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1998 Queries

Aplington, Arasmith, Bernard, Bivens (2), Booth, Case, Conklin, Copeland, Edgington, Ehly, Epperson, Fisher, Flanders, Funkhouser, Gallentine, Goodman, Graverholz, Halstead, Haseleu, Hawks, Jay, Jones, Keckley, LeCount,Manning, Martin, Mauss, McDaniel, Miller, Modlin (2), Moser, Nagel, Near, Nelson, O'Brien, Pache, Parks, Peak, Quenzer, Reedy, Reitzel, Rhoades, Robbins, Roeder (2) (3) (4), Scott, Sheley (2), Short, Smith, Spence (2), Stutheit, Tasker, Tefft, Tupper, Twilegar, Vanderle, Walker, White, Wilson,

Author: Gordon Twilegar

Subject: Twilegar, Scott
Date: 12/31/1998
Mailing address (optional):23413 Lansing Rd, Middleton, Idaho 83644

Query: I'm looking for information on the Marriage of Gordon Emanuel Twilegar and Dolcenia Belle Scott which took place on Jan 12, 1905 in Norton, Ks.  Info from the local papers would really help identify the parents of Dolcenia.

Author: Patrick Booth

Subject: Booth
Date: 12/28/1998
Query: Looking for information on George Washington Booth whose spouse was Julia Ann Davis. They lived around Densmore around the 1890 -1900's and raised six children.

Author: Ray Simonis

Subject: Tefft
Date: 12/26/1998
Query: Looking for Henry Tefft and others.  Henry was born in Norton 26 apr 1888

Author: Stewart Monroe

Subject: Vanderle
Date: 12/18/1998
Mailing address (optional): 7050 Highway 147, Lake Almanor, California 96137
Query: Looking for information on my grandfather Clarence Vanderle. I'm not even sure of his last name, but the only document I have listing his name appears to show Vanderle. He was b. 1895 in Kansas probably in Norton County. Would appreciate any information.

Author: Charles Martin

Subject: PACHE
Date: 12/18/1998

Mailing address (optional): 1778 Memorial, Williamsport,PA 17701-1560

Query:Seeking info. on August and Emma Pauline Pache who lived in the Norton area.  August was still living in 1946 and Emma Pauline died at least 5 years prior.  Seeking death dates and locations and cemeteries  where buried. Understand they operated an oil/gas delivery service? Above facts are from a questionable source! THANKS

Author: Norman Jones

Subject: MODLIN
Date: 11/27/1998
Query: I am searching for information on William N. MODLIN. My information indicates that he was born - probably in Norton Co., 1881. He married Carrie Winifred BENNETT on Dec 25, 1906 in Oronque, Norton CO.
Their children - born in Jewell Co, were Virgil Leroy, Dorothy Belle, and Harlan Eugene. Any information about this family will be appreciated!

Reply:  12/20/1998  Ardie Grimes

Try posting your MODLIN request at theURL below - or contact Virginia Parmenter, whose e-mail address you can find at this same site. I have some MODLIN info but nothing that matches your William N.


Subject: EHLY
Date: 11/26/1998
Query: I am trying to locate a CONSTANCE EHLY (EHLY was her maiden name). She would be in her early 60's. If you have any information that may be helpful please contact me, thank you.

Author: Debby Blevins

Date: 11/18/1998
Query:  Looking for information on Stephen and Margaret Flanders they live in Norton Co. at Edmond and are buried there.

Subject: MANNING
Date: 11/07/1998
Query: I am looking for information about my MANNING family. My Uncle RALPH MANNING was born in Norton Co. in 1897. His father was SETH SYLVESTER MANNING, b. 1854 in Carroll IL. Mother, ANNA HURST. Siblings, CARL MANNING, SETH MANNING, BERT MANNING & MOLLY MANNING. They ended up in Canton S.D.

