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Mims Mattair January 30, 2003
I'm trying to find information on a man named William CONDRA from Hutchinson, KS in the late 19th cent.  He married my great-grandmother, Laura Moran REID and brought her (and two step-daughters) to live with the family in Hutchinson.  They had one child, Maude.  They divorced toward the end of the 19th cent. Thank you. 



Rachael Hromidko February 5, 2003
My fathers name is Wilber Bruno RANDLES, he was born Jan. 17, 1928 in Hutchison. His parents were Roy and Helen RANDLES. Helens' father was Christian or Christopher Salisbury. He lived in western Kansas until sometime around 1920 when he move to Hutchison. He died around 1938.  I am unable to find any info on him...if you have any leads I would appreciate it. Thanks, 


Janet Miller February 6, 2003
I am trying to find any info on the MILLER, DRUMMOND, or McCOSKRIE families in Reno County.  Myrta McCOSKRIE was married to George F MILLER.  They had three children, Glen, Helen and Jack.  We understand that George may have died around 1919 as Mryta shows up in the 1920 census as being head of household with Jack and Helen at home.  She later married S. E. (miles?) DRUMMOND.  I haven't been able to find anything on George.    



Christina Rich February 8, 2003
I am trying to find information on the surname of JEFFERS.  The information that I have is as follows  Clayborn Huff JEFFERS, born Jan 22 1841, MT. Union, Tenn.  Married July 7, 1884 to Anna Elizabeth Jenkins in Turon, Reno Kansas.  It looks as though they had 5 children 4 of which were born in Turon, Ks.  Thomas JEFFERS Nov. 13, 1892, Ida Jeffers, Oct 15, 1887, John Jeffers Mar 12, 1889 and Ada JEFFERS, unsure of her birth. Any added information would be appreciated.


Dennis Roll February 17, 2003
ADAMS, Jim. Looking for a birth date or any info on this family. He was born to James Val Adams and Letha (Hurst) ADAMS in l919 or 1920, likely at Hutchinson, KS. His sister Jane ADAMS was born at Hutchinson on Oct. 22, 1922. Jane married a James F. Temple in 1943. Any help appreciated


Darin Scott Rohrer February 18, 2003
I am looking for birth, marriage and death record for Oscar F. ROHRER. He was born in Hutchinson, KS and lived there until entering the service during WWII. His brother, Harry ROHRER my grandfather, remained in Hutchinson until his death a couple of years ago. Any help locating any  information on Oscar ROHRER would be appreciated. email me. Thanks 



Shirley Chandler Taylor February 21, 2003
I would very much appreciate if you would share any photos of our above-listed family relatives who lived in Reno County, Kansas in the 1870's and 1880's.  I have the dates and location of the marriages of Icia Icionia Sears and Alonzo Watson but not a copy of the ORIGINAL MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, and I'm currently trying to locate Alonzo Watson's Death Certificate or information ABOUT WHAT HE DIED FROM in 1878-1881 possibly in Nickerson, Kansas.  We would like to find a copy of the ORIGINAL MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE of John L. Leniger and Icia Iciona Sears Watson Leniger's as we know the dates and location. Lillie Watson, daughter of Icia and Alonzo Watson was born 1878-1881 possibly near Nickerson, Kansas but we need an exact date and County. Ethel Leniger Barr was Icia and John Leniger's daughter who we don't have exact dates or location of her birth but possibly was in Navina, OK but she moved near possibly Nickerson, Kansas and is deceased but we don't know where she's buried.  The Cree family is related to Icia Iciona Sears but we haven't been able to establish if Icia's Sister married a Cree or how Icia was related to the Cree family. 



Valerie Anderson Regina February 26. 2003
Any information you can find on the following family would be greatly appreciated.  I am not certain that all my information is accurate.  

Descendants of Washington H. Thomas

Generation No. 1

1. WASHINGTON H.1 THOMAS1,2 was born December 04, 1832 in Pennsylvania, United States, and died September 28, 1918 in Kansas, United States. He married ADELINE WALING3,4 December 31, 1868 in Peotone, Illinois, United States5,6, daughter of THOMAS WALING and JANE GOODALL/GOODALE. She was born August 09, 1852 in Leverington Commons, Cambridgeshire, England7,8, and died December 08, 1921 in Kansas, United States9,10.


