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Adams, [Almelo], Ash, Barker, Capp, Casey, Childress, Clark, Comstock, Dickson, Fetter, Garrison, Gunther, Harbers, Harvey, Hubbard, Huffman, Hughes, Kennedy, Kohler, Jones (2), Lee, McCormick, McDonald, McMillan, Morrison, Nedrow, [Obituary Abstracts], Olson, Perfect, Poage, Recht, Ridgeway, Roe, Ross, Rutherford, Schakelaar, Schesser, Shepard, Sproul, Strickler, VanNotric, Verhoef, Vernon, Vining, Wickham, Wilson, Zimmerman

Subject:   James VanNotric
Author:   Linda Klaer 

Date: December 16, 2000
Query: Am looking for information concerning James Van Notric
(various spellings) and his wife Drucilla Cheatwood or
information concerning the settlement of Calvert, Kansas.
James was born & married in Auglaize County, Ohio, lived a
brief time in North Liberty, Indiana and settled in Sand
Creek twp, Kansas. According to the 1900 census, they had
seven children. I have also come across a reference in a
Kansas History that there is/was a plaque at Calvert that
states "platted in 1888 by Kansas Land and Town Co. James
Vannotric, Drazilla, his wife and Charles D. Bieber, and Eliza
B. Bieber, his wife." Any information is appreciated. 

Reply: Ardie Grimes
December 17, 2000

from "Seventy Years in Norton County, Kansas, 1872 -
1942" by D. N. Bowers"

The first settlement made at this point was called
Neighborville. The Bieber family settled here very early in
the history of Norton County. Charles D. Bieber settled on
the homestead where Calvert now stands. 

The post office was established in 1875 and named
Neighborville. Abraham Bieber was appointed the first
postmaster, but died before his commission arrived. Charles
D. Bieber was appointed postmaster to fill the vacancy.

The records show that Calvert was platted January 16,
1888 at the time the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific
Railroad was build through. The plat bears the names of:
The Kansas Town and Land Company, James VanNotric,
Drazilla VanNotric his wife, Charles D. Bieber and Eliza B.
Bieber, his wife.

At one time Calvert had a newspaper published in the town
and was a prosperous little village. We quote from the
Norton Champion - "The Calvert Gazette, by Messrs. Rhanny
and Felt, is the latest. Every town in the county will soon
see the importance of a newspaper as a mascot. Seth will
soon become jealous of Calvert's rapid growth and start a
paper in self defense.

Mr. M. A. Pache settled here about the year 1906 and
engaged in the lumber business, and since that time has
built up a good business when there are good crops. Today
the interest of the town centers around a church,
two-room school, lumber yard, store and facilities for mining
and shipping silica."

from "Almena, KS Centennial, 1893-1993"

"Calvert Mines, the volcanic ash silica mine was discovered
around 1900 and was mined by Jasper Miller during the
teens, and is still in operation to date (1993).

Subject:   Absolem Lemuel Harvey
Author:   Bruce Fleisher 

Date: November 02, 2000
Query:  I am looking for the death date and place of Absolem
Lemuel Harvey.  He was born in DeKalb County, Missouri ca
1861 and was living in Densmore, Kansas in 1931 at the
time of his sister's death (Emma Harvey Wilhelm).  He lived in
St. Joseph, Missouri in 1901 at the time of his father's
death (Newton Jasper Harvey).

Reply: Ardie Grimes
August 10, 2000

I was reading old newspapers and ran across this article
from the Edmond New Leaf, Edmond, Kansas, August 11,
1932, p. 1

Absolem L. Harvey of Densmore died a few days ago, being
taken seriously ill while on the way to Goodland. He was the
husband of the late Mrs. M. H. Sinclair. His brother, James
Harvey of St. Joseph, has been named as administrator of
his estate.

