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WATSON / SHINN 10/6/96 I am looking for death and burial information for my great grandfather, Robert Preston WATSON. he was living alone in Jewell County, Kansas on the 1920 US Census. I know that at one time he owned 1/4 section of land in Jewell County which was in my grandmother's name, Ethel WATSON, or Anna Ethel WATSON. I have not been able to find him. I am also looking for Carroll Amer SHINN, brother-in-law to Robert Preston WATSON. I know that Robert WATSON was living with Carroll SHINN and his family in 1900 and, I believe, in 1910. I have his death date but do not know where he is buried. They may be in the same place. Bonnie Rumford
LUTZ 11/9/96 I am looking for Daniel LUTZ, born c 1828, OH or PA, and wife, Mary, who were listed as living in Cawker City, KS, on the 1880 Census. I am looking for any information that may be available on where he went, did they have children, etc. Daniel LUTZ was the son of Abraham LUTZ, who died c 1855 in Stark Co., OH. Johnita P. Malone
HADDOCK / REMELY 11/13/96 Searching for any info on J.M. HADDOCK Jr., dealer in livestock in Mitchell and Cloud counties, 1890's. Was he married to Hattie REMELY? Can anyone help? Sue Waterman
FRENCH / KITTEL / ROMINGER / GODDING / LOGAN 12/1/96 Looking for descendents of the children of Jay G. FRENCH who moved to Jewell Co., KS in 1886. Ellen Eliza FRENCH m. George KITTEL in 1889, Modoc, Scott Co., KS. Their children were: Minnie KITTEL, who married Fredrick Leroy ROMINGER, Mitchell Co.; Clara KITTEL who married George ROMINGER; Jay G. Alfred KITTEL who married #2 Jesse HOWE, 1897; Ruby HOWE m. Guy ROMINGER; Irvine Leroy HOWE m. Kathrine LOWES; Mary Ann FRENCH m. Isaac HOWE, 1899 in Mitchell Co., KS and they had Bernice HOWE m. Roy GODDING in Mitchell Co. and Ruth HOWE m. Robert LOGAN. Judi Assony
LANGLEY / PRIME / BRUNDAGE / BOWSER / PARRY / BERRY 12/2/96 Seeking contacts with others researching LANGELY, PRIME, BRUNDAGE, BOWSER, PARRY and BERRY families in Mitchell County. John Andrew Prime
ANDERSON / HAWKS 12/4/96 I am trying to find the ancestors of George W. ANDERSON of Mitchell Co. He lived in Beloit around 1870. His wife's name was Nancy HAWKS. His son, Bert W. ANDERSON, was born Feb. 28, 1874 and moved to Iowa. Lawrence Wolfe
BEICKE / GRAVES 12/26/96 I am seeking info on a Herman and Elizabeth (BEICKE) GRAVES. Herman died in Beloit, Mitchell Co., KS in 1897. What happened to Elizabeth? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Paulette Roberts
PRIME / PRINE / PRUYN 12/27/96 Seeking information on Albert (or Alfred) PRIME, who possibly lived in Ellis Co. in the 1870s. He later lived in Mitchell County. Seeking ties with anyone researching PRIME, PRINE or PRUYN name. John Andrew Prime
JACOBS / KUGLIN / ZIBELL / FERNKOPH / HOCHULI 1/10/97 I am working on a family tree of the Henry JACOBS family which includes the following relations: the Herman Fredric KUGLIN family, the Fredrick ZIBELL family, the Michael Carl FERNKOPH family, and the Jacob HOCHULI family, all of Holton, Jackson Co., Kansas. All of these families had their roots in the old Prussia and immigrated to Glen Elder, Mitchell Co., KS in the 1870s. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who can provide information and addresses of relatives I can contact for family histories. Clinton O. Jacobs
FREIHAGE / KRONE 1/12/97 I am seeking information on the death of a Mary G. FREIHAGE. In the 1880 Fed. census, she and her family lived in Beloit, Mitchell, KS. They left about 1890 and came to Washington state but Mary FREIHAGE was not with them. Also, any information about any of her five children born in the same city would be helpful. Her husband's name was John C. FREIHAGE. Mary FREIHAGE's maiden name was KRONE? Mick Edmunds