Occupation: 1910, Farmer

1880 Reno County, KS, Loda Towmship, Page 534A:
Washington Thomas, age 47, born Pennsylvania, father born New Jersey, mother born Pennsylvania, Farmer
Adeline Thomas age 27, born England, parents born England, wife
Elisabeth Thomas age 9 born KS
Lily Thomas age 7 born KS
Ida Thomas age 3 born KS
Eva Thomas age 1 born KS


1910 Reno County, KS, Loda Township, Page 226A:
Washington Thomas, age 77, born PA, father born PA, mother born NJ, marriage #1, married 41 years, Farming, General Farm
Adaline Thomas, wife, age 57, marriage #1, married 41 years, 9 children born, 5 living, born England, parents born England
Daniel Thomas, son, age 25 born KS
Fred Barger, age 12, grandson born KY (father born KY, mother born Kansas)

Residence 1.: 1880, Loda Township, Reno County, Kansas, United States
Residence 2.: 1921, Arlington, Kansas, United States


i. MARY MATILDY2 THOMAS11,12, b. December 24, 1869, Illinois, United States.
ii. HARRIET ELIZABETH THOMAS13,14, b. March 08, 1871, Kansas, United States; m. NELSON REED WHITE, 1892; b. September 21, 1861, New York, United States; d. August 04, 1932, Florida, United States.
iii. LILY MAY THOMAS15,16, b. May 23, 1873, Kansas, United States; d. 1950; m. C. B. JERAULD, February 21, 1892.
iv. GEORGIE WAGNER THOMAS17,18, b. March 01, 1875, Kansas, United States18; d. 1876, Kansas, United States.
v. IDA JANE THOMAS19,20, b. April 08, 1877, Reno County, Kansas, United States20; d. March 14, 1900; m. THOMAS BARGER, March 24, 1896.
vi. EVA ADALINE THOMAS21,22, b. May 05, 1879, Reno County, Kansas, United States; m. (1) THOMAS MCCONNELL; m. (2) ERNEST JOHNSON.
vii. LYDIA CATHERINE THOMAS23,24, b. April 06, 1881, Reno County, Kansas, United States; d. January 27, 1959; m. FRANK L. LARRANCE, January 08, 1899; b. Abt. 1877, Iowa, United States.

Believe the Frank listed below at age 3 will become the husband of Lydia????
LARRANCE/LAWRENCE family. I think this Frank must be the son of Isaac LARRANCE (see census below - Isaac was originally from Vermilion Co. IL) Frank's mother died when he was young, and his father remarried. The family also moved around a good bit between IL, IA and KS.
1880 Washington twp.,Greene,IA 13-99-8-23 #43/43
Isaac Lawrence 36 IL carpenter IL TN TN
Lyda 35 IA wife keep house IA OH IA
Holly 11 IA son school
Charles 9 IA son school
William 6 IA son school
Frank 3 IA son
Laura 1 IA dau

1910 Reno,KS 61-146-46
Isaac Larrence 64 IL living alone
viii. DANIEL HUNTER THOMAS, b. October 15, 1884, Reno County, Kansas, United States; d. October 04, 1918.
ix. OWEN DECATOR THOMAS, b. September 19, 1887, Reno County, Kansas, United States; d. August 22, 1913.
x. HESTER THOMAS, b. March 24, 1890, Reno County, Kansas, United States; d. March 28, 1890, Reno County, Kansas, United States.

Generation No. 2

2. OWEN DECATOR2 THOMAS (WASHINGTON H.1) was born September 19, 1887 in Reno County, Kansas, United States, and died August 22, 1913. He married PEARL JOHNSON March 25, 1909.


i. GILBERT DANIEL3 THOMAS, b. December 24, 1910, Norwich, Kansas, United States.




Diana Corrigan March 9, 2003
I am looking for Andrew Jackson HICKMAN that might be buried in Turon, Kansas  




Bridget Parker March 16, 2003
I am trying to find information on my husbands grandmother, Bertha Mae SEAMAN.  Born January 16, 1890.  Born in Nickerson, Reno County, KS. She was married in Fairview, OK on January 17, 1906 to Albert Vernon Parker. Can you help us out? 