Author: Catherine Potts

Subject: Aplington
Date: 11/07/1998

Mailing address (optional): 41 Candace Rd #1, Port Hadlock WA 98339

Query: My great-grandmother, Katherine Irene Aplington, was born 5/02/1880 in Almena, Norton Co., Kansas. Her parents were Erastus C. Aplington and Affa Goodsell Aplington. Looking for census or other information regarding the family - will be happy to share/exchange with anyone. Thanks!

Author: Sheron Wolf

Subject: Norton County Query
Date: 11/04/1998
Query: I am searching for information on Peter WHITE and his wife, Clara Louise NEAR.  Peter was from Almena (Norton Co.)  He and Clara had children: Walter William, John, Clarence, Charles, Harry and Grace.  At some point the family moved to Kirwin (Phillips Co.) since Walter William was born there in 1884.  The family then moved to Polk Co., Iowa when he was a young boy.  Any information about Peter and Clara WHITE would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 11/01/1998
Query: Looking for any information on my grandfather, Mylo Michael Mauss, and my grandmother Opal Pearl Reitzel who were living in Almena when my father, Quinten Michael Mauss, was born in 1921. We know they were there for several years and we think my grandmother may have died there and be buried in the area.

Author: Mark Dodd

Subject: Copeland
Date: 10/31/1998
Mailing address (optional): Elizabeth, PA

Query: I'm in search of any Copelands from around the Clayton area in Norton County,KS or any info on them..alive or dead.  Thank you!

Author: Mack Fox

Subject: Martin
Date: 10/29/1998
Query: My Mary Rice Martin was on of first white women to settle Norton Co.  Her children intermarried with the Newells who also were early settlers.  Would like to hear from relatives.  Also, I would like to buy a copy of the Norton Co. history book that was published a few years ago.

Author: Sheila Goodman Shultz

Subject: Epperson
Date: 10/17/1998
Mailing address (optional):
Beth Eloise Howard Goodman PO Box 552 Orland, California 95963

Query: Looking for information on Clark Monroe Epperson who married Mary Malissa Edgington.  They were the parents of Ruby Abigail Epperson Goodman, wife of Lloyd John Goodman.  Anyone with information on any of these family members would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to contact myself or my mother. Thank you Sheila Goodman Shultz

Author: Sheila Goodman Shultz

Subject: Edgington
Date: 10/17/1998
Mailing address (optional):Beth Eloise Howard Goodman PO Box 552 Orland, California 95963 530-865-9818

Query: Looking for information on Elkanah Payne Edgington.  He may have been a twin. He was married to Lydia Ellen Funkhouser. Any information would be appreciated on the Edgingtion family. Thank you Sheila Shultz and Beth Goodman

Author: Sheila Goodman
Subject: Funkhouser
Date: 10/17/1998
Mailing address (optional):Beth Howard Goodman PO Box 552 Orland, California 95963 530-865-9818

Looking for information on Lydia Ellen Funkhouser, married to Elkanah Payne Edgington.  She died in Lenora KS on July 1, 1931; was born in Bartlett Iowa to Joshua ( Jaswah) Jacob Funkhouser and his wife Elizabeth on May 7, 1857 in Bartlett Iowa.  She may have been one of a set of twins. She was the mother of Mary Malissa Edgingtion and the Grandmother of Ruby Abigail Epperson Goodman.

Author: Sheila Goodman Shultz

Subject: Goodman
Date: 10/17/1998
Mailing address (optional): Beth Eloise Howard Goodman PO Box 552 Orland California 530-865-9818

Query: Looking for any information on the Goodman family who lived in the Norton, Lenora area.  Howard Bernard Goodman was my father and his father was Lloyd John Goodman who died in Norton June of 1943. He was the Veterinarian in that area.  He was married to Ruby Epperson and they had three other children, daughters, Dorothy, Inez and Jeanine.  Seeking information on Lloyd's father George Washington Goodman and wife Inez.  Also on George's father and uncles. John Goodman, Frances and anyone who is related to these Goodmans.  There was also Mary Goodman Karnes and Elizabeth Goodman Swain.  There may have been an Ernest or Frances who lived in Lenora and had a drug store, and maybe not.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sheila Shultz, Reno Nevada and Beth Eloise Howard Goodman, Orland California



Subject: REEDY
Date: 10/03/1998
Mailing address (optional): 2605 Brookridge Ln, St. Charles, MO 63301

Query:  Looking for info on William Reedy and Sarah Elizabeth Cook Reedy died and buried in Norton Co. KS in Edmond Cemetery on 12/06/1896.  Son Noah Buchanan Reedy married Eva Etta Higganbotham 07/09/1885 in Norton, KS.