DAYTON / HOCKETT / DARLING / FRANK / HYMAN / OLSON / HENSON 1/19/97 Please contact me if you are researching any of these names. Terry Straub
WATSON / HOWSE 1/20/97 Looking for info from Mitchell County about the WATSON family of the late 1800's. Frank WATSON, b. 1849, Laura WATSON, b. 1878 or ZED HOWSE. All from the city of Simpson. Brian D. Evans
HILL 1/25/97 Searching for any information about the HILL family who lived in Beloit in the early part of this century, until at least the 1930's. The father's name was Daniel and he had at least three sons that I know of. Their names were Arthur, Roy and Ray. Thank you. Therese Hill Peregrine
MINDRUP 2/3/97 Am interested in any history concerning the surname MINDRUP inthe counties of Norton (primary one), Sheridan, decatur, Graham, Phillips, and Rooks, Smith, and Mitchell. Donna Merrill
MITCHELL / TORRENCE / HAWES 2/27/97 Am looking for relatives of James Homer MITCHELL. I can identify Clarence MITCHELL, Willie MITCHELL (who was blind), and Charles Ellis MITCHELL as two of his sons. James was my great grandfather and Charles my grandfather. Charles married Julia Frances "Fannie" TORRENCE. From that union came Charles Alton, James Homer, Lorraine, Alvina, Earl and one other daughter. I am Charles Alton MITCHELL's son. Also in the family history are the names Julia Francis TORRENCE, Charles TORRENCE, Isabel or Isablle TORRENCE, Peter and Julies HAWES. Phillip L. Mitchell
YOUNG / SCANLAND / ZEIGLER 2/27/97 Need to find information and ancestry for William A. YOUNG and wife, Minnie Bell SCANLAND. YOUNG from farm near Beloit. They had 8 children: Willis Scanland YOUNG, George Ashley YOUNG, Genevieve YOUNG, Ted YOUNG, Cecil YOUNG, Lolita YOUNG, Leora YOUNG, 1 dead infant. Moved to area in 1873? William, 1862-1936, had sistem Emma Young ZEIGLER. Minnie, 1872-1952, had father, Granville SCANLAND and siblings, Dick, Jack, Leona. Please help me find my ancestors. SCANLANDs from Mt. Sterling, IL. Most buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Beloit, KS. Barry Johnson
ENDRES / KARLS 3/4/97 Looking for John ENDRES and Margaret KARLS of Mitchell and Obsorne counties. Known to be in Osborne Co. in 1880 census and in Mitchell Co. 1900, 1910, 1920 census. Know children: Eliz, Susan, Margaret, Charles, Mary, Kate, John, Theodore, Annie. Looking for info on this family, burial places, marriages, etc. Jerry Paulson
SMYTH / WILSON 3/16/97 Searching for information regarding SMYTH, Thomas b. May 29, 1840, Harwich Twp., Kent Co., Ontario, Canada. Moved to Beloit, KS, area. He was married to WILSON, Mariah, had sons: Thomas, James and John. Thomas SMYTH d. ca 1915 in Beloit, area. He was a farmer and may have owned a farm in either Mitchell, Osborne, Cloud, Republic, Jewell or Smith counties, but was near Beloit, KS. Robert Neil
MORTON / WEBB / HUNDELSON / FANSLER 3/24/97 William MORTON and Lydia WEBB, living in Jewell Co. about 1879-80, had a daughter, Rose MORTON, born in Mankato, 1879. Other families believed to be in the area include: William HUDELSON, Fessenden HUDELSON, Austin and Martha FANSLER. Would appreciate any information on these families. Will gladly share descendent information. Richard Leppla
McKIM / BENSON / MONASMITH / DUVALL / FERGUSON 3/24/97 Looking for any information on the surnames of McKIM, BENSON, MONASMITH, DUVALL and FERGUSON located in Mitchell/Jewell/Cloud counties. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I would also be willing to share what I have thus far. Sherry Wiesen
PICKLES / SCHOFIELD 4/17/97 Seeking information about Louis and Mary (PICKLES) SCHOFIELD born in Nova Scotia. Moved to Mitchell Co., KS about 1880 with six children: Estella, Elmer, Florence, Lenerit, William, and Delbert. Betty Crawford
