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1918 Hutchinson, Kansas Telephone

    Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. And Associated Companies

Summer 1918
Hutchinson, Kansas
Telephone Directory

Transcribed & Submitted by Rose Stout, May 13, 2006

Note: - this symbol means Residence


Surname Name  Business Name or Advertising Address
H.   H. & D. Auto Supply & Storage Co. 418 North Main
Haberkorn F. J. F. J. Haberkorn Studio 418 1/2 North Main
Haberkorn F. J.   216 Twelfth West
Hadden F. A.   25 Twelfth East
Hagaman Harry   404 Fourth East
Hager A. E.   105 1/2 South Poplar
Haines F. M., Dr.   230 First West
Haines John, Jr.   325 Seventh East
Haines John, Jr.   Rural Residence
Haines L. B.   534 First East
Haines W. G.   428 First West
Haines   Haines - Miller Paint & Glass Co. 411 South Main
Hale J. O.   617 First East
Hale Minnie   828 Second East
Hale S. M., Mrs.   328 First West
Hall Chas. E.   815 Ave A East
Hall J. O. J. O. Hall Supt. Of Schools, Office High School
Hall J. O.   21 Eleventh East
Hall L. M., Rev.   616 Fourth East
Hall Lee   South Hutchinson
Hall R. L.   1820 North Main
Hall Ross E.   735 Ave A East
Hall W. E.   328 Ave F East
Hall W. V.   421 Ave A East
Hall   Bolin - Hall Grain Co. 712 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hall   Drs. Hall & Gage, Office 702-703 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hall   Hall - Ragland Abstract Co. 10 Sherman East
Hall   Hall Lumber C. 732 First East
Haller Cora   125 Tenth East
Hallett Guy E.   202 Ninth West
Halley H. W.   123 Park
Hambaugh C. M.   101 Seventh East
Hambric Roscoe   203 Fifth West
Hamby W. S.   823 Sherman East
Hamer Edna   120 Fifth West
Hamilton C. L.   227 Ave A East
Hamilton Chas., Mrs.   228 Twelfth East
Hamilton E. F.   705 Fourth East
Hamilton F. H.   732 Sherman East
Hamilton H. M.   Rural Residence
Hamilton Homer   827 Ave A East
Hamilton Pat   South Hutchinson
Hamilton W. D.   108 South Elm
Hamilton W. F.   1228 1/2 North Main
Hamilton Wm. D. Wm. D. Hamilton Sign Co. 14 First East
Hamlin M.   127 Sixth West
Hamlin Sadie, Mrs.   409 1/2 North Main
Hamma H.   Rural Residence
Hammond A. H.   Rural Residence
Hammond L. R.   427 Ave C East
Hammond Lloyd   Rural Residence
Hammond R. H.   10 North Elm
Hammond R. H., Mgr. A. & A. Drug Co., R. H. Hammond, Mgr. 106 North Main
Hammond W. M.   Rural Residence
Hampel   Hampel Auto Co. 7 South Walnut
Hamsey Herbert E.   403 Thirteenth East
Hanan T. D.   724 Seventh East
Hand Etta, Miss   311 1/2 North Main
Handy E. S., Mrs.   416 First East
Handy G. G.   323 Ave A East
Haney O. T.   1716 North Monroe
Hanlin J. F.   1211 North Main
Hanlin   Hanlin Hardware Company 109 North Main
Hanning Fred   South Hutchinson
Hanson Chris   820 Fifth East
Hanson J. H.   105 Fifth West
Hanson   Hanson Bread Co. 9 Ave F East
Hantz George   27 1/2 Sherman East
Harbaugh H. A.   207 Eighth West
Harbold Q. B.   22 Fourth West
Hardcastle M., Mrs.   511 Ninth West
Hardy Geo. A.   411 First West
Hardy Noah   202 Twelfth West
Hardy   Hardy Realty Immigration Co. 7 Masonic Bldg
Harlan W. V. W. V. Harlan Grocery 600 Sixth West
Harley   Harley - Davidson Cycle Co. 26 Second West
Harmon A. A. Harmon Butter Store 313 North Main
Harmon A.   115 Ave F East
Harmon V. C.   314 Fifteenth West
Harmony C. W.   322 Ninth East
Harmony W. J.   423 Ave E East
Harney R. J.   919 North Plum
Harold E. D.   327 Seventh West
Harp W. H.   305 Sixth West
Harper J. H. J. H. Piano Dealer 108 North Main
Harper J. H.   115 Tenth West
Harris E.   601 Nineteenth West
Harris Frank   506 1/2 South Main
Harris Sam T.   129 1/2 Ave A East
Harris Tom   311 Ave B West
Harris W. B.   418 Eleventh East
Harrison Floyd   109 Sherman East
Harrison G. M.   501 Ave D West
Harrison J. M.   Rural Residence
Harrison J. W. J. W. Harrison & Co. Real estate & Insurance 5 1/2 North Main
Harrison W. H.   229 Ave G West
Harsah J. P.   207 Ave A East
Hartford Henry   410 Fourth East
Hartman Henry   321 First West
Hartman Joe   302 Sixth East
Hartman O. W.   16 Twelfth West
Hartwell J. J.   827 Fifth East
Hartzell M. C.   532 First East
Hartzell N. C.   28 Fourth East
Haskard H. J.   318 Ninth West
Haskard   Harkard - Reo Motor Co. 17 First West