Jack L. Green March 26, 2003
Looking for information on Charles H. WHEELER. Born 18 Dec 1869 in Il,
married 19 Dec 1893 in Nickerson, Reno Co., to Fannie May JOHNSON,
(Widow of Roland William MERRIFIELD) Charles died 11 Sep 1934 and Fannie
died 18 Apr 1951. Both are buried in Hutchinson. Charles was the son of
John O. WHEELER and Mary RUDDICK. Charles and Fannie had two children:
Ralph O. WHEELER and Mabel W. WHEELER.
Ralph married Laura ??.
Mabel (11 Jul 1896-27 Aug 1987)married John L. COOPER (29 Jun 1886-30
Mar 1961)
Mabel and John had one son, Jack L. COOPER (14 Sep 1930-19 Jul 1989)
Jack married Joy E. KORTE (7 Dec 1936-15 Feb 1989)
Jack and Joy had one son, Jerry Lee COOPER.

I am a descendant of Fannie May JOHNSON and her first husband, Roland
William MERRIFIELD. I would like to hear from descendants of my
grandfathers half-siblings.

Also looking for information on Gertie KENNEDY. A marriage license was
issued to her and Lewis E. MERRIFIELD on 19 Jun 1912 in Reno Co.


LaRita Neeley March 28, 2003
Need information on Jeremiah RHODES b. 1825 IL and wife Annie b. 1825 Nova Scotia,  they  were in 1880 census Clay Twp, Reno Co., 1880. They had a son William not listed on census, and four daughters, Olive, Alice, Lillie and Nellis J. who was 10 in 1880. When did Jeremiah died and where buried? Who girls married?  


Zola Riffe May 3, 2003
I am searching for Joseph ROBERTS, deceased after 1940 and his wife Lola Gertrude Runyon ROBERTS b. May 1863 d. May 1970.
In early years they lived in Pratt Co but I can find no record of them there.  I remember my Mother talking about Hutchison KS
Can anyone give any help or suggestions?  Thank you,


Diane Kuykendall May 13, 2003
MORRIS, John married to Wilkins, Rosie. Lived 30+ years in Reno County-Hutchinson. Died 1952, 1968 respectively. Looking for funeral home information. Possibly handled by Johnson and Sons or Elliot. Hope to go backwards based on death certificate info.  Also info on contacting 2nd Baptist Church of which both were members. thanks 


Mary May 19, 2003
I am trying to locate the descendents of a Herman FRIESEN that died in Feb of 1986 in Hutchinson, Reno county, Kansas. trying to find out if Katharina WINTER FRIESEN is indeed his mom, I keep running into another Herman FRIESEN born the same day that has a mom named Katherine Janzen/Jantzen  married to John Friesen. any help appreciated in locating  this  Herman FRIESEN's  children. Thanks 

5. Katharina2 Winter (Gottlieb1) was born Dec 1867 in Frank, Saratov, Russia. She married John Friesen 1890 in Marion Co, KS. He was born Jul 1867 in Russia.
Children of Katharina Winter and John Friesen are:
  22 i.   Sarah3 Friesen, born Mar 1882 in Marion Co, KS.
  23 ii.   Katharina Friesen, born Jul 1890 in Marion Co, KS.
  24 iii.   Maria Friesen, born Sep 1892 in Marion Co, KS.
  25 iv.   Aganetha Friesen, born Jan 1894 in Marion Co, KS.
  26 v.   Herman Friesen, born Nov 28, 1895 in Marion Co, KS; died Feb 1986 in Hutchinson, Reno, KS.



Ron Woldeit May 23, 2003
I have a greatparent who died in the Reno County area in 1892. Her name was Maria WILLIAMS. She died in 1892 and it has been suggested she was interred in the Turon Cemetery. 20 year later her son was buried next to her, Felix Stiles O'Flyng. He died 30 April 1912. He was a doctor in the area including Kingman. How may I go about finding their burial site in the Turon or close by cemetery? Is there is list of doctors during the 1900 time period?   Thank you in advance for any help one may bring me.




Nola Straub May 24, 2003
Manuel Benton Bush  worked his way west from Salem, IN to Turon Kansas where he met and married the daughter of James and Amanda Winsor. They lived in an around the Turon area buried two little sons in the Glendale Cemerty because of diptheria in January 1896.  Their daughter Neva Etta Bush voren Feb 9, 1890 survived.  Lawrance born in July 1896 Nevada Bell born 1897, Luella May born Nov 6, 1901 near Wellington, KS Loretta Sella 1903 and Francis Floyd Bush born 1905 before the left the Turon KS area and settled in Colorado before the birth of Talbert Russell and Leatha Wauneta.  Their daughter Neva Etna married Lester Kanslitzer at Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS son of John Lewis and Sarah Jane Albright Kanzleiter and Lester Jr was born in KS before they moved with the Bush family to Colorado.  Lillian Etta was born in Weld Co., CO before Lester and Neva moved to Tacoma, Pierce Co. WA and the daughter Bessie was born. 

