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Stacie Bushong March 21, 2002
I am looking for information on the BUSHONG family who lived in Hutchinson Kansas in the mid to late 1800's. Specifically the family of Leona BUSHONG who married Samuel Roper on July 9, 1890.


Cathy Silvers Merrow March 21, 2002
My grandfather Charley Newton SILVERS was born 7/18/03 in Reno Kansas
My grandmother Lena Maude WINCHELL was born 3/17/05 in Lawrence Kansas
I am trying to find copies of birth records, etc.  I guess the state of Kansas only has records back to 1911, thus my brick wall.  Any help would be appreciated.


L. J. Burch March 24, 2002
Looking for info on William Jefferson JONES died in Reno, CO, Kansas Nov 1892.  He was married to  Rachel (last name unknown).  His parents were Abraham and Mary JONES.  Any info appreciated. 


Shirley Mezger Lanham May 17, 2002
I am looking for the SMITH family that settled about five miles north of Sylvia, Reno County, Kansas in 1886.  They were originally from Illinois. The parents were George W. and Mary Ellen Cupp SMITH; there children were William Nelson, John Henry (JH), Minni Maud, Eva, Clara, Rose, Ellen, and Joseph SMITH. It is possible that Rose, Clara, and Ellen may not have moved to Kansas, but stayed in Illinois. I know Joseph came to Reno County, but no idea if he ever married.

The following children married and lived in Reno County:
    William Nelson SMITH married Edna Caroline Johnson;
    John Henry married Lucinda Mae Spence; (both are buried at Hazen Cemetery)
    Minni Maud married James Clayton Abbot;
    Eva married Orville Wright. 
All of these families stayed in and around the Sylvia, Plevna, Huntsville area of Reno County.  I am trying to get any information I can on these relatives.  I would appreciate any help or leads you might be able to give.


Dee Noblitt-Ashbrook May 22, 2002
I am looking for any information on a Dwight W. NOBLITT, b. 2.11.1915 in Barton Co, Great Bend, Ks, d. 4.1.2000 in Reno Co., Hutchinson, KS, Ss. # 509-05-2805.  His father's name was George William Ollen NOBLITT, believed to have settled or been born in Springfield, MO.  Brothers to Dwight are  Jack; sisters are Georgian and Edna; half brothers and sister are, George, Dan, David and Jack who is living in TX, and Billy Helen, all were born in Barton Co., Great Bend, KS. 


Lois Miller May 24, 2002
I am trying to find some information regarding my grandparents who lived in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Their names are Ellsworth Lyman HULL and Mary Ellen FREEMAN.  I only have approximate dates.  Ellsworth Lyman HULL:  Approx. birth date - 1880 and approx. death date - 1936.  Mary Ellen FREEMAN:  Approx. birth date - 1880 and approx. death date - 1965.  Ellsworth Lyman HULL was a Baptist Minister, but I don't know the name of the church.  I don't know what State they were born in - but I believe that both of them died in Hutchinson Kansas.  Any help would be appreciated.


Diana Carmichael May 26, 2002
Searching for descendants of John and Catherine (MCARTHUR) CARMICHAEL.  John was born Feb 6 1834 in Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland; immigrated in 1849/1850; he and Catherine married Oct 9 1866 in Flint, Genesee County, Michigan; died 1921 near Burrton, Harvey County, Kansas; buried in Valley Township Cemetery, Reno County, Kansas.  Catherine was born Sep 9 1844 in Greenock, Renfewshire, Scotland; immigrated in 1849/1850; died Nov 6 1912 near Burrton, Harvey County, Kansas; buried in Valley Township Cemetery, Reno County, Kansas.  John and Catherine lived on a farm that is in Reno County but has a Burrton, Harvey County address.  Their children:  George (married Nettie Cora REED); Dougal (married Cora M. PADEN); Isabelle Sarah (married Thomas Elijah DYSON); William T. (info unknown); Mary Helen (married Frank C. DEWATER); Jennett Anna (married Frank D. TUCKER); Christina Rosa (married Frank F. BROWN); John W. (married Blanche Myrtle BRADY); Lucinda Nancy (married Clyde Clinton MATLACK).  Descendant surnames that married into this line include:  ROMIG, COOK, CARLYLE, COLLINS, HARRIS, HANSELMAN, STONE, MCNEILL, HENDERSON, STEELE, HUGHES, COLEMAN, BUTCHER, TURNER, CULBERTSON, BLEW, DRESSLER, WHITE, RINGER, KETCHUM, REDINGER, MYERS, KESTLER, SCHLATTER, WILEY, PIKE, FRIESEN, SULLIVAN, SLOUGH, LOTZ, JENKINS, ASHCRAFT, ROBERTS, PINKHAM, WORKMAN, CULVER, MORRIS.  These early families all lived in and around the Reno County area (including the counties of Harvey and Sedgwick); have no updated family information from the early 1970's to the present.  Also trying to locate information on ancestry of John and Catherine if any descendants happen to know.



Walt Broughton May 27, 2002
Edwin M. BROUGHTON d. 1899 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. In 1898, he is listed as working for the local newspaper. Hi wife was Lovinia Adelia JONES BROUGHTON. I am looking for Edwin's obituary, and exact date of death. 


