TREFF family

Biography by Diana Millsap Treff
Frederick Treff b. Dec.2 or 3, 1833, in Ekartsburga,Saxony, Germany. One of the earliest white settlers of the Western Part of Wyandotte Co. He arrived in Wyandotte Co., approximately 1858-9. He and his brother William are on the 1860 census. He became a citizen of the United States in 1857. He filed his citizenship papers in Leavenworth-Territory of Kansas.

When he first arrived in Leavenworth, he followed his trade of shoemaking for the soldiers at the Fort. He later bought land from the governemnt sanctioned land companies. His first piece of known ground in Wyandotte Co. was purchased in 1858-9. It was 160 acres. (see Wyandot map of 1870) Section 31; towship 10; range 23. (Better known today (1998) as the Victory Junction area.)

The second house of 5 Treff homes built over the years on this ground still stands. It was built in 1905. Fred Treff served under Colonel Tom Moonlight in the Ks. Militia.

According to his obituary: once while with a samll detachment of men between Lawrence & Leavenworth he participated in a border fight with Prices' Raiders. In order to fool Price and his men, the small detachment of men took cover behind some natural breastworks-put their hats on sticks and made it appear that they had twice as many men as they in reality had. Price and his men realized that they were out numbered, they were afraid to attack and retreated.

Chief Johnnycake (Journeycake) of the Delaware Indians was one of Mr. Treffs' best friends. Mr. Treff was a member of the A.O.U.W. (Ancient Order of United Workmen) Germanian Lodge #5.

He is buried at Mount Muncie in Leavenworth. Mr. Treff died August 29, 1916, at the age of 83. He left his wife Mary Storm Treff and daughters Mrs. Louise Treff Hilty-Mrs. Kate Treff Schwatke, Mrs. Bertha Treff Zapp-Mrs.Caroline Treff Witt-Mrs. Rose Treff Litchen-and two sons Earnest Henry Treff and Fred Herman Treff. Mr. Treff was baptised in Eckartsburga as a Evangelical Lutheran.


Biography by MaryRobin Louise Van Noppen Taylor, great-grandaughter of Frederick Conrad Woestemeyer. My mother, Ina Faye Woestemeyer Van Noppen was the daughter of the Henry Frederick Woestemeyer named in the biography.

WOESTEMEYER, Frederick Conrad purchased 140 acres of land in Wyandotte County in 1886. He had lived from 1883 until 1886 in Johnson County, Kansas. The city of Overland Park is built on part of what was once the Woestemeyer farm. He platted some of the acreage as the village of Bethel, after the station of the Northwestern railroad that had been named for the president of the railroad. 81st Street in Kansas City, Kansas was once known as Woestemeyer Road. The family home was located on what is now 81st Street Terrace.

He was born March 6, 1844 on Tuque's Creek, Warren County, Missouri, near Marthasville, the son of Bernhard Moritz and Marie Elizabeth (SCHUSTER) WOESTEMEYER. His parents emigrated from the Muenster, Germany area in 1838. He grew up in the German Evangelical Church in Femme Osage, Missouri. He later gave the land for the Bethel Presbyterian Church and assisted in its construction. As a child he was taught at home by his father and attended the district school for a short period of time. His father died in 1852. Schooling opportunities after that were limited. He was a self-taught musician. He made and played violins and later played the organ in various churches. He insisted that his children all receive opportunities for advanced schooling and the opportunity to study music.

He learned the shoemaker's trade and later owned a atore where he sold sewing machines and farm machinery in Marthasville, MO. In 1877 he sold this store and bought 390 acres in Lafayette Co., Missouri, near Napoleon, which he farmed until his move to Johnson County, Kansas in 1883. In Wyandotte County he was the postmaster at Bethel for over twenty-six years and also owned a general store. He also farmed and raised stock.

During the Civil War he served in the Missouri Home Guard.

He married Wilhelmina Regina Elizabeth OBERHELMAN on October 22, 1868 in Marthasville, Warren County, MO. She was the daughter of Frederick Arnold and Anna (KNOPKER) OBERHELMAN. She was born January 7, 1849 in Marthasville, MO and died April 10, 1921 in Bethel, KS.

Frederick Conrad and Wilhelmina had nine children, seven of whom grew to adulthood. A son, Bernhard Herman was born June 3, 1877 in Marthasville, MO and died June 10, 1878 in Napoleon, MO. A daughter, Althea Mary was born in Bethel, Wyandotte Co., KS October 23, 1887 and died December 6, 1895. He gave the land for the Bethel IOOF Cemetery in her honor. Pauline Mary Woestemeyer was born November 1, 1869 in Marthasville, MO and died in 1962. She married Arthur William COGHILL September 9, 1891. She and her husband were in the dairy business. Henry Frederick Woestemeyer was born July 5, 1873 in Marthasville, MO and died September 29, 1953. He married Clara Belle HENDRICKSON June 14, 1899 in Kansas City, KS. He was a store keeper, wrote insurance, owned a funeral parlor and worked in Fairfax Industrial district. Anna Christine Woestemeyer was born November 20, 1871 in Marthasville, MO and died 1941 in Merriam, Johnson Co., KS. She married Thomas Chapman PORTER May 16, 1900 in Bethel, KS. She and her husband were dairy farmers. The town of Prairie Village is built on the old Porter farm. Frederick Otto Woestemeyer was born July 11, 1875 in Marthasville, MO and died December 22, 1935 in Houston, TX. He married Margaret E. DURBORAW May 7, 1908 in Philadelphia, PA. He became a Presbyterian minister. Agnes Lisette Woestemeyer was born October 26, 1880 in Napoleon, MO. and died November 23, 1939 in St. Paul, MN. She married Leigh Francis KNOWLES June 18, 1913 in Bethel, KS. She was a teacher and her husband was a publisher. Bernhardt William Woestemeyer was born March 8, 1883 in Napoleon, MO and died January 5, 1971 in Bethel KS. He married Josephine ROBINSON December 25, 1914 in Morrill, Kansas. He was educated as an attorney and was connected with the postal service in Bethel. Clara Mary Woestemeyer was born September 26, 1885 in Overland Park, KS and died April 16, 1964 in Bethel, KS. She married Reynold Shuyler June 16, 1915 in Bethel, KS. She taught, played the organ in church and ran the family farm with her husband.

Frederick Conrad Woestemeyer was vice-president and treasurer of the White Church Town Site and Improvement Company. He served as road commissioner for a time. He was an elder in the Bethel Presbyterian Church at the time of his death on February 16, 1929. He is buried in the Bethel IOOF Cemetery, with his wife and daughter Althea Mary. Several of his children and grandchildren are also buried in this cemetery.