James and Amanda his second wife lived and farmed by Turon and Sylvia KS.  He was buried close to Touron KS in 1908 The children by his first wife were; Margaret, George Russel, David, Lydia, John, & Emily.  Amanda's first child Catherine Elisabeth was born Aug 15, 1873 at Pittsburgh, PA and married Manuel Benton 'Bentz' Bush.  She had a sister Jennie M. Lock, brothers William, Wesley, and John Winsor some whom remained around Turon, Sylvia, and St. John area and I would love to hear from any decendants.  



Victor & Carole Krejci May 26, 2003
Trying to find infor on Samuel H and Elizabeth DAVIS who came to Turon (Reno) Kansas about 1884.  In 1887 Samuel died and is buried at the Neola Cemetery.  Would like to find a death record, obituary, anything about Samuel.  He was in the Civil war in North Carolina.  Later moved with the Jonathan DAVIS family to Greencastle Indiana.  From there came to Kansas. 


Rich June 24, 2003
I am looking for information concerning the Eastside Cemetery which is in Reno County, Kansas.
My great great grandmother's brother in law is buried there but I see no references anywhere. Has this cemetery changed it's name and if so, what is the name of the cemetery and how to I contact the see if my great great grandmother's sister is buried there. Their names were Mary and Henry "Harry" VENN and Henry passed away on 4/20/1903 and Mary passed away on 4/11/1899.   



Les Bussing July 9, 2003
I am searching for records of great and great-great grandparents. These people moved from Onondaga County, NY to Hutchison, KS (or nearby) where they bought farms  in 1884 or 1885. The first family is James G. and Eliza H. BUSSING who would have been 57 and 51 years old respectively in 1884.  The second family would be Frederick K. and Marion (or Minnie) C. BUSSING and their 1 year old son Woodrow. They would have been 31 years old in 1884. I believe Eliza H. died in or around Reno County, KS in 1890 but the rest of these two families moved to Dewey County, OK during one of the land runs in 1898. I am specifically interested in James G. BUSSING and any land or probate records he may have contracted during their time in Kansas. I would like to know who the parents were of James.



Dorothy Hinkey September 11, 2003
I am looking for information about Margaret Ellen
FICKES and Albert Franklin SMITH who lived in Hutchinson in the 1930's. Margaret's mother, Mary Jane Greeson FICKES died at her daughter's home in Hutchinson in 1935, and was buried in Taborville Cemetery in Taborville, St. Clair, Missouri with her husband James and two of her small sons. Any obituaries? or other information about this family? Pictures? Thanks, 



Dennis Yaggy Jr. September 15, 2003
I am looking for any and all YAGGY's that lived in Reno county. I am trying to up date a family tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Patricia Adamek September 17, 2003
I am searching for information about  Joseph SHECKLES, last know living in Hutchinson, Reno Co., Kansas, in December 1891, when he applied for his Civil War pension.  I believe he was single?, and in ill health (rheumatism and heart disease) and unable to work.  Witnesses for his pension application were F. S. Mitchell and Aaron O. Davis.  I am interested in census info for 1900, possible cemetery records, or any other records available.
Thank you,    



Melanie Brown November 14, 2003
I am looking for James McLANE and wife Mary J. They were on 1880 Census. Westminster TWP, Reno, Kansas.
Children were Fergus, Abigail, George, Georgeanna, Alvina, and James T. James T. was born in  March 1880 in Kansas, Alvina 1879 in Kansas. Other children born in IL. Thank you for any help.



Pat November 21, 2003
I am looking for information on SMITH, Marion moved to Hutchinson, RENO County from Beaver OK.  He was an abstractor for the H. N. Lawson Co, he had six children: Margaret, Marion Jr, Dorothy, Virginia, Jack and Jean.   He died in 1953.  I do not know his wife's name.  I am looking for any information on him or his family. Thanks


Betty Hester  December 27, 2003
I am searching for any information about Walter and Addie
RICHARDSON. They were from Iowa and moved to Hutchinson, Kansas and remained there until their deaths. They owned a grocery store. I would appreciate any information you can find. Thanks,



Michael Gene Hooley December 31, 2003
Want information on Carson H. and Ann Demoret WRAY family? who resided in Hutchinson, Kansas late 1800's to 1920.



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