MISEL / STOLTZ / STOLZ / STULTZ / STALTZ 5/6/97 Rev. Andrew Moses MISEL, Methodist minister, born Noble Co., OH, 1861. Accepted appointment to Northwest Kansas Conference 1911. Served 1911-1912 at Formosa (Jewell Co.), 1913-1914 at Munden (Republic Co.), 1915 Otego (Jewell Co.), 1916 Scottsville (Mitchell Co.), 1917 Republic (Republic Co.). According to Methodist archives, retired 1918 with address of Ottawa, Franklin Co. Methodist archives indicate he died in Kansas in 1947 but this conflicts with family "memories." Looking for any information on Andrew's life in Kansas including verification of place of death and last resting palce. Also, information on wife, Anna J., born ca 1860, daughters Mary L., b. April 1891 Washington Co., Ohio and Ruth, b. July 1893 either Washington Co. or Geauga Co., Ohio. Ruth believed to have married a STOLTZ (STOLZ, STULTZ, STALTZ) possibley in Ohio, possibly Kansas. Nancy Misel
RICHARDSON 5/10/97 Ebenezer RICHARDSON, b. about 1841, was reported to be living at Glen Elder, Mitchell Co., KS in November 1887 when his father, Thomas RICHARDSON, died in Illinois. Does anyone know what happened to Ebenezer RICHARDSON? I believe Ebenezer was married to a Mary E. When the 1900 census was taken, Ebenezer RICHARDSON and his family were living in Walnut Creek Twp, Mitchell Co., KS. Ebenezer's children were as follows: Emmit D., Russell W., Zerelda E. Allen Gray
BATDORF / CALKINS / HATHAWAY / RHOADES 5/17/97 Seeking info on Margaret (RHOADES) BATDORF, widow of John BATDORF. She married Adelbert HATHAWAY in Beloit Nov. 3, 1878. Margaret left Beloit in 1899 for Oregon. Would apprecaite info on any BATDORFs int he area in the 1800's. Edmund (Edward) and Ida May CALKINS were married in Beloit on Dec. 23, 1882. Any info on them? Will share any BATDORF info. Mary Jo Fritz
DEFFINBAUGH / IRISH / PHOADES 5/17/97 Seeking information on the William Deffinbaugh family. William married to Elizabeth PHOADES. Had children: Robert, Ezra, Mary J. (married to Earl IRISH), Eliza Ann (married to Perry IRISH), Detta, and Bertha. I believe William led wagon trains to Oregon in the late 1800's-early 1900's. He was at one time appointed guardian of Margaret BATDORF's 6 children. Will share DEFFINBAUGH information. Mary Jo Fritz
SHELDON / CASEY 5/23/97 Seeking info on William F. SHELDON who lived in Cawker City, Mitchell Co., 1868-1880. His daughter, Alice F. SHELDON married George T. CASEY. Edgar A. Sheldon
McCRACKEN / WILLFORD 5/23/97 I am searching for information regarding my gg grandparents, John Thomas McCRACKEN and Olive WILLFORD. According to my grandmother, they settled in Cloud County, Kansas in 1870 where they lived for approximately 15 years. They also lived in the southern part of Mitchell County for a number of years. They retired to Beloit, where John Thomas died on Feb. 11, 1904. I believe that he may be buried at the Elmwood Cemetery in Beloit. Apparently, John Thomas was a member of the Beloit Post, No. 147, of the Grand Army of the Republic and Olive was a member of the Livermore Circle of the DAR. I am also searching for information regarding their son, Roy Francis McCRACKEN, who was born in Mitchell County on July 17, 1887 or 1888. All preceeding information was contained in handwritten notes which my grandmother received from one of her great aunts in the late 1960's. Unfortunately, any documentation which may have supported this information has long since vnaished. Any assistance with this query will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dane Smith
SNEED / SEARS /CAMPBELL 7/5/97 NOTE: Due to Length, this query has been edited.
