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Archived Queries.....1996 to 2002

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Sunday, December 29, 1996
I am looking for information on Mengheim (not sure of spelling) or Meingheim. In Sheridan, County. Believed to be in Hoxie area. Any help would be appreciated.
Mark Hill,

Sun September 22, 1996
Looking for information on Joseph (Josef) Kralicek homesteaded in Sumner County outside of Caldwell. Wife Ann Tomas Kralicek. Buried at the Bohemian Cemetery. Joseph and family was one of the first settlers in Caldwell in 1874/75.
Wynona Hennessey,

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Thursday, January 16, 1997
Is Kenneth, Kansas located in Sheridan Co.? I am looking for the Reeser surname. Frank Reeser, he was there in 1911.
Tim Janicke
The Kansas City Star
January 17, 1997

Mary Ann Thompson
Hays Public Library
1205 Main
Phone (913) 625-9014
Hays, KS 67601
Friday, January 17, 1997

Tue Feb 11, 1997
I am looking for information on Hurley R. Hogue of Kansas. He was Bon March 31, 1885 county unknown. He married Delvora(Della) Holmes of Labette County, KS between 1900and1919. They moved to Portland, OR around 1919. Della Holmes was the daughter of Charles and Susie Holmes of Labette County. Della was born in 1889. If anyone has any information on a Hogue/Hoge/Hogg/Hoag family in Kansas, please notify me.
Kristy Miller, /

Thu Feb 1997
*NEW EMAIL ADDRESS* All queries posted before 2-13-97 by me are linked to a cancelled service. Send email to
Diane Goldhammer,

Mon Feb 10 1997
Looking for information on James A. McCLAIN, b. 28 Dec 1858 in Iowa. James married Luella F. STALLCUP on 6 Sept. 1882. James resided in Sheridan County in 1920, and he died on 13 Feb. 1942. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Fred Woods,

Sat Feb 15 1997
Am interested in any history concering the surname MINDRUP in the counties of Norton (primary one), Sheridan, Decatur, Graham, Phillips, and Rooks, Smith, and Mitchell
Mark Mindrup,

Sat. 15 Feb 1997
Need to verify marriage of Lewis Dougherty to Mattie Custer in 1884. I think in Sheridan Co. He was in the mercantile business in Logan Kansas. Any additional information on Lewis and his family greatly appreciated. Will be happy to pay for necessary expenses for copies and mailing. Thank you again.
Betty VanLeer,

Tue Apr 1, 1997
I am seeking information on Walter Forman, born 23 Aug 1849 near Brighton Iowa, and married 25 Dec 1884 to Lillie May SHANE. They were living in Hoxie, Sheridan County, Kansas when son Frank Shane FORMAN was born on 19 Sep 1891. Walter and Lillie FORMAN also had an older child, a daughter, Ferne.
Jane Cigard,

Fri, 25 Apr 97

I have much information relating to this extended family from the Hoxie area. Will be glad to share what I have and am not really looking for more at the present time.

Max D. Smith,

Sun May 18, 1997

Looking for burial place of Elmer A. Mitchem who died 28 Apr 1892. His parents were living in either Lyon Co. or Sheridan Co. at the time of his death.
R. Wickenkamp,

Mon Jun 2 1997
YOUNGER / ARNOLD I am looking for information about Barbara YOUNGER and Jake ARNOLD. They lived and died in Sheridan Co.
Danette Newell,

Sat Jul 5, 1997
I am looking for information about Clarence Richard Sneed and Everett Sneed.
Robert R Sneed, Asvnoyi44@AOL.COM

Fri, 19 Dec 1997
I am looking for info. on Edward KELLEY b.1858 in Missouri married Mary Ann GRAY b.1859 in Illinois d.11/24/1944 in Sheridan Co. Their childred were Gracie, Edward, Elsie, Harold, Virgil. Elsie KELLEY b.1895 married Paul BROWN b.1888. Thank you

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Sat, 31 Jan 1998
Albert Eden SAATHOFF and Johanna REDENIUS had eleven children. The last four were born in Hoxie, Sheridan Co, KS. They were: Gaska (Kate) b.1889, John W. b.1890, Ede (Edward) and Helen W. twins b.1896. I would like to share information with anyone researching this branch of my family.
Amy Tjaden,

Feb 16, 1998
Looking for information concerning JOHN TRUE SUTTON. He lived in Grainfield, Sheridan County. Like information concerning him and his family. Was he related to SQUIRE TRUE SUTTON?

