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Morris County KSGenWeb Queries July-December 2008

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For faster loading time, the queries for Morris County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.
The queries from July - December 2008 are listed below.

To enter queries for your ancestors in Morris County, send your query to me, with the new Morris County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Morris County to be posted on these Query pages.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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Donna Fike (eldoelder@centurytel,net)  21 November 2008
1880 Census shows the family of Edward A. and Nancy G. LAMB living in Morris County Kansas with some of their children listed.  One is "Gussie" age 18.  I am searching for a marriage of one Augusta LAMB to Zachary Taylor MARTIN sometime between 1880 and 1885.  Suspect this marriage took place in Morris County, Kansas but I have not found any information on it.  Any help would be appreciated.

Amy Williams (amy050467@msn.com)  19 November 2008
Looking for Obit for David SCOTT born 1858 in Philadelphia, died 1945 in Council Grove. Also looking for Obit or death information for David's father Hamilton SCOTT born 1837 in Ireland, died Council Grove after 1900.

L. Cornish (cupcakes14843@yahoo.com)  30 October 2008
Looking for information on James Burley Head and his wife Belle, also their children, Mildred, Lee, Raymond and Ethel. Thanks in advance!

Beverly Morris (bevart@frontiernet.net)  16 October 2008
Is there anyone that would look up a marriage application for John H. MOWAT and Bessie M. FASKEN. The marriage was probably about 1901. Bessie is with her parents on the Morris County, Kansas, state census in 1900. On the 1905 state census (same place), she is with her husband John H. MOWAT and has children, the eldest is age 3.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to submit this query. Any information would be welcomed and I will share my findings with anyone that may be interested.

Mary Webb (violetangelflame@hotmail.com)  28 September 2008
My Great Grandfather was Fred Frank GIRTCH died in White City, Morris County, Kansas in1952, he was married to Mary Jane EGGMAN in White City in 1893. I know that there were many other GIRTCHs in Morris County that must have been related to Fred and wondered if someone there could help me figure this all out.

Sandy Van Vleet (rsleonard@comcast.net)  28 September 2008
I would like information on my Great-Great-Grandfather John VAN VLEET, died in Morris County, Kansas in 1875 or 1878. Parents, siblings, etc. and correct dates.

Julia Berg (jberg@amentlaw.com) 13 August 2008
I am looking for the date of death of Carrie E. COLLINS, married to Charles E. COLLINS and living in Council Grove in 1930.  I do not know when she died but it must've been between 1930 and 1937.  They had a son named Charles Jr.  I found an article dated 4/19/1937 where Charles Sr. (called "Ed") was killed in a car accident shortly after he moved to "Pauline", and gives no mention of a surviving wife.  His son was the driver and had just graduated high school, I'm assuming in Council Grove.  It said that Ed owned a secondhand store there for many years.  Carrie is my relative, as William KEYS was her father.  Anything else you can find out about this family would be greatly appreciated.  I would very much like to find Charles COLLINS Jr. or his family.

Clarinda Troemel (troerew@comcast.net)  11 August 2008
Would like to share information about the family of Lydia SHIELDS (1902-1997) and Henry E. FREEMAN (1903-1988) and Lydia SHIELDS and 1st husband Harold CUMMINS.  Also Mary (CUMMINS) JERNIGAN (1927-2003) and husband Loyce JERNIGAN (1894-1993).

Gayle Anderson (geanderson55@yahoo.com)  9 August 2008
Conducting genealogical research on my families (REID, AMTHAUER, LACKEY, NELSON and ANDERSON), and, my wife's families (WHITE, ELDRIDGE, WINCHELL).  

Francis C. WHITE was superintendent of Katy Railroad construction through Morris County, ca. 1870, and is namesake for White City, Kansas.  ELDRIDGE family includes Thomas Bailey ELDRIDGE, who hired Francis C. WHITE to manage first hotel built in Swedeland/White City. 

ELDRIDGE built the first house in White City and was one of the original incorporators of White City, and was appointed the first US Postmaster of White City.

kllleadore@aol.com  3 August 2008
I am looking for an obituary and burial location for Lawrence Clay GOODWIN who was a resident of Council Grove, Kansas.  He died August 22, 1942.

Leo Frank Lusher (leofrank2@aol.com)  30 July 2008
Henry AMSDEN (Civil War Vet) died and is buried in the cemetery north of Dwight, Kansas. Is a copy of his obituary (1891) available?  Mr. BOUGHTON  married my great Aunt. He donated land in Dwight for the railroad. I would like any information available.

Rosemary Riley (jimandro2007@yahoo.com)  19 July 2008
Recently I found that my Great-Uncle and Great-Aunt John and Jane BURSCOUGH were buried in Council Grove, Morris, Kansas.  On the internet Google search they appear as John and Jane BOSCO.  They were part of the Mormon Battalion that passed through, though John was not a soldier.  The couple was seeking safe passage to California.  In the histories that I found on the internet, it says that John and Jane died hours apart  on the 29th and 28th of Aug 1846.  A double grave was made for them on the west side of the creek with stone walls 7'x10' around them and then filled in with smaller stones.  I was wondering if this grave has ever been located.  I would be most so appreciative of your help.

Marian Swartz (mgs924@att.net)  19 July 2008
Buried in Swartz Cemetery, near Dwight, KS are:

My Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Anna Mary (VOTLIN) SWARTZ, My Great-Great Grandparents, Martin and Jane (LILLICH) SWARTZ, and my Great-Great Grandparents, Charles and Maria (SHEARS) CHINN, (as well as many, many more peripheral relatives/ancestors).

1) Is it known where the exact location of the SWARTZ homestead was?  Jane SWARTZ was said to have died in July (6), 1898, and Martin SWARTZ continued to live there for a time before selling the homestead.  He died in 1924 in Oregon, so he would have sold his homestead between around 1900-1920.

2) Martin SWARTZ deeded/donated 3 acres of his homestead land for the SWARTZ Cemetery, and SWARTZ School around November 21, 1896...what has finally happened to the SWARTZ School?  Is the building still intact?  The last reference I can find about it says something like "The school was still standing in the 1960's, but was moved to private farmland from it's original location"...?

3) Are there any known SWARTZ's living in the Morris County area that are descended from these same Great-Great Grandparents of mine?  If so, how could I go about finding them? 

Thanks for your help in answering any/all of my questions that you can.

Lou Miles (loumiles@earthlink.net)  8 July 2008
I'm looking for all info on my Uncle Elmo Leroy STONE (brother Leonard) who married Grace Ella STAGE. His father Leonard James STONE who married Soule Viola Augusta ALBRO.

Dan Hatfield (dheint2006@yahoo.com)  3 July 2008
I'm trying to locate information regarding two things.  First, I know that my Grandfather and Grandmother, George M. LUCAS and Velma M. PARRISH were married in Morris county around 1912 or 13.  I would like to know if there is a Marriage license or application on file. (I have a copy of their Marriage certificate). Secondly, Velma lived in Lone Elm prior to their marriage, and I think there is a strong representation of PARRISH in Morris county. Is there a list of PARRISH's buried in Morris county? Additionally, what, if any, other LUCAS families lived in the county during the early part of the 20th century?

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