Looking for information on Abraham SEARS and spouse, Mary (CAMPBELL) SEARS. Settled in Hays Twp., Mitchell County, KS between 1876 and 1880. Listed in 1880 Fed. Census with children: John, Sarah M., and Samuel. Family also found on 1895 Kansas State Census in Hayes. Members of Reorganized LDS Church.
Robert R. Sneed
POOLER 8/19/97 I am searching for information of the possible burial site of Truman Lansing POOLER and Sarah Ann POOLER. Truman died April 16, 1893 in Beloit, KS and Sarah died August 12, 1913 in Beloit, KS. Cris Sumsk
HORN 8/19/97 I am looking for information on Jesse HORN, b. January 1881 in Hill City, Graham County, KS. Father's name was John Walter HORN and he purchased property in Norton County and Mitchell County in 1887. Anyone out there have any informationon the HORN family please e-mail me. Ruth Horn Essary
BRANTON / RUSSELL 8/19/97 I am searching for any inforation on the BRANTON family that lived in Mitchell County in the late 1800's. Thomas BRANTON was born March 26, 1845 in England and died January 11, 1907 in Durham, Marion Co., KS. Wife: Josephine RUSSELL, born Sept. 15, 1847 in England, died Sept. 18, 1934 in Durham, Marion County, KS. Known to have had 17 children, one of whom is my grandfather, Elmer Floyd BRANTON, who was born January 12, 1889 in Mitchell County, KS. He died May 5, 1963 in Salina, Saline Co., KS. There was also a daughter, Anna BRANTON, and sons, Clyde and Charles BRANTON. Caren Olsen
FOSTER / DICKSON 8/21/97 Searching for relatives or information on Eva FOSTER-DICKSON, born abt. 1911 in Mitchell Co., KS? Unknown parents. She married Elsworth M. DICKSON (parents: John A. and Ella M. DICKSON) in Cawker City, Mitchell Co., KS around 1931. Moved in 1936, or shortly after, with Elsworth to Washington or, more likely, Deschutes Co., Oregon. Together they had 3 children: Everett (Buddy), Elsie, Ernest Marion (1941-1982, my father). She departed Deschutes Co., OR in Nov. 1941? by train?, unknown destination. She was divorsed from Elsworth after 1941. I have been told she had remarried (a mill worker), had more children, and lived somewhere (coastal?) in Washington state. Today, Eva FOSTER would be in her mid-80's. Time is working against me and I'm beginning to wonder if she ever existed (:-)joke). If you think you have any informationthat might help in my search, please let me know! Thank you for your time! Eva's loving granddaughter. Danna Dickson-Pickle
MANN / QUAKENBUSH 8/23/97 Elias Addison MANN married Cora QUAKENBUSH in Beloit, Mitchell County, KS in 1893. I have a lot of information on Cora, but I have almost no information on Elias. The information I do have is that he had two brothers, Anson and George MANN, who both, presumably, lived in western or central Kansas, maybe in Simpson, Mitchell County, KS. Any help in finding these brothers or the parents of the three would be greatly appreciated. Mary Daily
LUTZ 8/27/97 I am looking for information as to the relationship of Frank A. LUTZ to Mary S. LUTZ. Both were residents of Beloit, Mitchell County, Kansas. He was an attorney. He graduated from the University of Kansas in 1893 and died in 1940. Her death date or virtually anything about her is unknown. She honored him in a gift to the University of Kansas, School of Law, at the time of her death but no information was gathered at that time. Dru Sampson
