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Marion County Kansas Queries July - December 2008

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Donna Walters (dart3941@yahoo.com)  17 November 2008
I am looking for Elizabeth Wright HALL's family.

  • Elizabeth HALL
  • Ella HALL
  • Ernie D. HALL
  • Charley D. HALL
  • Ervin D. HALL

She married and divorced William Henry HALL for New Hampshire. They had 5 children and lived in Peabody, KS at the time of her father's( David Wright b in NJ and died in Wilton, IA) death. She was still living in 1930. I am hoping that someone is still out there and wants to know more about their family history.

Francene Gwin (violetangelflame@hotmail.com)  19 October 2008
I am looking for the dates of births and deaths of the Rienhold C. KELOSEL and Anna Wilhemiena JUHNKE family. Their children: Walter, Fred, Celia, Adelia, Jenny, Hilda, Ann, Bud, Elsie, and Martha.  Also if anyone knows who they married and someone I could contact from their family.

Carole Gardner (carole.gardner@comcast.net)  7 October 2008
Elizabeth Cordelia PIERCE married Ephraim Chalmers QUICK. She is in the 1885 Kansas Census at Florence, age 55, a widow. (Mrs. Chalmers E. QUICK) I want to find out if she died there, when and where she was buried. She came there in about 1872, and story goes that she ran a coffee shop near the railroad. Not sure if this was a separate coffee shop from the Clinton Hotel, which was a Harvey House.

Keith Hart (owlhart@verizon.net)  27 September 2008
Looking for any information on
Harry Henry Nelson and Lula Mae Nelson

Jerry Knipfel (knipfel@yourlink.ca)  19 September 2008
I am looking for my great grandparents family and descendents who lived in Gale township in the 1880 period and may still have family in that area.

Blanche Softley (bdsoftley@juno.com)  11 September 2008
I am looking for Ernst or Ernest D. KOEHN and his son Cornelius E. KOEHN.  I have a plat map in the book "The Helpless Poles," and it shows 3 Cornelius KOEHNs in the 1890 plat map of McPherson County, but all our information says they moved from Marion County to Oklahoma in 1890 or thereabouts.  So, am trying to figure it all out.  If you could help me, I would really appreciate it.  If you can't but have some ideas where  I could go, that would be appreciated as well.

Daniela Moneta (dmoneta@cox.net)  26 August 2008
I am researching David H. PUGH who appeared last on the 1920 census in Tampa, Marion County, Kansas, living with his elder sister Malinda (PUGH) LIVERSAY, and his youngest daughter Nora or Lora. David and Malinda were born in Grayson County, Virginia. I have not been able to find David on the 1930 census and wonder if anyone knew anything about this PUGH family.

Rosemarie Schmidt (rschm466@comcast.net)  11 August 2008
The following lived in Durham Township approx 1880-1905; German immigrants from Russia; moved to California

  • Peter John SCHMIDT
  • Lizzie SCHMIDT
  • Adam SCHMIDT
  • Jake SCHMIDT
  • Katie SCHMIDT

Dianne Green (diannergreen@comcast.net)  11 August 2008
Any info on these families would be helpful to my genealogy research.

Helen Boydston (hboydston1@sbcglobal.net)  7 August 2008
Seeking date of death and place of burial for Thomas J. MERRITT, born Dec 1848 in Morgan County, Ohio and his wife Rebecca J. Unknown MERRITT, born Abt 1853 in Iowa (parents born in TN). Their children, all born in Marion Co, Kansas, were Mamie, born Apr 1881, Pearl J. born Jan 1883, Bessie R., born May 1885, Lura M., born Dec 1887 and Cecil Leroy, born Mar 1896.  Any help would be appreciated.

Viola Boulware (vib@consolidated.net)  3 August 2008
I would like to know who has the platt of where people are buried in the Prairie Lawn Cemetery at Peabody and the Lincolnville Cemetery at Lincolnville? We came to Marion County last weekend and stop at the Prairie Lawn Cemetery at Peabody to look for my grandparents graves, which we did not find.  My grandparents were Harry L. REED and Mary Jane (GLASSINGER) REED. Also could not find my aunt that is buried in the Lincolnville Cemetery, her name is Martha KUGLER.  I found some of my SCHMIDT relatives that are buried in the Lincolnville Cemetery, but could not find hers.
If there is anyone that knows where these graves are located in the cemeteries I would appreciated hearing form you.  Thanks in advance.

J Brown (jbrownpv@aol.com)  18 July 2008
I am seeking information concerning the wife and children of my great-uncle, John A. BRINDLEY, born in Ohio in 1857 and died in Colorado about 1920.  His parents, Hugh BRINDLEY and Mary (OSBURN) BRINDLEY, lived near Walton in the 1870's and moved into Peabody in the 1880's.  His wife (name unknown) was born in Ohio in 1860.  Their children were Bessie, born 1884;  Gertrude, born 1886 and died about 1904; and "baby" born 1892.  I would like to find the name of his wife and information on the children.  I think John may have deserted his family in the 1890's and moved to Colorado.  Thank you very much for any ideas or assistance you can provide.

Daniela Moneta (dmoneta@cox.net)  17 July 2008
I am researching David H. PUGH and wife Celia E. YOUNG who were born in Grayson County, Virginia and settled in Marion County, Kansas and appeared on the 1900 census with their family: Rosey, Bell, Caudy, Effey, Edney, and baby Carl or Karl as he appeared on the 1910 census.  In 1920, David appears to be a widower living with his daughter Lora L. PUGH age 16 and his elder sister Malina LIVESAY. What happened to David and his wife Celia and his sister Malinda and David and Celia's children?  Thanks for your help!

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