Hassler   Hassler Shock Absorber Agency 123 Sherman East
Hastings Walter H.   306 Thirteenth East
Haston Samuel   205 South Ford
Hatfield Fannie, Mrs.   201 Ave A West
Hatfield H. P.   421 Ave A West
Hatfield Jos. T.   South Hutchinson
Haun Chas. L.   215 Ninth West
Hausam George   915 Ave A East
Hausam J. U.   548 Sherman East
Hausam Jay   204 Thirteenth West
Hausam Jay   724 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hawkins F. J.   318 Tenth West
Hawkins M. H.   407 Park
Hawkins W. B.   1522 North Washington
Hawley Pearl L.   105 Fifth East
Hawley W. E.   500 Fifth West
Hawley   The Hawley Grocery, D. Vannata, Prop. 29 Fifth West
Hayden B. M.   20 Fourteenth East
Hayes J.   102 Ninth West
Hayes J. W.   918 North Poplar
Hayes John  John Hayes Gain Co. 708 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hayes M. (Ideal Grocery) 1303 North Main
Hazell I. W.   404 North Monroe
Hazen H. D.   1600 Fourth East
Headley C. H.   19 Fourth East
Heaps H. H.   324 Fourth East
Heath Lester   815 North Maple
Heb S. Z.   503 Ave B East
Hedden F. M.   503 Sixth East
Hedrick Capt.   22 Seventeenth East
Hedrick W. L.   420 Sherman West
Heim George   412 North Walnut
Heinley C. A.   407 Fourth East
Heinley C. A.   826 Sherman East
Helfenbein D.   206 Ave A East
Helms E. H. E. H. Helms Electric Works 20 Sherman West
Helms E. H.   324 Ave A East
Helms   Helms Electric Co. (half page ad)  
Helmuth J. D.   406 Ave C East
Henderson W. C.   117 Twelfth West
Hendricks Ralph B.   229 Sixth East
Hendrickson C. P.   214 Tenth West
Hendrickson Cole   226 Twelfth East
Hendrickson J. P.   Stewart Apts., 807 North Main
Henney Fred   117 Fourteenth East
Henry H.   Corner Ave D & Walnut, South Hutchinson
Herman J. F., Mrs.   208 Thirteenth East
Hern Fred   328 Ave A West
Hern G. T.   321 First East
Hern   Hern Grain Co. South Hutchinson
Herndon J. F.   751 Ave F East
Herning Edwin J.   408 Eleventh West
Herr B. F., Mrs   703 Ave A East
Herr J. N.   Reformatory
Herrick C. D.   129 Tenth East
Herron I. W.   Rural Residence
Hershberger R. P.   218 Sherman East
Herwig L. C.   414 North Walnut
Hess A. S.   228 Sherman East
Hess Delbert   Rural Residence
Hess Jomer F.   306 Eleventh East
Hess Rhoda, Mrs.   103 First West
Hess   Hess Feed Store 129 South Main
Hettinger F. P.   513 Sherman East
Hettinger James   615 Sherman East
Hettinger   Hettinger Bros., Attorneys, Office 8 Masonic Temple
Hibbert James, Mrs.   328 Sherman West
Hickerson H. H. Hickerson Plumbing Co. 402 North Main
Hickerson  H.   14 Sixth West
Hickman O. O. Hickman American Central Life 406 First National Bank Bldg
Hickman D. D.   112 Ninth West
Hickman Overton   109 Fifth East
Hickman W. B.   716 Seventh East
Hicks Thomas G.   Rural Residence
Hiestand Mildred   700 Third East
Higginbotham T. L., Dr.   105 Ave A East
High R. M.   814 North Washington
Hildebrand A. T.   1100 Sixth East
Hildyard B. M.   104 Twelfth East
Hildyard G. B. People's Second - Hand Store & Repair Shop, G. B. Hildyard 8 Third East
Hildyard G. B.   219 Second East
Hile W. R.   524 Sherman West
Hill Blaine   Rural Residence
Hill C. W.   518 First East
Hill E. B.   522 Eighth East
Hill Edith   327 Ave B East
Hill Fred   Rural Residence
Hill James C.   404 Ave A West
Hill Joseph   Rural Residence
Hill L. B.   801 Ave C East
Hill Mary B.   811 Seventh East
Hill Maybelle E.   115 Ave A East
Hill R. C.   103 Thirteenth West
Hill R. L.   403 First West
Hill S. G.   120 Thirteenth West
Hill Thomas   405 Ave E East
Hill   Hill - Howard Motor Co. 129 Sherman East
Hilleary M. E.   313 Seventh East
Hills D. W.   811 Sherman East
Hines   Hines Plumbing Co. 419 Sixth West
Hinman M. E.   20 Fifteenth East
Hinman   Hinman - Yates Grain Co. 802-803 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hinshaw J. H.   103 North Maple
Hipple F. E.   Rural Residence
Hipple F. E.   20 Ninth East
Hipple F. E., Mgr. Hutchinson Terminal Elevator, F. E. Hipple, Mgr. east of City
Hipple Floyd J.   304 Thirteenth East
Hipple G. C.   314 Thirteenth East
Hipple Geo. E.   414 Ave A East
Hipple K. E.   10 Seventeenth East
Hipple   Hostutler & Hipple Clothiers 105 North Main
Hirst Samuel   402 Ave B East
Hirth A.   227 Eight West
Hirth Charles   814 First West
Hise A. M.   109 Ave A East
