 1880s to
mid 1930s.  I do know that Earnest T. WOERPEL died 11 June 1909 and is
buried in Decatur county.  Earnest is my gg grandfather's brother.  Any
other help would be greatly appreciated.

Subject:  Speake, Bernard Green/Johnson, Laura Gates
Author:  author & contact info unknown; if this is your family please email us
Date: 20 Aug 1999
Query:  Bernard Green Speake was my great grandfather.  He was born Jan 24, 1829 in Lebanon, Marion Co. KY.  He died Dec. 5th 1912, in Lyle, Decatur
Co. Ks.  He is buried in Lyle cemetery.  He was married to Laura Gates Johnson b. July 20th 1841 in Ohio; died March 23rd 1907, and is also buried in Lyle cemetery.

Subject: Cross, Palmer, Rice, Watson
Author:  author & contact info unknown; if this is your family please email us
Date: 06 Aug 1999
Query:  I am looking for information on the Walter Cross, Joseph B. Palmer, George Rice and Marion Francis Watson families.  I am the great grandson of
Margaret Elizabeth Palmer.

Subject:  Rosenkrans
Author:  author & contact info unknown; if this is your family please email us
Date: 24 Jul 1999
Query: Searching for any ROSENKRANS living in Decatur county (Jennings
Twp)around 1880.  Would love to share ROSENKRANS information.

Subject:  Artie McKee/ Florence McCalla
Author:  Dorothy McKee 

Date: 18 Jul 1999
Query: I am searching for information on Artie McKee.  He married Florence
McCalla December 28, 1898 in Oberlin Decatur County Kansas.  I am
looking for info on his parents and siblings.  Any info on Florence would be
appreciated also.  Thank you so very much.
Dorothy McKee

Subject:  Isaac Hewitt, Kate McCartney
Author:  Delores Woods 

Date:  08 Jul 1999
Query:  In 1899 Isaac Hewitt lived in Decatur County. He was Married to
Catherine (Kate) (McCartney) Hewitt. Isaac had Five (5) children from a
previous marriage and Kate had Five (5) children when they married.
After the marriage they had Five (5) children together. 

Subject:  McBeth, Carfield, Munson, Laymon
Author: Carol Jones, Omaha, NE

Date:   22 Jun 1999
Query:  My great aunt was Margaret McBETH. Her first marriage was to George CARFIELD who was from Decatur County, KS.  Her second marriage was to Charles MUNSON, from Colorado.  When Margaret died in February of
1983, she was buried with George CARFIELD at Cedar Bluffs Cemetery in
Decatur County.  I would like to find information on how to go about
contacting someone in Decatur County that could lead me to this cemetery.  I'm not sure, but some of her ancestors could be buried in this area too. As listed above, their name would be McBETH, and her mother's maiden name was Susan LAYMON. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Author:   Barbara Martin
Subject: Ruzicka, Jelinek
Date: 07 May 1999

Query: I am helping my sister to find information on her husband's family. We are putting it in my Family Tree Maker.  Her husband's father was James
Joseph Ruzicka.  He married Mary Jelinek;  they had 4 children Elmer (my
brother-in-law), John Ruzicka, Margaret and Esther.  My sister is Johnnie
Ruzicka.  If you know of this family and can tell me where to look to get
the family tree started please e-mail me.  This family lived in Oberlin, Kansas. They were farmers. Elmer was born there in 1912.
Thank You,
Barbara Martin from California

Author: author & contact info unknown; if this is your family please email us
Subject: Julia A. Litsinger Beers
Date: 03 May 1999

Query:  My great-aunt Julia died at Oberlin, February 20, 1896 and is buried at
Oberlin Cemetery. I'd love to know her middle name.  It may be Aura, but
that's just a guess.

Thank you for any information you can give. 

Reply:  01 Dec 1999 
Julia, are you related to Dora Beers that lived in Oberlin, Kansas?
Karen Van Patten 

Author: Kathy Long  email addess:   updated Jan 19, 2004
Subject: Munns, Wolfe, Dodd, Gulliams, Greene
Date: 26 Apr 1999

Query:  My Great Aunt Adeliza Ann Munns married Thornton B. Wolfe in Atchison County, Ks. at Good Intent, Ks. They moved to Decatur county about
1882. He became the Superintendent of Schools in 1888. I have a list of
their children from the 1885 and 1895 census. I do not have any birth,
death dates or burial places for any of this family. I am most interested in
dates for those available from Decatur county cemetery lists. Most
interested in the parents and then any you have easily available.

