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1918 Hutchinson, Kansas - Darlow Exchange Telephone

    Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. And Associated Companies

Telephone Directory
Summer 1918
Hutchinson, Kansas
Darlow Exchange

Transcribed & Submitted by Rose Stout, May 13, 2006

Note: - this symbol means Residence


Surname Name  Business Name or Advertising Address
Co-Hutchinson-5-16-Yant 1     *************
Aldrich Susan, Mrs.   Hutchinson R 5
Alternread Clyde   Hutchinson R 5
Bangs M. B., Mrs.   Hutchinson R 5
Blew Bert   Darlow
Bramwell Sidney   Hutchinson R 6
Briggs Grover    Darlow
Browser Arthur    Darlow
Bowser Geo.    Darlow
Bowser Lem   Darlow
Carter Geo.    Darlow
Caster W. S.    Darlow
Chumpp A. I.   Hutchinson R 5
Chupp M. I.   Darlow
Clark Elmer   Hutchinson R 5
Clark D. H.   Hutchinson R 5
Comstock Lee Lee Comstock Blacksmith Shop Darlow
Comstock Lee   Darlow
Cogswell   Cogswell & Stewart Store Darlow
Stewart   Cogswell & Stewart Store Darlow
Cogswell     Darlow
Couch Sam   Darlow
Darlow   Darlow Grain Co. Darlow
Deal J. M.   Bernal
Dix J. O.   Darlow
Dix M. J.   Darlow
Downs T. V.   Hutchinson R 6
Duncan Walter   Hutchinson R 6
Dye Ben   Darlow
Dye Jim   Hutchinson R5
Eagle E. A.   Hutchinson R 5
Emery J. W. Darlow Grain Co. *************
Emmert Scott   Darlow
Evans C. D.   Darlow
Evans J. F.   Darlow
Finfrock P. F.   *************
Finfrock C. J.   Darlow
Franklin Franklin Bros.   Huthicnosn R 5
Farnklin Oscar   Hutchinson R 5
Freeman Geo.   Darlow
Freeman Robt.    Darlow
Freeman S. A.   Hutchinson R 6
Gaston S. C.   Hutchinson R 6
Gillman Geo.   Hutchinson R 5
Glass J. W.   Hutchinson R 5
    Haven Lumber Co. *************
Heironomus B.   Hutchinson R 5
Hendershot A. J.    Darlow
Hipp F. J.   Hutchinson R 5
House D. C.   Darlow
Hornbaker O. F.    Darlow
Hornbaker V. W.   Darlow
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Milling Elevator Darlow
Hutchinson   "Hutchinson Milling Elevator at
Kagarice Isaac   Darlow
Kagarice J. C.   Darlow
Keekler Sam   Darlow
Kemp S. S.   Hutchinson R 5
Kent Bert   Hutchinson R 5
Klein Frank   Hutchinson R 6
Klein J. P.   Hutchinson R 6
Lamb Robt.   Darlow
Leighty Clyde    Darlow
Leighty Harper   Hutchinson R 6
Leighty Will   Darlow
Lyman H. B.   Bernal
Magnuson John   Darlow
Meadows Chas.   Darlow
Miller A. F.    Darlow
Miller Fred   Darlow
Miller J. W.   Darlow
Mills Geo.   Hutchinson R 6
Mills Jas.   Hutchinson R 6
Moore Eugene   Hutchinson R 5
Moore M.   Darlow
Moore Floyed   Darlow
Murry Geo., Mrs.   Darlow
Myers Elmer   Hutchinson R 6
McDaniel John   Darlow
McKinney Geo.   Hutchinson R 5
McMurry A. F.   Hutchinson R 6
McMurry Chas.   Darlow
McMurry Fred   Darlow
McMurry J. F.   Hutchinson R 5
McNew J. O.   Hutchinson R 6
Nea Noah   Darlow
Nichols Luther   Hutchinson R 5
Negley D. M.   Darlow
Oaks Lem   Hutchinson R 6
    Old Foll s' Home Darlow
Olson Chas.   Darlow
Parrott M.   Hutchinson R 5
Parmely E. J. E. J. Parmely Store Yoder
Peterson Slfred   Darlow
Peterson Benj.   Hutchinson R 5
Pierce W. C.   Darlow
Ramsey John   Darlow
Rexroad H. J.   Darlow
Rexroad Jas.    Darlow
Rexroad W. W.   Darlow
Rinehart H. L.    Darlow
Rinehart Ray    Berlow
Robertson F. H.   Hutchinson R 6
Robinson Will    Partridge
Shaff Henry   ************
Shaw George   Darlow
Searcy E.   Bernal
Shirk Chas.    Darlow
Showalter John   Darlow
Showalter Latin   Darlow
Showalter R. D.    Darlow
Sinn Geo.    Darlow
Stetler A. B.   Darlow
Stewart Will    Darlow
Sutton Frank   Hutchinson R 5
Swartzel Andrew   Darlow
Switzer A. M. A. M. Switzer Store Yoder
Troyer A. J.   Hutchinson R 5
Taylor W. H.   *************
Via J. M., Rev.   Hutchinson R 6
Wells Al   Darlow
Wainner W. H.   Darlow
Walker W. S. W. S. Walker Blacksmith Yoder
Watson John   Darlow
Wiliams W. S.   Hutchinson R 5
Wright Grant   Hutchinson R 5
Williams Jim    Darlow
Williams W. F. W. F. Wiliams Store Yoder
Williams W. F.   Yoder



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