Hitchcock C. O.   723 Ave A East
Hoag T. B.   Rural Residence
Hoagland A C.   336 Sherman East
Hoagland B. S. B. S. Hoagland, Office 725 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hoagland M.   216 Fifth West
Hoagland R. S. R. S. Hoagland, Dentist, Office 725 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hoagland R. S.   1403 Fourth East
Hoagland   Hoagland Clothing Co. 127 North Main
Hobbs Elva L.   24 Seventh West
Hobson Maggie   519 Ave G East
Hockaday Ray   107 1/2 South Poplar
Hockaday   Hockaday Auto Supply Co. 27 Sherman East
Hocker L. P.   110 Eleventh East
Hodges E. M.   605 Ninth East
Hodgson Bert W.   Rural Residence
Hodgson W. L.   Rural Residence
Hoefer H. E.   221 Ave B West
Hoefer   Hoefer & Burdick 16 North Washington
Hoffhines B.   28 Ninth West
Hoffhines W. H.   508 North Walnut
Hoffman Harry G.   714 Fifth West
Hoffman J. H.   512 North Main
Hofsess Geo. W.   312 Seventh West
Hogan Ed U. W.  G. & E. Co., Ed Hogan, Arc Light Trouble 512 Sherman West
Hogan Ed   512 Sherman West
Hoggatt R. V.   109 South Washington
Hogue C. F.   210 Fourth East
Hogue H. C.   107 Sixteenth East
Hoke J. S. J. S. Hoke Real Estate Office 19 Hoke Bldg
Hoke J. S.   223 Fourth East
Holaday Dr., Dentist Drs. Coffin & Holaday, Dentists 704 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Holdaday Lloyd D.   111 Ave E East
Holdeman A. R.   Rural Residence
Holden Mamie   14 Tenth East
Holdren Cora E., Dr. Dr. Cora E. Holdren, Office 19 1/2 North Main
Holdren Cora E., Dr.   600 Sherman East
Holdren Frank   416 Fifth East
Holladay D. D. Holladay Grocery 422 South Main
Holland   Holland Bros. Rural Residence
Holley W. W.   729 Seventeenth West
Holley   Holley - Nicholson Investment Co. 24 1/2 North Main
Hollingsworth E. A.   500 Sherman West
Holloway A. L., Dr. Dr. A. L. Hollingsworth, Office 5 1/2 North Main
Holloway A. L., Dr.   313 First East
Holloway Fannie   117 Seventeenth West
Holloway Geo. G.   21 Thirteenth East
Holloway Geo. W.   South Hutchinson
Holloway J. C.   South Hutchinson
Holloway Joe   1305 North Monroe
Holloway W. D.   608 Twelfth West
Holmes Carrie   403 First East
Holmes John E.   402 Fourth East
Holmes L. G.   702 Seventh East
Holmes W. O.   430 Sherman West
Holt E. L.   Rural Residence
Holt James   502 First West
Holt W. J.   20 Fourteenth West
Holtzclaw C. R.   520 Seventh East
Holzirchter Henry   23 Fifth West
Home   Home Employment Agency 27 1/2 South Main
Home   Home Smoker 314 North Main
Home   Home Theatre 203-205 South Main
Home   Home Theatre Barber Shop 201 South Main
Hood Chas.   806 Ave A East
Hood Chas., Prop. Golden Rule Press, Chas. Hood, Prop. 7 Sherman East
Hood Geo. F.   823 Seventh East
Hook H. C., Dr. Dr. H. C. Hook, Office Room 15 Hoke Bldg
Hook Ila M.   324 Ave C East
Hooper J. W.   401 North Elm
Hooper S. J., Mrs.   28 Ave G East
Hopper J. C.   721 Ave A East
Hopper W. O.   1227 Seventh East
Horn Minerva B.   16 1/2 South Main
Horne Joe D.   512 Seventh East
Horner Jack   102 Fourteenth East
Horr J. P.   1010 Third East
Horr J. V.   827 Eighth East
Hoskinson C. O.   925 Tenth East
Hosmer M. J.   312 Eleventh East
Hostelter A. E.   926 Ave A East
Hostetter Samuel E.   214 Twelfth East
Hostutler John E.   312 Third East
Hostutler P. H.   531 Ave A East
Hostutler   Hostutler & Hipple Clothiers 105 North Main
Hotchkiss R. R.   21 Twelfth East
Houck J. E.   Rural Residence
Householder E., Mrs. Savoy Rooms, Mrs. E. Householder 17 1/2 Second West
Houston Jeff, Mrs.   Rural Residence
Houston Joe E.   706 Seventh East
Houston   Houston - Zimmerman Merc. Co. 112-114 South Main
Houston   Houston & Doughty Lbr. Co. 15 Fourth East
Howard C.   620 Ave C East
Howard Flossie   119 Ave F East
Howard J. L.   107 Ninth East
Howard Laura, Mrs.   23 Fifteenth West
Howard T. A.   401 Thirteenth East
Howard W. E.   727 Ave B East
Howard   Hill - Howard Motor Co. 129 Sherman East
Howe Olive, Mrs.   21 Eighth West
Hower L. E., Mrs.   806 North Monroe
Hower W. H.   316 Twelfth West
Hubbard J. S.   315 Seventh East
Huckstep Pearl   115 Ave F West
Hudson H. C.   Rural Residence
Hudson J. J.   227 Fifth East
Huff James J.   521 Sixth East
Huff L. B., Mrs.   803 Ave C East
Huffines Dane   325 Fifth East
Huffines M. J.   325 Fifth East
