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Cemeteries in Stafford County

Note: if you have a transcription on the web or would like to transcribe a cemetery, please email me.

    Feldhut Cemetery
    Trinity Cemetery

Hudson NW
    Salem Cemetery

Hudson SE
    Stroble Cemetery

Little Salt Marsh
    Peace Creek Cemetery -
    Old (Middle) Section
    New (North) Section

    Farmington Cemetery - A - C, D - G, H - L, M - R, S - Z
        Section - A - B, C - D, E - F, G - I, J - K

    Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Saint John South
    Fairview Park Cemetery - partial
    Martin Cemetery
    Neelands Cemetery

    Eden Valley Cemetery
    Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery

    Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    Stafford Cemetery - A - B, C - E, F - G, H - I, J - L, M, N - R, S, T - Z
          Section - A - B

Stafford NW
    Leesburg Cemetery
    Prairie Chapel Cemetery
    Verning Cemetery

Stafford SW
    Rose Valley Cemetery

    Prattsburg Cemetery

    Neola Cemetery

Winterset - Russell County
Winterset Cemetery

Gorham - Russell County
Prairie Lawn Cemetery

Russell - Russell County
Russell City Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery

AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project  - offsite link

Political Graveyard - offsite link




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Jim English
Mission, KS

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