Author: Lynne Baillargeon

Subject: KECKLEY
Date: 10/03/1998
Query: Elmer E. and wife Caroline (NEAR) KECKLEY settled in Almena, Norton County, KS before 1900, were still living there in 1920.  I am looking for someone who may have access to Norton County cemetery records and could check for burial records for them.  Am also looking for anyone with knowledge regarding this family.  Researching the NEAR line.

Author: Kay Hawks

Date: 09/18/1998
Query: I am doing some family research on the following surnames: HAWKS,  ROEDER, WILSON, SHORT, RHOADES, PEAK, NAGEL, HALSTEAD
I would be interested in hearing from those also researching these names and sharing information. All of these families resided and many still reside in Norton County.

Author: R HULA


Date: 08/27/1998
Query: Looking for information concerning Charlie H. Walker, married Emma S. Burroughs Walker.  Lived in Lenora.  Died 1957.  Buried Lenora South Cemetery. 
Author: Donald R. Johnson

Subject: FISHER
Date: 08/13/1998
Query: Looking for any information on Samuel Fisher. Buried in the Devizes Cemetery in Norton, KS. Born 1808, died 1888.

Author: Evelyn Sell

Subject: JAY, Lillian Gertrude
Date: 08/08/1998
Mailing address (optional): P.O. Box 744 Chowchilla, CA 93610

Query: I am searching for any information to prove Where my G-Grandmother, Lillian G Jay was buried there in Norton Co, KS.  There is no record in Cemetery map for Mt Olive showing her being buried there even though my grandfather was told she was.  Her grave was supposed to have been one or two past Rebecca Jay Blaine (sister to Thomas Jay) on the same row as a Palmer. She and her husband, Thomas Jay, had three children Mark Edward, Laura Belle and Baby Thomas Oscar.  Lived in a Sod house about 7 miles out of Almena on 40 acres which was a mile from the Mt. Olive Cemetery.  Mrs. Jay died two days after the birth of Thomas Oscar.  What neighbor took care of
Thomas Oscar for six months before his dad, Thomas sold out to a Mr. Roder (mispelled) [Roeder] and went to Cherokee Co. KS. Was there any news papers telling of the death of Mrs. Jay on Feb 28, 1890?  Any help appreciated. Evelyn


Subject: quenzer
Date: 08/07/1998
I would like any information on Quenzer Appliance & Hardware. Or doyle Quenzer. He was in Norton Co. for several years.

Author: Hollie Goldsby

Subject: BERNARD
Date: 08/04/1998
Query: Looking for information about Mary Olive Bernard, born 1889 in Clayton, Norton County, and her father Hiram C. Bernard.  Hiram died in 1894, Norton County.  I don't know Hiram's parents names.  Mary Olive married Clarence Goldsby.  Any information about either individual or their families would be appreciated. Thank you.

Author: Pat Moser

Subject: MOSER, Tobias
Date: 08/03/1998
Query: The Tobias Moser family migrated from Indiana around 1830 to settle in Norton Co, KS.  Have much data to share.
Author: Alice Catlett

Subject: RE: Roeder
Date: 02/04/1999
Query: Attended grade school with a Rosemary Roeder circa 1955-1958. Any information on her location appreciated.

Author: Ardie Grimes

Subject: Roeder
Date: 07/05/1998
Query: Looking for any descendents of Frederick and Christina Roeder and their four children: Wilhelmina Roeder Burkholtz, William Roeder, August Roeder and Herman Roeder.  They all homesteaded in Norton County about 1878-79, coming from Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.  I currently have a Roeder database with 995 names and would be glad to share information.