Subject:   Harbers, Verhoef, Schakelaar, Lee, Ross
Author:   Donna Schakelaar

Date: October 21, 2000
Query:  If you have these names in your tree, please contact me as
I would like to compare notes. My primary research line is the SCHAKELAAR branch and I am currently chasing up the family of Jan SCHAKELAAR who
lived in Prairie View, Phillips Co. Some of his descendents
ended up in Norton.

Subject:   Obituary abstracts online (Norton County)
Author:   Ardie Grimes
Date: October 06, 2000

I have been posting abstracts of obituaries for people who
were born, lived, died or are buried in Norton County. Some
of these obits are from online archives of area newspapers
but a large portion were clippings donated specifically to be

Keep checking back as I continually post more abstracts as
I find more obits. Each listing will either have a URL where
you can access the obit; or instructions to contact me for
the full text. In most cases, I am not related and have no
further information about the individual. 

Reply:  Rex & Henry Rutherford
author and contact info unknown; if this is your family please email the webmaster
Date: November 11, 2000
Query:  My father was born in Norton Kansas in l9l5.
He had 2 older brothers who did not live long, and I am
looking for birth or death records on them. They are Rex
Rutherford and Henry Rutherford, sons of Ole and Emma.
One of them lived only a short time and the other lived
about 18 years. Any information on them would be a great
Reply: Glenn Dunavan
Date: April 06, 2001

Looking of obituary of William Bascom Roe, d.September 20,
1944 and wife Mary May Henkel Roe; d. 1908. Both buried in Norcatur so it might be Norcatur paper. They were married 3/6/1894, license issued in Norton 3/3/1894
Thanks, Glenn.

Subject:   William F. Perfect
Author:   Jeanene Hofen

Date: October 01, 2000
Query:  My grandmother, Reah Perfect, was born in Norton Ks. on
Sept. 18, 1901. She was the daughter of William and Ida
Emily Perfect. They were married in Norton Ks. I would like
to know something more about them as to what school she
attended and anything pertaining to her life there. She had
two sisters, Lela and Viva and a brother Eldon all born there
in Norton. 

Subject:   Olson
Author:   Marjory Palmer
Date: September 22, 2000
Query:  Any info on J.D., Martha, Ora, Ellis OLSON found on Norton
cty census for 1920.  Need full name of J.D. and any other info on this family.  Whatever info can be found on this census is important...also need any info on deaths of J.D. or Martha Snow OLSON

Subject:   McDonald, Childress, Casey in Almena
Author:   Russ McDonald" 
Date: September 06, 2000
Query:  Looking for info on Jacob McDonald who homestead 160
acres north of Almena Ks. Norton Co.  His wife name was
Eliza Jane, they had 6 kids-3 boys-3 girls.  Boys were
Hugh, Elmer, and Jay.  The girls were Margaret (Goff) Carrie
(Childress) and Emma (Casey)  They were there in 1880 or
before.  In 1870 they were in Richardson Co. NE

Reply:  Ardie Grimes
July 29, 2001

burials in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Almena, KS

McDonald, Eliza, 1838-1924, Block 7, Lot 37
McDonald, Jacob, 1835-1887, Block 7, Lot 37

Childress, Carrie J., 1871-1960, Block 7, Lot 37
Childress, Charles H., 1867-1933, Block 7, Lot 37

what else are you looking for? Ardie

Subject:   Levi Nedrow born: 1826 parents and siblings
Author:   Ron Nedrow 
Date: September 03, 2000
Query:  I am trying to determine who the parents and siblings of LEVI NEDROW born 1826 in Somerset County, PA.  His family went to Richardson County, Nebraska and was in the 1870 census.  He married Catherine Meyers. They had at least 9 children: Mary, Henry, Sarah, Joseph, Lissie, Simon, Maggie, Sylvestor, and Katie.  Two of his children, Sarah and Henry went to NORTON COUNTY, KANSAS.  

