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Morris County Queries - January - June 2007

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For faster loading time, the queries for Morris County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.
The queries from January - June 2007 are listed below.

To enter queries for your ancestors in Morris County, send your query to me, with the new Morris County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Morris County to be posted on these Query pages.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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Sonja Plowman (bry.son@sio.midco.net)  29 June 2007
My mother, Bertha Agnes McKEE, was born in Council Grove, January 20, 1919.  Her father was Willard McKEE, and mother was Meta (McKEE) FRANDSEN).  Meta's mother's maiden name was Sarah Safford (married

names: FRANDSEN, MATKINS).  I know they lived in Warren township.  Could you locate their homestead and burial of Meta and Willard?  We are planning to be there July 27-30 and would like to visit those places.

My mother died in 1979, and so all my info is off of death certificates and census'.  Meta died in 1932 and Willard died in 1934.  I know one of them (at least) is buried in Beman Cemetery, but I don't know where that is.  Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Kent Lamb (bluebird@mchsi.com)  29 May 2007
First name of this man?   He was a physician in the 1890's and early 1900's in White city Kansas.  Do you have his date of birth and date of death?

Donna Gill (regill@bellatlantic.net)  10 May 2007
I am looking for more information on an ALBERT SHORT born 22 September 1851 Sixteen Mile Stand, Hamilton Co., OH. He married a Martha (Mattie) (HARVEY) DAVIS. She was born about 1855 in OH. The family story is they traveled to Kansas where he died. I have a photograph of him with Council Grove Kansas across the corner of it and the passed down story is that's where he died.

The family bible gives his death date as 09 September 1896. Albert is the twin to my direct ancestor Levi White SHORT. Is anyone out there connected to this family? Is there resources for obtaining some kind of death record for him? Thank you for your time.

Colleen Smith O'Meara (morguemama@msn.com)  6 May 2007
William Waldo WATERMAN died in 1884 in Council Grove, Morris County, Kansas. The previous year he and wife, Missouri adopted Leoti (born 1883)...actually not sure when they adopted her. But he, died one year later. Are there any records of Leoti WATERMAN on file...birth or adoption into this family?

Larry Kellogg (lkellogg@tampabay.rr.com)  11 April 2007
Am looking for information on Cora COE who was listed in the Council Grove 1910 Census. She was listed as a servant in the home of Mirlter L. KELLOG (Correct spelling would be Myrtle L. KELLOGG). Myrtle KELLOGG was my Grandmother on my father's side.

Rose Jensen (rosehj@ida.net)  8 April 2007
I'm looking for my Great-Grandparents date of their death and where they were buried Andrew and Betsy OMAN she had a brother John OLESON living with them in 1880 in Morris, Kansas.

Ellen Clinesmith (eclinesmith@sva.edu)  4 April 2007
I would like to find where my relatives are buried.

  • Alonzo SNODGRASS
  • Mary Gertrude BOWMAN
  • Samual Andrew BOWMAN
  • Sarah Alice EDWARDS
  • Martha Jane FUGATE

Lisa Spencer (aspencer@sunflower.com)  4 March 2007
Hoping to find information about the mother of Nathan Ray TULL and the wife of Samuel A. TULL, both at one time living in White City, Kansas. Nathan TULL was married Ida Pearl WARNEKE. He had three sisters. Would also like information about Nathan's sister and their descendents.

Cathy Wilkinson (cbwilkinson@comcast.net)  2 March 2007
My Great-Grandmother, Lucy ANKER lived in Wilsey, KS (Morris co.) from about 1880 until she died in May of 1908. Her daughter, Pauline ANKER, was my grandmother. Lucy was not married and my great grandfather's name was supposedly Porter GASKEN of Elk Hart, IND. I found a P. GASKINS in the KS census in 1895 which would have been only a few years before my grandmother would have been conceived. Lucy was born in 1874 so Porter would have probably been of a similar age. My grandmother was born 3/8/1899 in Wilsey. I am looking for any information on these people and any clues to the identity of my biological great-grandfather. Thanks for your help.

Cathy Wilkinson (cbwilkinson@comcast.net)  20 February 2007
I am looking for birth, death, photos or marriage information for Mathias, Christiana, William, Edwin, Joseph, Lucy, Susanna, Lewis ANKER. In particular, Lucy ANKER. She was my Great-Grandmother. Their family was listed in Elm Creek township of Morris County in 1900. Christiana (mother) died in 1903 and Lucy in 1908. I am looking for specific documentation of those as well as other family members during that time. My grandfather was supposedly named Porter Gasken, and worked for the railroad but I have been unable to document that. He and Lucy were not married. Thanks for your help.

Brenda Salazar (beggshunterbren@netscape.net)  16 February 2007
I am trying to find further info on Clyde Charles BROMLEY b. 13 JUN 1895 in Ravanna, Michigan.  His parents were Stephen and Anne BROMLEY... Clyde died on 12AUG1964 and is buried in the Clarks Creek Cemetery in Morris County. This is my step-grandfather and I'm trying to get the family history done for my little brother's birthday in April...any help, information, suggestions, are greatly needed, wanted, and will be very much appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Robert Powell (powe-4013-ksgen@yahoo.com)  24 January 2007
I am researching my great grandfather's first daughter, Margaret C. GILLASPY, and her mother, (CARLISSE). Margaret lived in White City, Morris County, KS for a while.  Margaret was born 09/09/1858 in Vernon Township, Jackson County, Indiana, to Robert Johnson and (CARLISSE) GILLASPY.  (CARLISSE) seems to have disappeared from the public record after the Civil War.
Margaret's father, now Dr. Robert J. GILLASPY, remarries to Sarah Catherine DIXON on 03/25/1873 and moves to White City, Morris County, KS.  Margaret married William A. HOUGLAND on 10/25/1876 in Vernon Township, Jackson County, IN.
William A. and Margaret C. HOUGLAND move to White City, Morris County, KS in 1884 and may have lived there temporarily with Daniel E. and Lillie M. Morris . (Lillie M. was Margaret's step-sister).  William A. and Margaret C. HOUGLAND owned land and lived in White City, Morris County, KS between 1884 and 1888.  They relocated to Louisville City, Jefferson County, Kentucky sometime around 1889.
The Jackson County Health Department of Indiana has no birth records preceding 1880; and as such, no record for Margaret C. or her mother (CARLISSE). They also have no record of Robert J. and (CARLISSE) GILLASPY's marriage.

Norman Phelps (phelps@snowcrest.net)  19 January 2007
I would like to know when Helen McELVAIN married Purley PHELPS and her family connections.

Diane Slagle Sheridan (djsheri@aol.com)  11 January 2007
Researching SLAGLE/SLAGEL. Would like to exchange info on the family of John R. SLAGLE, wife May (BENTLEY?), son Lyle. They were listed in Morris Co., KS, 1920 & 1930 Censuses.

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