Tue, 31 Mar 1998
I am looking for the descendants of Arthur and Beulah ? BENNETT who were in Sheridan Co. in 1920 census. They had one daughter listed, Bettie.
Shirlene Jensen,
t-flower.jpg - 1033 Bytes1999t-flower.jpg - 1033 Bytes
Sat, Feb 20, 1999
I am looking for some information on an Enoch W.JACKSON b.2 June 1843 in Terre Haute, Ind. d. 29 Mar. 1929 in Hoxie, Sheridan Co. Ks. (At least that is what my records show) He m. Louisa Victoria BRINEGAR (sp). I have no data on her. Hope someone can help me. Thank you
Anne Grant

Tue, Mar 2, 1999
I'm looking for some info on the Zeigler family. Do you have access to any Sheridan county books? I'd like to find the death date on the following people:
James L. Zeigler, b Mar 1840 d after 1920
Morgan C. Zeigler, b 30 Dec 1863
Abbie Zeigler (Morgan's wife), b Oct 1866
Charles R. Zeigler (Morgan's son), b Jun 1887
John William Zeigler, b Dec 1865
Josephine Zeigler (John's wife), b Jun 1866
Adolph T. Andregg, b abt 1894
C. Gay Andregg (Morgan Zeigler's daughter), b Jun 1892
Ward Andregg, b abt 1919
There might be other Zeigler's that are buried there that I don't know of. The Zeigler's moved to Sheridan County sometime in the late 1890's and lived there through the 1920's according to the censuses. According to the 1910 census, James Zeigler was a judge in the Probate Dept. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.
Annie Crabtree
Houston TX
Annie Crabtree,

Tue, Mar 2, 1999
I am researching my greatgreat grandfather Joseph WACHENDORFER, who lived in Selden, Sheridan county, KS and in Norton county KS. His daughters by first wife were Theresa, Philomina (my greatgrandmother) Mary and Marie, children of his second marriage to Mary Mumm were Anthony, Katie, Fred, Francis and John L. He was also married a third time, I've been told but don't know to whom, yet! Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated. I have info and photos and am willing to share as well. Thanks
Steve Dowings
3539 Hastings Place, Bossier City, LA 71112
Steve Dowings,

Sunday, April 11, 1999
I am looking for any information on a Luke C. Miley who served as a Representative to Topeka for the 103rd District in 1902-1905 and then as Sheridan County Commissioner in 1926-1930. He was my husband's great grandfather. We are trying to do a genealogy on his family and Luke is the farthest back we have any concrete information on. We do know he married Sarah Jane Shepard in Concordia on February 28, 1882. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana on April 7, 1863. That is all the farther we can get. We do know his father's name was William and his mother was Mary Elizabeth Cassidy, but we have no further information on them. Any information or direction you may direct me would be appreciated as far as Sheridan County is concerned. I have contacted the other areas, but have not heard from them as of yet. Thank you for your time.
Debbie Miley, 1129 Irving, Wichita, KS 67213
Debbie Miley,

Sun, April 18, 1999
My husband's gg grandmother, Mary Ann LOOKHART, died on Dec. 30.1924 in Sequin, Kansas, SHERIDAN COUNTY. She was living with her son Joseph Lookhart. There is a rumor that she may have remarried a Dan SEIBERS, so could have been buried under that name. Thank you for any help.
Judy Lookhart

Friday, April 30, 1999
Looking for George W. Kennedy living in Hoxie, Sheridan Co. in 1904. He was a widower and died in 1908. Originally from Indiana, he lived in Brown Co. KS until 1880's when his wife died. I lose him there, but just found a obit that says when his daughter Neva Foster died in 1904 in Plainville he was living near Hoxie and went to be with the family at that time. Was he in Hoxie long? Did he die there? Thanks for help.
Cathie Van Horne,

Monday, June 07, 1999
I am looking for information about my father Harry Warren JONES born 15 Aug 1888 in Sequin Sheridan Cty KS to Warren D. JONES and Kate Hutchins. There was an older sister Maude and a younger sister that died early. Any information would be appreciated.
Harriette Jones Fontenot,

Wednesday, August 11, 1999
I am planning on a trip out to Sheridan Co., over the Labor Day weekend. I want to take photos of the cemetery, and markers of my Great Grandparents. They both are buried in Selden. I do not know if there is more than one cemetery or not there. They were William Allen Rogers, who died on March 9, 1935, his wife, Luvina who died on Oct. 25, 1939. Some of their children and their spouses are also buried there. Rufus Allen Rogers, died Oct 2, 1927, his wife Jennie Webster died April 5, 1975. Roy Lee died Aug 5, 1980, his wife was Eva May Cole and she died Feb. 14, 1981. If you know which cemetery they are buried in or the locations of their graves, I would appreciate knowing where they are. If I can be of any help in the Kansas City, MO. area let me know. Thanks, Robert "Bob" Welsh, 8707 Crysler Avenue, Kansas City, MO. 64138

Wednesday, September 29, 1999
I am looking for James HOPE and family. They disappear from Allegheny County, PA after 1850. We know that Ben Hope, James's brother, lived in Sheridan for awhile, before moving to Iowa. I would appreciate any help in locating this family. James' wife was Susan and I know of two daughters, Elizabeth and Ann and a son James Christopher HOPE. Thank you
Terry (Phil 4:13) Teri (Ps 37:5) ......To God be the glory!
Lancaster, OH ............
Terry & Teri Cleaveland

Saturday, October 02, 1999
I'm looking for any information about the James & Eril Cunningham family that lived in your county about 1890 to 1900. Their sons were Emil, Luke, Art, Thomas, Lew and Jake. They lived near Selden, but don't know if they owned or sharecropped.
Lorabell Arbogast,

t-flower.jpg - 1033 Bytes2000t-flower.jpg - 1033 Bytes

Wednesday, January 12, 2000
Looking for Bert Teeters, wife Mary Elizabeth Snell, children Virgil, Josie, Odis, who were in Sheridan County between 1895 and 1920.