I am related to Simon Nedrow born: 1820 in Somerset County, PA and died 1909 in Markle, Huntington County, Indiana.  Simon married Rebecca Crites in 1841 in Tuscarawas County, OH.  They had six children: Saloma Nedrow Lantis, John Wesley, Mary Nedrow Hey, Simington, Joseph, and Elizabeth. Trying to determine how Simon and Levi are related.

Reply: Ardie Grimes
September 04, 2000

for full text of Henry Nedrow's obit and
for full text of obit of Elmer L. Ervin, husband of Sarah

I suggest you contact the Norton County Genealogy Society to see if they have any additional information. 
Good luck, Ardie
Admin, Norton County Rootsweb GenConnect pages

Subject:   Nellie (Vining) Recht
Author:   Linda Hunt
Date: August 21, 2000
Query:  Looking for information on the Recht family who lived in
Norton Kansas. I believe Nellie was Nellie O Vining daughter
of James W Vining and Anna Neville.  She signed a pension
paper Oct 11 1911 in Norton Kansas
Reply: Ardie Grimes
September 05, 2000


for Norton County obits, including one for Luda Bennett, dau. of John & Nellie Vining Recht.
Ardie - Admin: Norton County GenConnect Bulletin Boards

Subject:   City of Almelo
Author:   Mary McEnroe 
Date: July 13, 2000
Query:  My father was born in 1899 in Norton, Kansas. I requested a
copy of his birth certificate from Norton County and was
told there was no record. According to the 1900 census my
father's family was living in Almelo township in Norton
County. Does the town of Almelo still exist in Kansas?
Reply: Ardie Grimes
July 18, 2000

There's not much left at New Almelo. If your family lived in Almelo Twp. and were Catholic, try writing to St. Joseph Catholic Church, HC 1 Box 175, New Almelo, KS 67652.  The church phone number is 785-567-4875; the parish center number is 785-567-4261.  If they were not Catholic, you are probably just out of luck unless you would happen to find a birth announcement in a local newspaper.

Subject:   Comstock, Garrison, Sproul, Huffman, Zimmerman
Author:   Stacie

Date: July 12, 2000
Query:  I looking for information on the roots of the following
surnames: Huffman, Sproul, Zimmerman, Garrison,
Comstock.  My Great Grandfather was William Otis Sproul
and was married to Hazel Ann Zimmerman.  My Great
Grandfather was Vernie Myrl Huffman married to Roxie Starr
Stephens.  My Grandparents were James Manro Comstock
married to Lovene Noami Garrison.  Any information would be
very helpful. Email me at

Thanks for your help.

Subject:   Henry and Justina Kohler Gunther
Author:   Judith Bivens

Date: April 24, 2000
Query:  Looking for information on my relatives from Norton Co.
They lived in Grant township on the eastern edge. They are
buried in Logan along with one of their daughters and some
of her family. Would like to find any current relation. My
grandmother was Pauline Louise Gunther Schesser and her
brother Charles had a family as did her sister Lena. I am in
touch with her sister Berthas family.
I would appreciate any information available.

Subject:   Morrisons of Norton County
Author:   Geraldine Farrar 
Date: April 15, 2000
Query:  Montroville Alexander Morrison and his wife Amanda (Cain)
brought their family to Norton Kansas in 1873.  They had 5 children.  Their oldest Rila Delbert was married 3 times and I have a letter from a lady (his daughter) Elva M., written to my aunt in 1977, that states she was given away at the age of 4 to  a Mr. and Mrs. Carry T. Barrett.  Does anyone know why, did
her mother die? Does any one know this man's history? He later married a Mary Frances Campbell and they had my grandfather Authur Roy.  Authur and his wife Anota Sedella Shultz (Nora) had my dad Roy Frances Morrison.  All this happened in Norton Kansas. Can any one help me solve the mystery Of my ggrandfather, Rila Delbert Morrison and why he gave his daughter away. Thank you! 