Huffines Mrs.   325 Fifth East
Huffman J. O.   1103 Sixth East
Huffman L. M.   310 Seventh West
Hugaton   Hugaton Elev. & Wholesale Co. 806 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hughes Emma, Mrs.   425 North Plum
Hughes I. H.   902 Tenth East
Hughes J. B.   1527 North Washington
Hughes P. P.   17 Fourteenth East
Hughes W. H.   829 Sherman East
Hulse W. E. W. E. Hulse Architect 207 First National Bank Bldg
Hulse W. E.   411 Twelfth West
Hults M. I. M. I. Hults, Dentist, Office 705-706 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hults M. I., Dr.   105 Ave A East
Humbert James   1200 Sixth East
Humbert John   1201 Sixth East
Hume E. P.   115 North Maple
Humphreys C. H.   218 Eleventh East
Hunsley G. A. G. A. Hunsley Grocery 102 North Pershing
Hunt A. D.   324 Campbell East
Hunt Orville E. Orville E. Hunt Piano Tuner 406 Sherman West
Hunter Paul R.   404 Tenth West
Hurty A.   Rural Residence
Hurty John   621 First East
Hurty Oscar   701 First East
Hurty Richard   1005 Second East
Hutchinson H. W.   116 North Elm
Hutchinson Nellie   407 Eleventh West
Hutchinson W. C., Prof.   319 Fourth East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Assembly 27 1/2 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Auto Top Factory 829 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Auto Tire Repair Co. 5 South Walnut
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Bakery 24 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Bldg. & Loan Ass'n 819 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Boiler Works 19 Ave D West
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Box, Board & Paper Mill East Hutchinson
Hutchinson    Hutchinson Candy Co. 413 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Creamery Co. 502 Fourth East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Egg Case Filler Co. East Hutchinson
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Electric & Repair Co. 303 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Exide Battery Station 107 Sherman East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Family Wash Laundry 308 Ave E East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Flour Mills Ave C & Maple
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Flour Mills Whiteside Elevator
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Foundry & Machine Works Corner Ave D & Washington
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Gas & Fuel Co. 14 Sherman East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Grain Co. 801 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Hospital 700 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Ice Co., E. A. York, Supt. 301 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Ice Co., J. C. Baddeley, Mgr. 301 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Implement Co. 17 Sherman East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Interurban Ry Co. 303 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Iron & Metal Company (adv.) 610 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Lumber & Planing Mill 13 Sherman West
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Lumber Co., Office (ad) 13 West Sherman
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Mattress Co. 914 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Monument Works 120 Sherman East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Motor Car Co. 101 Sherman East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 7-8-9 McCurdy Bldg
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Novelty Works, C. N. Brown 16 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Office Supply & Printing Co. 100 Sherman East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Oil Co. 319 Ave C West
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Oil Co. 308 First National Bank Bldg
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Paint & Decorating Co. 308 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Paint & Decorating Co. (ad) 312 N. Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Petroleum & Brokerage Co. 618 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Poultry Co., F. L. Reader, Mgr. 601 First West