Tuesday, January 19, 2000
Trying to find information on sod house and groups that people join if born in one. My grandfather, Clarence McGraw - parents Jobe McGraw and Mary Jane Cooper McGraw - was born in Hoxie Kansas in 1893. He insisted he lived in a sod house outside town; per my mother he was a member of a club of people who shared that experience. Can you advise who, if anyone would have info? I'm reaching one dead end after another re research for information about the family in this area. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.
Joy Esteban

Tuesday, January 25, 2000
Looking for information on the Steinshower family who lived in Sheridan County in 1903. Name was J. Lewis Steinshower who was married to an Alza(Maiden name was Litell). I believe there is still a Steinshower living there by the name of Elton Steinshower. Anyone with info please feel free to e-mail me.

Monday, July 10, 2000
Looking for John HAUSWIRTH WOLFORD living in Selden, KS in 1893. Married to Leta HOPWOOD in 1895 and they moved to Tacoma, WA. Had kids: Don, Guida (yes, that's right), & Marion. Would appreciate any info!
Dianne M. Fulwider,

Saturday, August 12, 2000 HARRISON
I have been visiting with my father-in-law Charles LaVerne Harrison. He tells me when he was a baby in the fall of 1905, his family went to Sheridan county to plant 40 acres of wheat. They traveled from Mitchell county to the area in a covered wagon, pulling a plow, harrow and a planter. AND then returned to the Glen Elder area to live on a farm.
Since he was a baby, this information has been handed down to him. He does not know who owned the land. It may have been his father's land Willis and Georgiaeva (Casey) Harrison. Or it could have been in another name. Perhaps Walter and Melissa (Luckey) Harrison. HOW do I go about checking more on this? Could the county office have information? I will thank you for any information you may be able to give me.
Mary Emma Claar Harrison,

Wednesday, September 13, 2000
Is there anyone who I can contact via email that might do a cemetery lookup for Sheridan County, Kansas? I'm looking for the death date of James L. Zeigler, who died in Hoxie sometime after 1920. James was born in 1840. I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.
Annie Crabtree, Houston TX
Larry and Annie Crabtree,

Friday, December 08, 2000
I'am looking for Jesse Franklin ASBURY b. March 5 1879 in Sheridan, Ks. died May 23 1938 in Belvue, Ks. Married to Mattie Elizabeth Strickler abt 1891. they had two children Charles F. and Vera M. Asbury, his fathers name was Wallace Asbury, mother unknown. any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

t-flower.jpg - 1033 Bytes2001t-flower.jpg - 1033 Bytes

Friday, February 16, 2001
Looking for Grays in Sheridan Co. in 1870's. Benjamin F. and Mary had a dau. there in 4/1987. Possibly some brothers there too. Can you help?
Beverly Maxey,

Saturday, February 17, 2001
I am searching for info about my paternal grandfather JAMES E.LAKE 27/May/1882 Sheridan Co. Kansas, his parents were JASPER LAKE & MARGARET MONTGOMERY dates unknown. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Jack in Mo.,

Sunday, April 22, 2001
DUNCAN - George and Nancy (Sebring) Duncan homesteaded in Sheridan County, KS in 1884. Both are buried in the Hoxie cemetery. Would like to contact others of this ancestry.
Freda and Steve,

Thursday, August 02, 2001
I am looking for information on Eva Melissa Ballard STAPLETON, b. 6/9/1886 IN Waupaca, WI and died 4/29/1949 in Hoxie, Sheridan County, KS at the home of her son Arthur Stapleton. I would also like to know if any other relatives are still living in or near Hoxie.
Jack Sossoman, Topeka,

Wednesday, August 08, 2001
Smith LaRue b. 19 Mar 1846 in OH, son of David LaRue and Catherine Smith Married 1) Antoynette Clark, of Clark Co., IL on 25 Jan 1873, Clark Co., IL Smith LaRue died 24 May 1930 at Selden, Sheridan County, KS and is buried in the Selden Cemetary. Born in OH, he lived in Clark County, IL from 1878 to 1908, in Crawford County, IL from 1908 until 1912, and in 1912 moved to Selden, KS. His eldest daughters who married in IL did not go west with others of the family. So my records show that the children who came west with Smith and Lucinda were, Margaret, Hattie, Charles and Franklin. I have some little more information on descendants of Smith, and a great deal on his ancestors. My name MAY be used as a resource.
I am interested in 2 obits from Selden, Sheridan County, KS. A husband and wife and would appreciate any help from someone. I do not need a hard copy, email version is fine. The obits for these two would be greatly appreciated.
Denise B. LaRue Ervasti,

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