Subject:   marriage record, McMillan/Barker
Author:   Dave Ogle
Date: April 10, 2000
Query:  Could someone look in a Kansas Marriage record book and
see if there is a listing for a marriage between Ira Loren
McMillan and Elizabeth Jeanne Barker around 1896. I have
failed to locate the exact county where the license was
issued. They are my great grand parents. Would look myself
but I am down here in Texas.

Subject:   Ash, Jones, Adams, Dickson of Norton County
Author:   author and contact info unknown; if this is your family please email the webmaster
Date: March 30, 2000
Query:  I have just discovered my family living in Norton, Kansas in
1880. They resided in Solomon Twp. If anyone has much information on Solomon Twp. and cemeteries there would they please help me locate Tryphena Ash____.  She went with the aforementioned group but died about
1885, leaving two children and a husband. I don't know his name.

Subject:   Capp & Clark
Author:   author and contact info unknown; if this is your family please email the webmaster
Date: March 27, 2000
Query:  Looking for anything on  WILLIAM CAPP ,b. in Germany.  wife MARY CLARK b. NY.  We know a son AARON JINKS CAPP was b. April 8 1887 in Norton county Kansas.  Don't know where they went to or if they had any more

Subject:   Vernon/Shepard/Wickham
Author:   Dennis White
Date: March 23, 2000
Query:  My grandmother and grandfather were married in Norton, but both families had homes in Norcatur, Decatur County.  My grandmother, Mattie Vernon (b. 1909) was the daughter of Clint and Emma Vernon, who were well known around those parts. My grandfather, Floyd David Shepard was the
son of John D. Shepard and Cora Mason Shepard who had come to Kansas from Indiana. They had an older son, Carl Mason Shepard. The father and /or possibly sons owned a service station during the teens or twenties. John D.
Shepard (b. 1874) died young - he had a neurological disease that he passed on to his sons- and Cora remarried a man named Wickham. In the thirties the entire family (including my grandmother) moved west to Colorado and eventually Washington State.  But I still would like to find the final resting place of John D. Shepard, and what became of him through his illness. In fact, I do not even have a year for his death. If anyone has any clues for me I'd be most

Author:   Karen
Query:  Researching these names living in Norton County/early 1900's;
Ivan POAGE,  Ivan JONES,  Claude HUBBARD
and any relatives/decendants in Almena, Norton, Lenora areas
REPLY: Ardie Grimes
August 14, 2000

Hi Karen, do you have the info on the Poage family from the
Almena Centennial Book? If not, email me privately and I will
scan and send it to you. Ardie

Subject:   Wilson-Ridgeway
Author:   Donna Wilson-Chism
Date: February 24, 2000
Query:  John Cleveland Wilson married Esther Elizabeth Ridgeway Jan 13, 1887 in Norton Kansas.  They moved to Steele City Nebraska at some point in time because my g-grandfather John Fred Wilson was born there June 13, 1891.  I have no other information on John Cleveland Wilson or Esther
Elizabeth Ridgeway. if anyone could please find their birth dates and their death dates for me.  I dont get out much and i am in Arkansas. Please e-mail me at with any and all info on my g-g-grandparents
Thank you very much.

Subject:   McCormick
Author:   author and contact info unknown; if this is your family please email the webmaster
Date: February 05, 2000
Query:  I am looking for information on a Charles Presley MCCORMICK. He was in the Norton, Kansas Area around the 1913 to 1918. He may have died there.  He had six children by his first wife. His second wife may have been called BERTHA.  He and BERTHA had two sons Donald and Ernest.
Author:   Shirlie BGBRCATS@YAHOO.COM
Date: January 25, 2000
Query:  Looking for info on the STRICKLER family in Long Island, Phillips, KS. Edward Fetter STRICKLER m. Mabel May KENNEDY before 1905; children; John William (Jack), Ethel m. HUGHES, Leah (Tudy) m. DAY, Lee, Charles. Also John K. Strickler m. Mary, mother Leah listed in Long Island in 1925
census. Thanks. Shirlie


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