HATCHER / JACKSON 9/4/97 Searching for information on the surname of HATCHER. Specifically, Edith Dean HATCHER and her parents. Would have lived in Beloit around the 1900-1915 period. She married a Millard Oren JACKSON and they moved to the Tasco area in Sheridan County around 1915. Rod Williams
COURSON / MAPES / MAPE / LEWIS 9/16/97 My husband's ggrandfather, John COURSON, moved back and forth to Kansas 4-5 times. He was born March 1853 in Tipton County, IN and died Feb. 12, 1911 in Abington, Knox County, IL. He and his wife (name either Matilda or Mary-children's death certificates give 2 first names) had 2 daughters: Matilda and Mary MAPE (or MAPES), born in New York. Cheri Courson
STARR / GAMBLE 1/11/98 I am looking for information on Cecile STARR. Possibly born in 1888 in Exeter, Fillmore County, NE, married to Walter GAMBLE, died on March 12, 1922 in Riverton, WY. Info that I am seeking: middle name, date of birth, when & where married, husband's middle name. Stoney M. Gamble
NEILSEN / RUEGSEGGAR / RESSEGER 1/16/98 My great grandfather was married in Beloit, KS, on Dec. 8, 1893. His name was louis Daniel NIELSEN and his wife was Ida RUEGSEGGAR or RESSEGER. At some point, her surname was shortened to RESSEGER. I know they lived in Mitchell County for about 6 or 7 years after they were married. They then moved on to Grayson County, TX. Any information would be most helpful. Thanks. Bill Nielsen
WEBER / SHUTT 1/21/98 Looking for information on the following people: Louisa WEBER, Jacob WEBER, Rosina WEBER, Louisa SHUTT, Will R. SHUTT. Bill Tandy
DRURY / BUNCH / LAWSON / LONG / PEARSON /BRANTNER 1/21/98 I am looking for information concerning the BUNCHes and DRURYs of Mitchell County, KS. Micajah BUNCH and Almeda Jane BRANTNER homesteaded in Mitchell County in 1880. Their children were: Jesse Franklin, George, Henry, Joseph Sydney, John Weslyn, and Edna. Edna married Fred LAWSON and stayed in Beloit. Jesse and Henry married sisters, Ida Vastie and Daisy Olive DRURY (parents were James Monroe DRURY and Artamesa Jane PEARSON who settled in Mitchell County before 1900). Joseph and John married sisters, Margaret Ellen and Catherine Agnes SANGSTER. Other children of James and Artamesa DRURY were: Sarah Belle LONG, Charlotte, Dote, Isaac, Charles and James. Any help will be appreciated. Larry Bunch
COFFMAN / KEIM / HOSLER 1/24/98 I am researching the names COFFMAN, KEIM and HOSLER. In 1890, William Hicky COFFMAN, Eliza Jane (COFFMAN) KEIM, Marrietta Ann (COFFMAN) HOSLER and Henry Ivan COFFMAN (my ancestor) were living in Mitchell County having settled near the Jewell County border in 1871. I have most of the descendants of Henry I. COFFMAN, but that is all. Any information on any of the others, or their descendants, would be greatly appreciated. Dave Davin
DUNCAN 1/26/98 Researching Elizabeth Caroline DUNCAN, born May 4, 1876 in Dogtown, KS. Others born in Mitchell County, so maybe Dogtown is in Mitchell Co. Thank you so much, Inez Burns Ann Clark
BAKER / OWEN 1/26/98 Looking for information on Harry BAKER and his wife, Lany Belle (OWEN) BAKER. Thanks for any help you can provide. Holly Owen
HALL / HUMPHREY / CUMMINGS / CAMERON / SHANK / JOHNSON / KERN / GROUT / RAMSEY /VAN PELT / RANKIN / SHORE / STATES / BULLARD / GILLILAND 1/27/98 Seeking information on: Martha Ann "Mattie" HALL, born Nov. 29, 1846 in Harrisburg, Dauphine Co., PA, died Dec. 1911 and Archibald Glenn HUMPHREY (aka "A. Glenn, A.G. HUMPHREY), born July 6, 1852, New Castle, Lawrence (the Mercer) Co., PA, d. Sept. 3, 1931, Burns, Laramie Co., WY. They were married on Dec. 30, 1875, Beloit, Mitchell Co., KS. Children: Ethel (1878-1919, m. Chas. Everett CUMMINGS); Tomas Merrill (1879-1926, m. Gertrude Elmma C. KERN); George Wesley (1881-1955, m. Hazel GROUT); Margaret Narcissia (1884-1954, m. Ray "Lynn" CAMERON); Maud(e) (1886-?, m. #1 John SHANK, #2, JOHNSON). M. Davidson
