Found Photos

If you have found photos relating to Sumner County and want to return them to their families, I will be happy to post them, along with any information that you may have. I will post your e-mail address if you wish; otherwise, I will have the researcher contact me and forward the e-mail to you. Contact me at Me for more information.

Dewey's Children

This picture was sent to me by Ed Cunningham. The photo shows the children of a man named Dewey Hartman, who was a farm hand for Ed's g-grandparents in South Dakota. This picture was among his possessions. Ed found it in his grandmother's house last year and would like to return it to the Hartman family.

From his great-aunt Althea Kelcher, Ed received the following information:

" there was a young man from Montana? who came to our farm to work in the wheat fields his name was Dewey hartman he was very nice and i think his family mailed this picture to him the men would come at harvest time and work till it was over as i remember he came down ill with a ruptured appendix and died there i remember going to his funeral and it was real sad" Ed believes that Dewey is buried somewhere in the Athol-Miranda-Redfield area of South Dakota.

The photo is dated Aug 1904 or 1907. Written at the top is "Mrs. Hartman Argonia Kansas R-2". The children are listed as:

Dill (or Dee), age 14 years
Verna, age 7 years
Emmett, age 11 years

If you are a descendant, or have information on this family, please write to me. I will forward the information to Ed.



I've "rescued" an old photograph of Charles SHIFFERT which was taken at the Shiffert & Eaton Studio in Salina, Kansas. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1890's or early 1900's with Charles listed as 44 years old at the time it was taken. In addition, someone has also indicated that he was "James' Father" and "died at age of 45". Based on limited research I was able to locate this family in census records as follows:

1880 census of Hillsboro, IL:

Charles H. SHIFFERT, age 26, a Barber, born PA, parents born PA
Hattie SHIFFERT, wife, age 19, Keeping House, born IL, parents born OH
Edward SHIFFERT, son, age 2, born IL William MCCASLEN, boarder, age 22, a Barber, born IL, parents born KY/OH

1900 census of Salina, KS:

C. H. SHIFFERT, age 43, born Sept 1856, married 22 years, born PA, parents born PA, a Barber
Hattie A. SHIFFERT, wife, age 40, born Dec 1859, married 22 years, 2 children/2 living, born IA, parents born PA/IN
Jennie E. SHIFFERT, dau, age 15, born Feb 1885, born IL, at School
E. A. KNOX, lodger, age 39, a widower, born May 1861, born IL, parents born NY/MA, a Barber

1920 census of Oxford Township, KS:

James E. SHIFFERT, age 40, born IL, parents born PA/IL, a Grocery Store Clerk
Lottie E. SHIFFERT, wife, age 40, born KS, parents born England
Vera M. SHIFFERT, dau, age 15, born KS

I am hoping to locate someone from his family so that this wonderful old photograph can be returned to the care of his family. If you are a member of this family, or know someone who might be, please contact me.

Shelley Cardiel

Sumner County