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Produce Co. Third & Washington
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Refining Co. Fourth East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Rug Factory, B. O. Copenhaver 604 First West
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Saddlery Co. 207 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Tent & Awing Co. 108 1/2 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Terminal Elevator, F. E. Hipple, Mgr. east of City
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Traffic Bureau 8th Floor Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Transfer & Storage Co. 310 South Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Trunk Factory 324 North Main
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Vinegar Works 201 Third East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Wholesale Grocery Co., J. H. Tudor 116- 118 Second East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Wholesale Grocery Co., Sales Dept. 116-118 Second East
Hutchinson   Hutchinson Board of Trade 809 Roarabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Hutto C. J.   822 Sherman East
Hutton Emmett   320 Sherman East
Hutton S. F.   212 Sherman East
Hutton   Hutton & Oswald Rural Residence
Huxman W. A.   324 Fifth East
Hysom S. D.   Rural Residence
Hyter H. A.   104 Crescent Blvd
I. O. O. F.   I. O. O. F. Hall 100 Sherman West
Ideal   Ideal Shoe Shop 14 1/2 First East
Igou H. T.   200 Twelfth West
Ijams J. H.   Rural Residence
Imel John T.   Rural Residence
Immer G. C.   516 Seventh East
Ineeda   Ineeda Laundry 534 Ave C East
Ingham B. H.   114 Eighth East
Innis J. B.   415 Sherman West
International   International Correspondence Schools 1523 North Washington
International   International Harvester Co., of America 4-6-8 Ave D West
Irwin I. L.   1116 North Forest
Ives F. LeRoy   Careyville
Ivey B. F., Mrs B. F. Ivey Groceries & Grain Whiteside
Jack B. E.   413 First East
Jackson A. C.   115 Ninth West
Jackson A. J.   603 Ave A East
Jackson C. L.   509 North Adams
Jackson F.M.   317 Ave E East
Jackson Frank   503 Sherman West
Jackson H. L.   111 Fifth West
Jackson J.   224 Thirteenth West
Jackson T. E.   701 Fifth East
Jackson's   Jackson's Confectionery 412 1/2 North Main
Jacobs Mae, Mrs.   210 First West
Jacobus W. P. W. P. Jacobus Columbian Life Ins. Co. 520 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Jacobus W. P.   71 Ave A East
Jamison Chester   28 1/2 North Main
Jarvis D. H.   522 Ave B West
Javis Alex   1404 Second East
Jeffs Fred   Rural Residence
Jenkins   Jenkins Music Co. 122 North Main
Jenkins   The Music Maker Victrola
The Music House Jenkins (ad)
(none given)
Jenks H. L., Mrs.   114 Fourth West
Jenks W. A.   324 Tenth West
Jennings C. A., Mrs.   729 Ave B East
Jennings C. D.   100 Twelfth East
Jennings Tom, Mrs.   729 Ave B East
Jensen S. K. S. K. Jensen Ice Cream Co. 1001 South Main
Jensen S. K.   South Hutchinson
Jersey   Jersey Dairy (C. Williamson) Rural Residence
Jessup B. L.   No. 2, Washington Terrace
Jewell A. M.  A. M. Jewel Real Estate Office 21 North Main
Jewell A. M.   209 Ave A East
Jitney   Jitney Station 5 South Main
Jobe May, Mrs.   903 Seventh East
Johns Wm.   Rural Residence
Johnson A. E., Mrs.   215 Eighth East
Johnson Alfered   614 Fourteenth West
Johnson Bradley   1119 Eleventh West
Johnson Buford   1301 Fifth East
Johnson Charles   316 Ave B West
Johnson Cynthia   800 North Plum
Johnson E. L. E. L. Johnson Horseshoer 18 Ave B West
Johnson E. L.   212 Ave B West
Johnson Eason A.   514 Sherman West
Johnson H.   620 Twelfth West
Johnson Henry A.   Rural Residence
Johnson Herbert W.   328 Tenth East
Johnson Ida F.   124 Ave B West
Johnson James, Mrs.   1013 Second East
Johnson John   Rural Residence
Johnson John C.   506 North Maple
Johnson Lytle   721 Eighth East
Johnson M. P., Mrs.   901 Fifth East
Johnson Mrs. Johnson & Sons Ambulance, Lung Motor, Invalid Bed & Chairs, Funeral Home, Mrs Johnson (ad) 134 East Sherman
Johnson Oscar, Mrs.   305 Ave D West
Johnson P. W., Dr.   118 Ave A East
Johnson Park, Mrs.   120 Tenth West
Johnson Peter   Rural Residence
Johnson S. F.   126 Ave B East
Johnson W. L.   211 First West
Johnson W. Theo.   733 Fourth East
Johnson Zack   550 Ave F East