Author: Jerry L. Gallentine, Sr.

Date: 06/17/1998
Query:  I have considerable information about the Gallentine clan in Kansas and other states.  I am very interested in learning about member of the family who live or lived in Norton County. I would be pleased to share my family tree information with anyone interested in exchange for inforamtion about other family members.
Author: Cindy
Subject: Robbins, William Lilly b. 1856
Date: 06/10/1998
Query: Am searching for any info on William Lilly ROBBINS born in 1856 and died in 1920. He was a sheriff of Norton County.  Wife's name believed to be Lizzie Henrietta b. 1859 and d. 1924.  This William Lilly maybe a 3rd generation of Williams.  William Lilly jr. was born in 1831 and also was a William Leedove born in 1831.  William Leedove married a Ellen Rhoades. Any help would be appreciated.

Author: Kerry O'Brien

Date: 05/29/1998
Query: James W. O'BRIEN (b. c1861, Ill.; d. 1920, Kans.) listed Norton Co. as his place of residence on his marriage license (1885, Furnas Co., Neb.).   He was married to Anna J. HASELEU (b. 1864, Wisc.; d. 1937, Mich.), a resident of Furnas Co., Neb.   I am trying to find out why James was living in Norton Co., as he was from Illinois originally, then lived in Arkansas (c1885-88) and Wichita, Kans. (c1889-93) before settling in Horton, Brown Co., Kans. (c1894). James' older brother John (b. c1848, Mass.) may have been a resident of Norton; he possibly married Anna's older sister Adedaide HASELEU (b. 1858, Wisc.) in Norton Co. in 1881, and then moved to Wichita in about 1886, where Adelaide committed suicide in 1901.  Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas" (1883) names a John O'BRIEN on the Board of Directors of Norton's Town Company (est. 1873), but I don't know if this is James' brother.  Any information on O'BRIENs or HASELEUs living in Norton Co. from the early 1870s on would be appreciated.

Author: Joe Spence

Subject: Bivens, Spence
Date: 05/24/1998
Mailing address (optional): P.O. Box 217, Enterprise, OR 97828

Query: I am looking for any connections and/or information on Mary Elizabeth Spence BIVENS.  Mary Spence was born in 1880 in Davis Co. IA,, married a Harry Wilson Bivens, and apparently lived for some time in Nebraska, before moving to Norton County, Kansas between 1915 and 1919.  Some of the childrens names may have been Roy Bivens.  Some of the grandchildrens names: Richard Lee Parks, Alice Marie Parks, Ronald Jay Nelson, Donna Mary Nelson, Doyle James Nelson.  If anyone has any connections or information on this family, I would like to hear from you, as I am trying to find information on my GGgrandmother, Sarah Ellis Spence, the mother of Mary Spence Bivens. Thanks

Author: Joe Spence

Subject: Spence, Bivens, Parks, Nelson
Date: 05/24/1998
Mailing address (optional):P.O. Box 217, Enterprise, Oregon 97828

Query: I am looking for information on Mary Elizabeth Spence who married (I think) Harry Wilson Bivens.  Mary was a younger sister to my Great-grandfather Henry Spence.  Mary was born in Davis Co. IA, apparently lived part of her married life in Nebraska, and between 1915 and 1918 moved to Norton Co., Kansas.  Some of her children may have been: Roy Bivens, and some of the girls may have married someone named Parks, some of their children: Richard Lee Parks and Alice Marie Parks.  Other grandchildren's names : Ronald Jay Nelson, Donna Mary Nelson; Doyle James Nelson.  If any of these names ring a bell, I would like to hear from you.  I am looking for information in particular on my GGgrandmother Sarah Ellis Spence, mother to Henry Spence, Clara, Amanda, Eliza, and Mary Spence. Thanks.

Author: Jason Hanson

Subject: CASE
Date: 05/22/1998
Query: I am looking for more information on Benson CASE, his wife Jennie BARTELS, and their children. Benson and Jennie were married 10-20-1878 in Norton and had several children there, including Walter, Clyde, Nellie and others.