BROWN / DODGE / BEAGLE / FILE / SPANGLER 1/29/98 I am searching for the death/burial place and date for my gggrandparents, David DODGE and Matilda C. BEAGLE DODGE. David was born in Dutchess County, NY around 1826. Matilda was from Platt County, MO. Their children were: Alice, Sophia, Martha (Mattie), George, Mary Anna, Charles, David Jr., and Minnie. Mary Anna DODGE BROWN was my ggrandmother. She was married to William Clay BROWN who owned Beloit Motor Co. before the depression. Their children were: William Clarence BROWN (my grandfather) and Howard D.H. BROWN. William Clay and Mary Anna BROWN are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Beloit, next to my grandparents, William Clarence and Clara Mae FILE BROWN. In searching the 1900 census, I found a George DODGE living in Beloit as a newspaper editor. Wife is listed as Hattie and son, Fred H. I suspect George may be Mary Anna's brother. Mary Anna's obituary states that she and William Clay moved to Beloit in 1910. Was wondering if David and Matilda could possibly be buried nearby? The last known place of residence for them is Kirwin, Phillips County, around 1883. Any info on their death/burial would be greatly appreciated.

Also seeking anyone with a family history or family tree for the Charles FILE and Katherine SPANGLER FILE family. I know who their children are; am needing generations after that. Also wondering about ancestors of Charles and Katherine. I understand Mitchell County is still populated with many FILEs as Charles bought up much of the land after the depression and divided it amongst his eleven children, my grandmother, Clara FILE, being one of them. Any info is appreciated. Also, i have a wealth of info on DODGE / BROWN / FILE to share.

Andrew Shaffer
ARASMITH / SMITH / LITSEY / BUCHANAN 3/1/98 Looking for any information on these surnames: ARASMITH, SMITH and spouses surnames: LITSEY and BUCHANAN David & Nancy Arasmith
BASSFORD / OVERMAN / McGINNIS / FICHARDSON / LONG /ALLEN / CASTEEL 3/13/98 Looking for Dr. Horace H. BASFORD (1805-1865) from VT. At one time, lived in Georgia, Franklin Co., VT. Died in IL. Wife may have been Elizabeth. At least one son or grandson: Merrit Caldwell BASSFORD (b. 1850-`91`), Ottawa, LaSalle Co., IL), m. 1871 in Beloit, Mitchell Co., KS, Emma Retta OVERMAN (b. 1851-1930, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN). They had 8 children: Horace Albert, Charlie M., Preston E., and Elizabeth (RICHARDSON). All lived in Beloit, KS. Other children were: May (ALLEN), Laura (CASTEEL), Emma (LONG). Leslie Williams
GREGOY / SALISBURY 3/20/98 Seeking info on Emma Aletha GREGORY, born Nov. 7, 1885, in Osborne, Osborne Co., KS, died Feb. 6, 1925 and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Mitchell Co., KS. She was married to D.W. SALISBURY in 1905 in Dewey Co., OK. I'd like to find information on her parents and siblings. I am also looking for information on the SALISBURY family. Joan Earnshaw