Johnson   Johnson & Son Undertakers 134 Sherman East
Johnston F. H.   113 Eighth West
Johnston F. W.   101 Sixth West
Johnston O. S.   1200 North Main
Johnston U. P.   214 Sixth East
Johnston W. E.   314 Eighth West
Johnston W. P.   214 Sixth East
Johnston   Johnston - Chappell Furniture Co. 113 South Main
Jolly C. E.   506 Ave B East
Jolly John   225 Second East
Joner R. Y., Dr.   504 First National Bank Bldg
Jones A. H.   Rural Residence
Jones A. T.   206 Tenth East
Jones Alice, Mrs.   100 Fourteenth West
Jones Allen   608 Ave B East
Jones Anna, Mrs.   111 1/2 South Main
Jones C. A.   107 Fourteenth West
Jones E.   426 Sherman West
Jones E. P.   119 Fourteenth West
Jones Ed G.   805 Sixth East
Jones Edwin P.   609 Ave B East
Jones Fred   1202 North Main
Jones Fred   114 South Adams
Jones G. C.   825 Third East
Jones G. P., Mgr Magic Laundry, G. P. Jones, Mgr. 611 Ave E East
Jones George S.   205 Eleventh West
Jones Hal E.   604 Fifteenth West
Jones Harry, Mrs.   402 1/2 North Main
Jones I. J. I. J. Jones, Dentist, Office 612-613 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Jones Jerome   129 Eleventh West
Jones L L.   702 Ninth East
Jones Leona   209 Tenth East
Jones Lura A., Mrs.   21 Fifteenth West
Jones Monroe W., Dr.   1210 North Main
Jones Pete   528 First East
Jones R. S.   Rural Residence
Jones R.Y., Dr.   1208 North Main
Jones Robert R.   407 First West
Jones Seth   311 Seventh East
Jones T. A., Dr.   300 Sixteenth West
Jones W. A., Mrs.   815 Ave B East
Jones W. H.   115 Eleventh West
Jones W. M.   606 Ave A East
Jones Walter F. Walter F. Jones City Attorney 603 First National Bank Bldg
Jones Walter F.   129 Eleventh East
Jones   Grimes & Jones, Monument Works 120 Sherman East
Jones   Jones & Son, Shoes 16 North Main
Jones   Jones & Sterritt, Office 506 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Jones   Jones Hand Laundry 14 Fifth West
Jordan Eugene   705 North Main
Jordan J. M.   208 Ave A East
Jordan L. J.   Careyville Addition
Jordan Rebecca E.   712 Third East
Jordan W. H. W. H. Jordan Real Estate & Loans 407 North Main
Joslin Lottie, R.N.   309 Ave F East
Judy S. G.   Rural Residence
Junior   Junior Red Cross Convention Hall
Jurgens A. R.   630 Nineteenth West
Justice Geo.   714 North Monroe
Justice H. C., Dr.   502 First East
Justice Richard   Rural Residence
K. & P.   K. & P. Lodge 14 1/2 South Main
Kaffman S.   302 Tenth West
Kagarice Elizabeth, Dr.   526 Eighth East
Kagarice Isaac   Rural Residence
Kagarice J. C.   526 Eighth East
Kain M. L., Rev.   14 North Maple
Kanatzar H. H.   119 Sixteenth East
Kansas   Kansas Chemical Mfg. Co. North Chemical Ave
Kansas   Kansas Centeral Indemnity Co. 1 Times Bldg
Kansas   Kansas Fraternal Citizens, State Office 2nd floor Bunker Bldg
Kansas   Kansas Grain Co., L. B. Young 12 Second West
Kansas   Kansas Hide Co. 20 Ave F West
Kansas   Kansas Life Co., G. K. Perrin, Gen. Agt. 405 First National Bank Bldg
Kansas   Kansas Lumber Co. 703-705 South Main
Kansas   Kansas Packing Co., Plant Fourth East
Kansas   Kansas State Fair Grounds Fair Grounds
Kansas   Kansas State Fair, Office Room 7, Times Bldg
Kansas   Kansas State Grain Inspector Dept. 619 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Kansas   Missouri & Kansas Bell Telephone Co. 101 Second East
Kathary C. J.   635 First East
Kaths F. W.   306 Sixth West
Kauffman C. M.   512 North Poplar
Kauffman J. G.   Rural Residence
Kay C. C.   306 Second West
Kean L. T., Miss   300 First West
Kearney Margaret   211 Fifth West
Keckler S. J.   102 Seventh East
Keddie Thomas   102 Seventh East
Keedy Guy   Rural Residence
Kehoe James   17 Sixth East
Keigley L. M.   18 Fifteenth West
Kellam R. C. "Nichols & Shepherd Co., R. C. Kellam, Salesman" 124 Second West
Kellam R. C.   19 Thirteenth West
Keller C. V.   206 Second East
Keller J. Henry   408 Fourth East
Keller Victor E.   330 Sherman West
Kellerman John   South Hutchinson
Kelley C. C.   121 Eleventh East
Kelley W.   515 Sherman East
Kelley W. R.   324 Seventh West
Kellogg M. J., Mrs.   400 North Monroe
Kellogg W. E.   1400 North Monroe
Kelly A. J.   827 Tenth East
Kelly E. E.   417 Ave A East
Kelly W. E.   908 Ave A East
Kelly W. N.   18 Fifteenth East
Kelly Wm. Wm. Kelly Milling Co. 406 South Main