Author: Shannon Hughes

Subject: Conklin
Date: 05/02/1998
Query:  I am looking for information on a Viva Catherine Conklin who was born 19 Sep 1899 in Edmond KK, which I believe is in Norton County.  I know that her fathers name was Albert, and she had a brother Hebert who was born the year after her. If this sounds familiar to anyone please e-mail me at the above address.  Thank you in advance, Shannon Hughes
Author: Scotty Roberge

Subject: SHELEY
Date: 04/22/1998
Query: Understand there is to be a SHELEY reunion in Norton, Norton Co. KS on 13 JUNE.  Can anyone involved in the reunion contact me?  I am related to the SHELEY clan and want to make contact.  Thanks, Scotty Roberge

Author: John S. Chapman

Subject: McDaniel
Date: 04/18/1998
Query: I am looking for information on William McDaniel who died in Norton Co., KS in Feb 1978. Would like to correspond and exchange data with family members. Did he die in the TB Sanitarium?

Author: Cindy Abbott

Subject: TASKER
Date: 04/17/1998
Query: Willard R. Tasker was the son of William H. Tasker and Martha Susan Gouley Tasker.  I am looking for info on William's side of the family.  Any info is helpful!

Author: James Huff

Subject: Tupper
Date: 04/16/1998
Query:I am looking for any information on Wallace Tupper who lived in the Northern part of Norton County.

Author: Dicksie KNIGHT MAY

Date: 04/15/1998
Query: Hercules JONES died 13 Jun 1926 in Norton County; his wife Elizabeth CROWELL JONES died 30 Jun 1928.  Their daughter, Nancy Jane JONES married George Washington CONKLIN.  Both Nancy Jane and George CONKLIN died in Norton County.  Would like to hear from others researching these families.

Author: Lea Shelley

Subject: SMITH ,John Cooper
Date: 04/13/1998
Query: John Cooper Smith and Evoline Smith lived in Norton 1910- 1930. Lived on son Fred Smith place in Norton Town.  Would like to find any information on them.

Author: Marvin Daniels

Subject: Arasmith
Date: 04/12/1998
Mailing address (optional): 251 Encanto Ave., Pismo Beach, CA 93449-1528

I'm looking for the offspring of Luella (Lula) Jane Brown and Sherman Edgar Arasmith.  They were married December 25, 1889 in Jewell Co., KS. They lived in Norton County, Kansas and had nine children.  Luella Brown was my g grandmother's sister.

Author: Scotty Roberge

Date: 04/09/1998
Query:  Children of BEVERLY WHITING SHELEY and wife Charlotte SAUNDERS SHELEY moved to Norton Ks from Iowa.  Gareld Hoyle SHELEY was born in Norton in 1907.  He married Adrienne Ruth BULLOCK.  They had a son Donald Gene SHELEY, born in 1935 who married Irma Eileen GRAVERHOLZ and a daughter Sandra Marie SHELEY who married Leland STUTHEIT in 1959.  Four SHELEY children married into the MILLER family.
I am doing research on Beverly and Charlotte SHELEY.  Charlotte's father was Moses Gunnel SAUNDERS.  If anyone in the Norton KS area knows of any Sheley families or can help, please give me a call.  Thanks. Scotty

Author: Chelsea LeCount

Subject: LeCOUNT
Date: 04/08/1998
Mailing address (optional): 4991 N 475 E, Leesburg, IN 46538

Query: Searching for the families of Gideon, Elijah, and possibly John LeCOUNT.

Elijah b. 2/7/1823 Ohio, d. 7/22/1901 Norton, KS.  Elijah is father to Gideon and John.  It is believed that Gideon (m. Minnie McGARITY) and several of nine children: Vern, Vester, Bertha, Elijah, Jesse, Chester, Doris, Olin, and Gladys; went to Norton Co. from Kosciusko Co., IN.  It is unknown how long this family may have stayed.  It is possible that brother John (m. Serena McGARITY) and family also went with them.

If you know this family....please help.  Thank you!


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