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Marion County Queries July - December 2007

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Pricilla King (paking@cedarville.net)  11 December 2007
I am looking for information on LUDWIG AUGUST JANICKE.  He married my Great-Great-Grandfather and Grandmother in 1885 in Hillsboro, Kansas.  Was the name of his church the German Baptist Church?

Bettye Wingate (ohibette@yahoo.com)  27 November 2007
Searching for information on the following:

  • Alexander WINGATE b 1867 Virginia

  • Sophia (SWARTZMAN) WINGATE b 1873 Illinois

  • Joseph WINGATE b 1899 Marion County, Kansas

Karen Ebell-Meyer (kebell1958@charter.net)  14 November 2007
1930 Census  Fred J. EBELL and Anna BUSCH/BUSH  along with  Frederick, Robert (Leroy), Velma lived in Lehigh, Marian Co. Kansas.  I have just started family searching and not sure how this works.

Donna Bowen (donnagirl911@yahoo.com)  9 November 2007
I am looking for any of the BOWEN family information on Clarence BOWEN and Fanny (ARMANTHA) BOWEN.  Also Orlo and Margie BOWEN.

Cyndy Morton (sdmorton@tctelco.net)  5 November 2007
I am looking for several pieces of family history as well as community history.  For the family history, Surnames: GOENTZEL, HEIN, DUERKSEN, WARKENTIN. 
For the Community: I am looking for information on Lost Springs Kansas, Mayors, Information on people in the cemetery, history etc.  We are trying to Restore records,  for the city and cemetery, and personal family records.

Thank you so kindly

Karen Ebell-Meyer (kebell1958@charter.net)  4 November 2007
I am looking for EBELL or EBEL ancestors who came from the Stephen Sariotof Volga Region to Kansas, I am not sure how they got there yet.  I am new to family searching but have been having fun.

  • Frederick EBELL

  • Maria EBELL

  • Katharina EBELL

  • George EBELL

  • Fred EBELL

  • Victor LeRoy EBELL

  • Henry EBELL

  • Theodore EBELL

  • Mollie EBELL

  • Velma EBELL

Howard Deel (hrtrucking550@yahoo.com)  3 November 2007
I am looking for any records of my Great-Great grandparents, Isaiah and Clarissa (MIDDLETON) DEEL He purchased 80 acres of land near Burns, Kansas about 1882 or so. It is said that he was a Civil War veteran and had come to Kansas from Indiana.

Patty Pierce (yipandyap@paonline.com)  31 October 2007
Am looking for information regarding Jane PETERIE born about 1837 and Margaret PETERIE born about 1869 in Marion County, Kansas.  Trying to see if they are related to R.A. 'Buck' PETERIE and Rose PETERIE from the Cloud County area.  Any information regarding this surname is welcomed.

Bob R. Anderson (bobbie.r.anderson@conus.army.mil)  18 October 2007
Am looking for information regarding the location of Marion County Lutheran Church family registry books containing 1870's thru 1930's information on surnames of MEIER; WEIS; LAUBHAN; and STRICKER.

coro6fran@aol.com  18 August 2007
Requesting any known history of the birth of Frank (Francis, Francisco) CORONA, possibly CORONAS Jul 24 1929.

Reno Shaffer (bnrshaff@fairpoint.net)  16 August 2007
I am searching for info on James and Barbara (DUNBEL/DUNBELL) KASH.  Married March 1881 in Marion County.  I would appreciate your help.

Claudia Glass (glasss2001@hotmail.com)  30 August 2007
Specific names associated with our family include:   

James A CRAVENS (operated grist mill in 1931-35), his wife Stella I "Dott"
(AKERS) CRAVENS , and their 4 children Nena Y, Stella A, James B, and Jeannette P (the family was associated with the Methodist Episcopal church)

Clara Akers FICKERTT 
Clara's husband was Earl FICKERTT(the editor of the Peabody Gazette)  

Warren V MATHIOT & his family
Am presently interested in finding any birth, marriage, death, burial or obit information on the name MATHIOT at Peabody, or at any other location.

Also interested in a possible LIGGETT marriage to Nellie MATHIOT about 1895-1896, and the birth of a son named Austin A Liggett about 4 Sep (1897 or 1898)?  He was raised by his grandparents, Albert & Esther MATHIOT.

General information:
Stella A CRAVENS graduated from Peabody HS in 1932 and worked for the drugstore soda fountain.

She married Warren V. MATHIOT in Aug 1934 at Newton and they moved to Hutchinson.  Warren died at Hutchinson in Nov 1934 from a ruptured appendix, and is buried at Peabody.

A cousin of Warren's was Austin A LIGGETT , son of Warren's aunt Nellie or Nettie (MATHIOT ) LIGGETT.  Stella "Dott" Cravens' sister was Clara Akers FICKERTT  , married to Earl FICKERTT  (the editor of the Peabody Gazette).

Cindi Tipling (ctipling@olp.net)  5 July 2007
Looking for anyone with info on Teezen or Stegeman.

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