DOYLE / HECKMAN / CLINE / LEMASTER / McCARTY / BOLES / BIGGS / BLAIR / FULER 3/25/98 Looking for information on the family of Phillip T. and Catherine E. (HECKMAN) DOYLE. They had eight children and they resided in the Mitchell/Lincoln counties area. They were: John Francis (b. 1857, d. 1929, m. 1885 to Lida Jane CLINE), Phillip Thomas Jr. (b. 1859, d. ?, m. ? to Carrie B.), Joseph Mains (b. 1861, d. ?, m. 1885 to Effie Sarah LEMASTER), Georgia m. (b. 1863, d. ?, m. 1885 to William T. McCARTY), Mary Virginia (b. 1865, d. 1952, m. 1881 to James J. BOLES), Catherine E. "Katie" (b. 1871, d. ?, m. 1892 to John W. BIGGS), Arthur A. (b. 1875, d. 1945, m. 1894 to Lennie BLAIR, m. 1904 to Florence FULER), Mary (b. ?, d. ?, Mary died during childhood). Any information on these DOYLEs or related families would be appreciated. Lonnie Doyle
PARK 3/26/98 Rutherford B. PARK of Scottsville was the first Emporia State University student to die in the service of his country. He was a member of Company E, Kansas 22nd Volunteer Regiment Infantry, in the Spanish American War. He died of disease at Fort Meyer, VA, on Aug. 26, 1898 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. I wish to contact any relatives still in the area and also am interested in knowing of letters and other memorabilia which may exist. We plan to honor his memory this fall at ESU with a plaque and program. Please contact me by e-mail or write: Sam Dicks, Professor of History, Box 4023, ESU, Emporia, KS 66801. Sam Dicks
BELL / LAKEY / SPRING(S) / STILLEY / HEIDRICK / BOGARDUS / YOUNG 3/27/98 Interested in the following surnames who were in Mitchell County since the 1860's: BELL, LAKEY, SPRING(S), STILLEY, HEIDRICK, BOGARDUS, YOUNG. Lee Nichols
STARKEY / WILLIAMS / GENTRY / BAKER / BURKHOLDER / HEBERLY 3/27/98 Searching for any information on these names. I have several pages of info on STARKEY and WILLIAMS. I will share and hope someone can help me also. Arthur GENTRY married Harriet STARKEY. Both are buried at Beloit. Thanks. Jody Porter
ALTIMUS / BAKER 4/1/98 I am seeking descendants of John Daniel ALTIMUS, born Indiana Co., PA, Aug. 21, 1838, married Susan Jane BAKER, Mar. 20, 1861, and died in Mitchell Co., KS, Sept. 1, 1895. According to a newspaper clipping of his obituary, his widow and four children survived. If anyone has knowledge of the childrens' names and/or other descendants, I would be most appreciative if you would get in touch with me. I have lots of ancestry information and am willing to share. Alice Gless
BUNCH / BRANTNER / SANGSTER 4/1/98 I am researching these surnames in Mitchell County. There were 3 BUNCH family groups that settled in Mitchell County. One family, Henry BUNCH, owned the Bunch Drug Store; another, Micajah BUNCH, is my ggrandfather; and the third is George BUNCH, m. Mabel, who is possible brother of Henry BUNCH. I would like to share information with descendents of any of them.

There was a Jacob BRANTNER and family living in Beloit during the 1900-1920 time period. He was a brother of my ggrandmother, Almeda (BRANTNER) BUNCH.

SANGSTERs I am researching are Margaret (SANGSTER) BUNCH, m. to Joseph Sidney BUNCH in 1906, Catherine (SANGSTER) BUNCH, m. John Wesslyn BUNCH in 1910, and Pearl BUNCH who lived with a family named FRANK in Walnut Creek in the 1905 Kansas State Census. Other SANGSTER families I am researching include: George W. SANGSTER, m. Mabel MUCK, lived in Cawker City and Walnut Creek from1900? to 1905, and Joseph E. SANGSTER, m. Lucinda, lived in Walnut Creek around 1900.

Anne Fialcowitz
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