Addie's family all seem to follow them to Oberlin according to the census.

George L. and Daisy Munns Gulliams m. Dec. 1893

Joseph and Laura Belle Munns Green m. Mar 7, 1894 at Netawaka,
Jackson County Ks.

Frederick Munns b. 12 Feb., 1818 Fen stanton, Huntingtondon, England

Their nephew:
Austin Dodd b. April 10, 1889 to Alma and Elizabeth Munns Dodd in
Neuchatel twp. Nemaha County, Ks.  Elizabeth died soon after in Nemaha
county and the Munns and Green family raised Austin. He married Anna
Coldren in Oberlin, Ks.  They moved to Pierce county, Washington. 

I would be glad to pay a modest fee for research, copies and mailing or
to do an exchange look up in Sedgwick, Butler or Sumner County for
someone who needs help.  I do volunteer lookups for the Midwest
Historical and Genealogy Society here in Wichita.  We have all the Ks.
censuses here and all the indexes and Soundex.

I am most interested with births, deaths and marriages for these families.
For one generation down from Addie, Daisy and Laura.  Then any Births to
Austin and Anna Dodd while they were in Decatur county.  A death date
for Fred Munns and settlement of estate, or will.  I doubt that I will be
interested in Deeds or Wills of the others.  I will order in a plat map for
the property owned from the Ks. State Hist. Soc. but I am not a direct
descendant so the Wills and ect. except as pertain to any but Austin
Dodd are not important.  He was probably mentioned in Joseph or Laura's
will as they adopted him as their child.  At least they tried.  I have the
records on the adoption and the Legal Guardian records. 

If you know any of his descendants in Washington State or anywhere I
would love to correspond with them. I have lots of information to share
on the Dodd family.

My maiden name was Dodd and Austin was the next brother just younger
than my dear Grandfather Thomas Dodd who never lived in Decatur
county to my knowledge. 

The Munn family Fred, Addy, Daisy, Laura and, the oldest my Great
Grandmother Elizabeth, were children of Daniel Munns. and his two wives.
They immigrated from England in 1857 with the LDS church.

Thank you for reading this long epistle. Any help accepted and let me
know if I can help you.

Kathy Long

Author: Shirley Noyes
Subject: Bishop, List 
Date: 13 Apr 1999

Query: Seeking info for George Wilson Bishop who married Anna List in Colo,
Story County, Iowa in 1874.  George was b February 1, 1856 in Michigan
and died June 17, 1923 in Norcatur, Kansas (Decatur County).

Thank you for any help you may be able to give.

Author: author & contact info unknown; if this is your family please email us
Subject: Bouts, BoutzHayworth
Date: 27 Feb 1999

Query:I am looking for the family of Garrah Leah Bouts. Her father is Casper M. Bouts;  mother Francis Effie Hayworth.  Garrah, b. 1905,  lived on a farm in
Jennings KS area.  Casper was one of eight sons of Anton (sp?)   In aprox.
1910 they Americanized their name.  Four brothers went to Bouts and four
to Boutz.  I am looking for any info in the family and their original family
name.  I believe they are of Prussian descent.   Casper's brothers were Joseph, Anton Frank, Martin, William, Soloman, Albert, Benjamin.  Garrah Leah's brother was Anton M.; her sister was Dorthia. Can you help? Thanks!!

Author: Michael L. Ballard
Subject: Ballard
Date: 02/18/1999

I am searching for any information on the John William Ballard and Julia
Caroline Ballard (Butler) Family and their relatives. J. W. Ballard
1861-1933 Julia Caroline Ballard 1866-1941 Lu Roy Ballard 1909-1982
Thank you for reading this inquiry Michael L. Ballard 

Author: Carol Mallory
Subject: Ritter
Date: 02/07/1999

Looking for info on family of Joseph Ritter and Anna Micke. Came to US in 1886, lived in NY for one year came to Decatur Co. and remained there.

Author: Keith E. Johnston
Subject: Nalley
Date: 01/07/1999
Mailing address (optional):2602 31 St., Lubbock, TX 79410

Query: Searching for David Nalley who came to Decatur Co. in 1882 from Thayer Co. Neb.  Lived with Robt. D. Wilson family south of Oberlin, d. Aug. 1888, buried in Shibboleth cem.  His wife was Mary Eliz. Jackson Klip

Author: Joan B. Shearer
Subject: Shearer
Date: 01/01/1999

Query: interested in sharing information on John Adam Shearer & sons Glenn, Evans & Orrill of Jennings, KS. 1870's on.

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