Kelsey Harrison D.   219 Ave A East
Kelsey Harrison D., Prop. Golden Rule Grocery, Harrison D. Kelsey, Prop. 321 North Main
Kelsey John E.   206 First East
Kelsey W. H.   717 North Main
Kennedy E. B., Mrs.   Rural Residence
Kennedy Eugene H.   509 Fifth East
Kent A. E.   227 Eleventh West
Kent Bert   320 North Woodard
Kent L. S.   319 Fifth East
Kent   Atwater - Kent Service Station 20 Sherman West
Kerfoot E. L.   614 Fourth East
Kern   Kern Bros., Ladies' Garments 20 North Main
Kerns C. E.   902 North Plum
Kerr W. S.   220 Sixth East
Kerrick   Kerrick Grocery 201 South Reformatory
Kershner George   535 Third East
Kershner Henry   319 North Ford
Kershner P. I.   303 Ave A East
Kessler C. H.   310 North Maple
Kessler S. C.   226 Bigger East
Key J. E.   Edgewood Farm
Keys S. P.   322 Fourth East
Keys W. J. W. J. Keys, Dentist, Office 302 First National Bank Bldg
Keys W. J., Dr.   200 Twelfth East
Keystone   Keystone Grocery 1007 North Washington
Kidwell G. E.   311 Eighth East
Kiles Edward C.   317 Fourth East
Kiles Ina Hughes, Mrs.   317 Fourth East
Kiles Walter, Mrs.   704 Sixth East
Kimball W. C.   626 Sixth East
Kincaid G. F.   412 Fifth East
Kincaid O. E.   212 Fifth East
King A. E.   126 Thirteenth East
King Alf. C.   307 Eighth East
King C. H.   114 North Plum
King E. J.   Rural Residence
King Ed.   607 Sixth East
King G. G.   17 Ninth West
King H. F.   222 Eighth West
King J. D., Dr.   214 Eleventh West
King Newt. G.   326 Fourth East
King Robert E.   600 Eighth West
King S.   Rural Residence
King   King Bros., Fulton Market 409 North Main
King   Ramsey - King Electric Company 402 North Main
King A. C.   704 Third East
King's   King's Auto Supply 824 South Main
Kinkel John M.   State Exchange Bank Bldg
Kinkel W. P.     1 Crescent Blvd
Kinkel   Kinkel Agency, Insurance & Loan Office State Exchange Bank Bldg
Kinnamon Setella   316 Eleventh East
Kint Alice   612 Eighth East
Kintzel P. H., Mrs.   228 Bigger East
Kirby Caleb L.   1715 North Locust
Kirk A. E.   4 Crescent Blvd
Kirk M. H.   119 Ave E West
Kirkpatrick J. W.   414 Ave B West
Kissick W. E.   520 Seventh West
Kite Martin L.   600 Ave B. West
Kitterman C. H.   1323 North Adams
Kitzmiller I. A.   606 North Monroe
Kitzmiller Wyley W. Wyley W. Kitzmiller, Practical Plumber 523 Eighth East
Kitzmiller   Kitzmiller Garage 115 Second East
Kleis William   606 Third East
Kline N. N.   916 North Poplar
Klippel C., Dr. Dr. C. Klippel Office 705 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Klippel C., Dr.   402 First East
Knieper C.   201 Twelfth West
Knight Permelia, Mrs.   16 Seventh East
Knightly R. J.   625 Seventh East
Knights   Knights of Columbus 415 1/2 North Main
Knorr W. A.   109 Sixth East
Knorr   Knorr - Schlaudt 223 South Main
Knorr   Knorr - Schlaudt Overall Factory 417 1/2 South Main
Knott Hattie, Mrs.   422 Ave B West
Knowles John F.   Room 12, 17 1/2 First East
Knowles John F., Mrs.   118 First East
Knox W. H.   205 Ave B West
Koch A. F.     209 Ave A West
Koelling W. J., Dr.  W. J. Koelling, Osteopathic Physician Room 3, 126 1/2 North Main
Koelling W. J., Dr.   119 First West
Koelsch J. J.   Crescent Blvd
Kolbohm H. P.   202 Seventeenth East
Koontz Harvey   121 Eleventh West
Krause F. W.   527 First East
Kress   Kress .05, .10 & .25 Store 111-113 North Main
Krick  L. M.   525 Sixth West
Kroeker A.   26 Campbell East
Krous A. D.  A. D. Krous & Co., Real Estate Office 122 North Main
Krous A. D.   706 North Main
Krous J. C.   114 Sixth East
Krueger Fred   Rural Residence
Kurtze Otto   402 North Van Buren
Lackey C. E.   Thirtieth & Main
Lackey Frank   214 Fourth East
Ladd C. B.   216 Tenth West
Ladies   'Ladies' Sample Shop 125 1/2 North Main
Lake C. W.   428 Sherman West
Lamberth Ralph   South Hutchinson
Lamborn Ben V.   28 Tenth East
Lamborn Dill, Mrs.   209 Ninth West
Lamont G. J.   206 Ninth West
Lancaster Arthur W.   Rural Residence
Lancaster W. L.   Rural Residence
Lander A. G.   501 Ave B East
Landis L. F.   1000 Ninth East
Langford Lee   Rural Residence
Lanning J. W.   937 Ninth East
Lanyon   Scott - Lanyon Cash Drug Co. 28 South Main
Lappin Petterson, N. J.   822 Ave A East
Larabee   Larabee Mills Fourth Floor Hoke Bldg
Larabee   Larabee Mills Ave A East
Lareau R., Mrs.   601 Eighth West
