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Morris County KSGenWeb Queries July-December 2006

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For faster loading time, the queries for Morris County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.
The queries from July - December 2006 are listed below.

To enter queries for your ancestors in Morris County, send your query to me, with the new Morris County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Morris County to be posted on these Query pages.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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jriessen@aol.com  21 December 2006
I am looking for information on the James Moore Family that resided in Morris County as listed on the 1880 Federal Census;

  • James born about 1824 in North Carolina
  • Nancy born about 1824 in North Carolina
  • Mellie born about 1860 in Indiana
  • Dellia born about 1862 in Indiana
  • Elias Born about 1865 in Indiana, believe Elias may have gone by the name Denton later in life.

On the 1870 Federal Census the family, plus Isabella and James, Jr. resided in Lyon County, Kansas.

  • James 48 born in North Carolina
  • Nancy 45 born in North Carolina
  • Isabella 17 born in Indiana
  • James 15 born in Indiana
  • Melvina 10 born in Indiana
  • Definea 8 born in Indiana
  • Elias 5 born in Indiana

Would appreciate any information. Believe Elias (Denton) married Anna Mae RUBY in Lyon County in 1896 they have for children; Raymond, Marie, Francis, and Pearl.

Anna May's second marriage was to Wilhilen HOLLTORF between 1925-1929

Anna May HOLLTORF died in California in 1951. I do not know what happened to Denton or any of their four children.

David Walker (dmwalk@aol.com)  11 November 2006
I am looking for any information on Ivas (Ivor, Ivar), Eva or Ida WALKER or their descendents. Their father was John Atkins WALKER. Ivas married Maude. Ida married Louis WEEKS. Eva married George CHASE.

Arlona Mayhugh (lona36@smt-net.com)  7 November 2006
I would appreciate if someone would look up on the 1885 State Census - Morris Co., KS, probably in Council Grove for any RIGGS names.  Thank you.

Gerry Mansfield (gmansfield@rmci.net)  22 September 2006
Would like to know birth, marriage, & death info., for the following family:

  • Samuel Henry BULLOCK
  • Clista (HARSH) BULLOCK
  • Ernie E. BULLOCK
  • Vernie Edward BULLOCK
  • Frank Henry BULLOCK
  • Alfred L. BULLOCK
  • Leonard BULLOCK
  • Richard Ervie BULLOCK
  • Clarence BULLOCK
  • Agnes BULLOCK

Carol Johnson (okiecuz@yahoo.com)  28 August 2006
Looking for info on John and Samantha ALLEN family who lived in Morris County 1900, 1910, 1920.  Need to know if Samantha's maiden name was WALTERS/WATERS. Any leads would be appreciated.

Ed Schulenberg (edschul@prodigy.net)  18 August 2006
My Great-Aunt Fannie SCHULENBERG-GORDON-QUIET lived in Council Grove when I was a child living in Emporia.  After the GORDON died, she married a QUIET.  This would have been prior to 1950.  I recall that her husband, John QUIET, a retired railroader and his friends build a small train in his barn. I visited them in the 50's and the train was a big hit.

Elsie Jaso (ejaso@sctelcom.net)  14 August 2006
I am searching for information about my Great-Great-Great-Grandparents Cornelius & Nancy ATKINSON who came to Morris County Kansas about 1857. Are there any other ATKINSON descendants out there?

LeeAnn Gillespie (aussiemate1@cox.net)  14 August 2006
Looking for information on Thomas QUINN born app 1840 in Ireland, migrated to the USA in 1853 settling in Dwight, Kansas.  Died sometime after 1910.  Married to Margaret, 2 sons - Thomas & Barnard.  Any information would be appreciated.

Liz Cashner (kansaskid40@hotmail.com)  11 August 2006
I found John MOSER was a harness maker in Morris County.  He is my Great-Grandfather and I possess an old saddle of his with his name stamped on it.  He was born in 1859, and came to Morris county in 1879.  I wondered if you had any pictures or info on his shop, the town back then, or any additional info I might discover.

Marie Bird (marie@netcare-il.com)  9 August 2006
I am doing the BIRD family, is there anyone in Morris County working on the BIRD family?  I have a Andrew G. BIRD born 1832 Hardin County, Kentucky, married Harriet BAUM in 1864 in Morris County, 5 children, there are other people connected to the BIRDs too.

Lola Warner (charcoal3@ispwest.com)  7 August 2006
I am looking for Henry and Jessie PARK at the Dwight Cemetery (according to the obituaries I found in the local newspapers).  Who has the records for the DWIGHT CEMETERY at Dwight, Kansas?

Donna Fike (eldoelder@centurytel.net)  4 August 2006
1880 Census shows the family of Edward A. and Nancy G. LAMB living in Morris County Kansas with some of their children listed.  One is "Gussie" age 18.  I am searching for a marriage of one Augusta LAMB to Zachary Taylor MARTIN sometime between 1880 and 1885.  Suspect this marriage took place in Morris County, Kansas but I have not found any information on it.  Any help would be appreciated.

Regina Lindsey-Richardson (blaquequeeng@hotmail.com)  24 July 2006
Prince Marwood GOOD(E) married Mary A WOODS they had 6 kids; Betsie, Henry, Millie, Anna, Ellie and Eva. They resided in Morris County. Millie married Henry HARDEN between 1897-1900, had one son whose birth name was Harry LINDSEY but was changed to Harry HARDEN. They lived in Garfield, Kansas. Eva (d:1971) married John W. LINDSEY (d:1930) 11/07/1894 in Council Grove. They had 11 kids; John, Carl, Marwood, Susie, Anna, Charles, Hattie, Geraldine, Fay, Lester, and Raymond. Resided in Paola, Kansas (Miami County).  Any more info would be appreciated.

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