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Marion County Queries January - June 2008

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Allan Leslie (allan@tularosa.com)  8 May 2008
Daniel WOLFERSPERGER was born in Ottawa County in 1878, and I'm finding an unverified report that he died in Peabody, Marion County in the 1940's.  Sorry I can't be more specific.  Any information on family, burial, or otherwise.

John Porter (armyeso1@aol.com)  27 February 2008
Hello,  I am searching for two items:

1) Birth of Isabella MATTHEWS on Nov 19, 1881. Her parents were Robert MATTHEWS and Agnes McNEIL.
2) Marriage of Isabella MATTHEWS to Charles L Warner approximately 1904. (they had 2 children: Robert and Hazel).

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Louis Foster (lfoster8@columber.rr.com)  31 January 2008
Edwin Hayes ROBINSON 1834-1910.  From Ohio to Illinois 1870 and Fairplay, Kansas about 1890. Sons & grandsons were there.  Alfred John ROBINSON 1836 - perhaps 1892. Same story.

Ellen Martin (elmartin@localnet.com)  14 January 2008
I wonder if anyone can identify  L.C. RICHARDS who was in Marion, KS, around 1883.  Sarah Adella or "Dell" LOGAN was married at his residence on May 24 of that year.  Dell was from Ohio but was living in Marion. L.C. RICHARDS was probably one of her cousins (from OH or IL) but I can't identify him  by the initials. Dell was my gr-grandfather's younger sister - she lived with his family before going to Kansas.

Darrell Kraft (darnro@comcast.net)  8 January 2008
Looking for obits Apr 1904-Certificate of citizenship Mar 1892 and any information concerning Johann Adam KRAFT.

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