Larkin's   Larkin's Hotel, R. H. 101 Second West
Larson Chas. J.   9 Atwood Flats
Larson F. E.   807 Sherman East
Lasson   Lasson Hat Company 4 South Main
Lathrop   Peirson - Lathrop Grain Co. 807 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Laughton C. W.   519 Seventh East
Launderdale E. S.   118 Ave B West
Lawrence Clara   719 Eleventh West
Lawson L. R.   101 Seventeenth East
Lawson E. A.   719 Eleventh West
Lawson J. H.   28 Thirteenth West
Layman Andrew   730 Ave A East
Layman R. C.   307 Twelfth East
Leader   Leader Clothiers, Rust & Carl 27 South Main
Leader   Leader Grocery, P. W. Phillips 1016 North Poplar
Leaman T. B.   Rural Residence
Leasure Chester   528 Sherman East
Leclere A.S.   704 Sherman East
Lee Chas. R.   924 Ave A East
Lee G. T.     106 Fifteenth East
Lee G. W.   124 North Main
Lee H. G.   Chrisman's Orchard
Lee J. F.   1205 Fourth East
Lee R. B.   105 First East
Lee S. H.   102 Fifteenth East
Lee Wm.   200 Eleventh West
Leeburg F. H.   121 Fifteenth East
Leeburg John G.   Rural Residence
Lefler Felix   726 Fifth East
Legett J. J.   521 Seventh East
Lehr Frank   Whiteside Farm
Lehr Geo. F.   708 North Walnut
Leigh A. B.   23 Sixteenth East
Leigh O. K.   409 Ave B East
Leighty Pearl, Miss   908 North Walnut
Leimbach P. J., Mrs.   525 Sherman East
Leis J. S.   612 Ave E East
Lemmon F. L.   404 Eleventh West
Lemon C. W.  Partridge Oil & Gas Co., C. W. Lemon, Mgr. 512 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Lemon C. W.   512 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Lemon Carl W.   Rosemont Apts
Lemon Elmer   Rural Residence
Lentz Fred S.   529 Sherman West
Lenz M.   425 Sherman East
Leonard C. A.   1115 North Main
Leonard Chas.   507 Ninth East
Leonard Harry, Mrs.   206 Seventh West
Leshure J. H.   329 First West
Leslie J. H.   1000 North Main
Lewis Arthur H.   626 Sherman East
Lewis Frank   208 Fifth East
Lewis Gregg   123 Ninth West
Lewis H. S.   303 Sherman East
Lewis J. A.   300 Carpenter East
Lewis J. W., Jr.   113 First East
Lewis K. Mayo   124 Thirteenth East
Lewis Rose, Mrs.   306 Ninth West
Lewis W. H.   221 First East
Lewis   Lewis Tailoring & Dry Cleaning 22 First East
Library   Public Library 427 North Main
Liebman Al   330 Fifth West
Liebmann Walter Z.   703 Ninth East
Lieser C. M.   428 Ave C East
Lieser G. W. Pullman Cage (G. W. Lieser) 8 South Main
Light H. C.   816 Ave B East
Light W. H.   326 Ave A East
Lillibridge C. C.   222 Tenth West
Lindas Ed S.   506 Ave A East
Lindas   Lindas Lumber Co. 703-705 South Main
Lindas   Lindas Lumber Co. 16 Second East
Line O. O.   215 Twelfth East
Litterll E. A., Mrs.   205 Sixth West
Little Julia, Mrs.   206 Sixth West
Little R. S.   327 Third East
Little Will   228 Ave G East
Livingston C. A.
    131 1/2 Sherman East
Livingston Ida B., Mrs.   404 Eleventh East
Livingston Otto   625 Fifth West
Loberal   Liberal Elevator Co. 804 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg
Lochhead   Rose, Mrs., Nurse 304 Ave C East
Locke E. R.   106 Eleventh East
Lockwood L. R., Mrs.   103 South Ford
Loe W. A.   222 First West
Logan V. L. V. L. Logan, Office Convention Hall
Logue R. d.   812 Ave B East
Long C. O.   800 Fifth East
Long Dora   424 Third East
Long R. W.   225 Fourth East
Long W. E.   101 Ave B West
Loomis O. H.   618 Third East
Lord Anna, Mrs.   207 Second East
Lord E. R.   19 Ave B West
Lorenson Lewis   510 Ave A West
Lorimor F. M.   100 Eleventh West
Lovelace J. R.   214 Sixth East
Lovelock W. L.   221 Ave B East
Low Belle, Mrs.   5 1/2 North Main
Lowe G. P., Mgr   Rural Residence
Lowe J. D.   619 Fourth East
Lowe John   120 Sixth East
Lowe S. E.   529 Fourth East
Lowe Wesle   Rural Residence
Lowry D. C.   310 Seventh East
Lucas M. A., Mrs.   115 Ave B East
Ludlum J. N.   1206 North Main
Lusk P. R.   825 Fifth East
Lutz F. R.   119 Twelfth East
Lutz George   128 Fifth West
Lyall J. B.   810 Ave B East
Lyle J. M., Mrs.   213 Campbell East
Lyman F. B., Mrs.   Rural Residence
Lyman V. E.   207 Sixth East
Lynn A. W.   322 Bigger East
Lyon C. B. C. B. Lyon White House Dairy Rural Residence
Lyon Edgar   315 Second East
Lyon   Lyon Bros. Grocery 526 South Main
Lyons  Ida M.   315 Ave F East


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