Karen Clayton June 23, 2002
I am tracing my LUTZ family roots form Kansas.  I am wanting to verify that Charles LUTZ born 21 March 1911, died Jan. 1986 in Hutchison Reno Co., Kansas is my grandfather's brother. I found the only Charles LUTZ listed for Kansas in the SSDI.  Can someone search cemetery or church records?  His parents were John Fredrick LUTZ and Caroline Montgomery of Denison/Holton Jackson Co. Kansas.  His wife's first name was Mae.  Any information you might uncover about her would be appreciated.  I do not know where they are buried.  They are not with their other Lutz siblings in either Holton Cemetery of Denison Cemetery. 



Tina Reed June 25, 2002
Searching for information on this family that I found in the Reno Co. census for 1920.
WELLS, Richard E. b.abt.1864 PA
Beatrice b.abt. 1882 Col.and their children: born between 1901 and 1920
Frank, Sybil, Mary, Joseph, Philip, Paul, Charles, Richard, Jessie May.  Would like to know if Richard E. WELLS ,his wife Beatrice or descendants are buried in or near the Arlington City area. Any help would be appreciated.                


Willa Oswalt July 11, 2002
I am seeking information on William Tobert OSWALT married to Sarah Rebeka WOOD.  They were parents of George Tobert (Bert),  Elmer Henry,  John David,  Walter Lacy,  Jesse and Amanda Melissa.  Jesse and Walter OSWALT and their sister Amanda OSWALT Clark lived in Hutchinson, Kansas until their deaths.  Elmer and John OSWALT descendents continue to live in the Little River area. Any available information on the William OSWALT's roots would be greatly appreciated.  


Evelyn Oden July 21, 2002
I am searching for a date of birth and  death for Marie (Koestel) GUYER, wife of Fay Hopping GUYER... I believe they are both buried in Arlington Cemetery, Reno County, Kansas... Thank you,



Dwight Davis July 30, 2002
I am looking for a James Leofort FISHBACK who lived in the Turon area from about 1878 on.  He had a company that manufactured buggies and he was also a jeweler.  He came originally from West Virginia.  Thank you for your help.


Debra Clifford August 6, 2002
Looking for information on Noah R CAMPBELL. Lived in or around Plevna, KS about 1880. He was married to Elmira ?.Children were Williard, Ida, James Jason, Deann, Georgia. Believe he came from the Buffalo, New York area.



Claudia Glass August 19, 2002
In Reno County Kansas - seeking information on the following persons:
Fanny McElroy Graves - m. Thomas G. Armour
Fanny b. 17 Nov 1878, d. 31 May 1941, m. 2 Apr 1901 
John Redmond Campbell - m. M. J. Ferguson & possibly another wife
daughter Vida (b 1875, d in infancy)
son David (b. 1876 d.1898)
daughter Anna (b. 1878 d. 1891)
son Dana D (b. 1880 d. 1939)
Seeking info on Dana D's 2nd wife, any information on John  and M. J. Redmond  
Lillian Kansas Graves m. James Warren Dawson Lilly b. 16 Apr 1874, d. 29 Mar 1945, m. 31 Mar 1898, burial at Darlow.
Seeking info on 5 children and their descendants,
Grace (m. Alan Gunn)
Mildred (m. James Wildin)
Rosamond (m. Delbert Lindahl)
Hazel (m. Lester Ellis)
Robert Warren (m. Vada Hauch)  
Charles Evert Graves m. Clara Constant
Charles b. 27 May 1876, d. 18 Jun 1956, burial at Lone Star.  Seeking info on children and descendants.  
Mattie J. Slack m. (1) Elmer E. Jenks, (2) Charles McFadden, (3) H. C. Stephenson.  Children's names were Daisy, Orlo L., and Welcome A. Jenks and Ruth McFadden or McFadon b. 1911.  
Hester L. Slack m. Orlo S. Jenks.  Descendants unknown.  
Mary Rosey "Rose" Graves b. 1868, d. 1935, m. (1) William W. Lewis, (2) James Rexroad.  Burial at Darlow.
Seeking information on descendants and both husbands   Thank you very much 


Charles Hutchinson September 8, 2002
I am looking for linkage for Attilla M. and Elizabeth HUTCHINSON who lived in Hutchinson from circa 1888 to 1904. He was the first physician at the State Refomatory and she was a leader in the WCTU movement.


Kristin September 15, 2002
I am looking for information on Edgar Ray CUNNINGHAM.
The only information I have is that he was b 6 July 1900 and died February 1966 in Turon, Reno co. He married Lena Mary PLILER and they had a daughter Francis Lorraine CUNNINGHAM (Rossiter). Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks 


Taleah Wilkinson October 15, 2002
I am searching for my Grandfather's (Ernest Earl INGRAHAM), cousin Isarel Palmer he was born abt. 1884/1885 in Missouri I believe he may have been born in Dade County, Mo. As his parents Margaret INGRAHAM and George Palmer were married in Dade County, Mo., July 15, 1883. Sometime after they moved to Kansas, somewhere in the area of Reno County, Kansas. Isarel had one full brother Ernest Earl he died as a small child I believe he died in about 1901. He had a half brother Fred INGRAHAM but don't know if he knew of this brother or not as Fred was born before Margaret and George married, he was not George's son so he stayed in Dade County and was raised by this Grandparents Charles and Cornelia Ingraham. Margaret and her siblings were born in Illinois and was there till at least 1870. In 1875 she gave birth to Fred who was born somewhere in Kansas, in 1883 she was in Dade County with her parents. Would appreciate any information on INGRAM's, or INGRAHAM's I've found the family under both spellings. 



Wren432@aol.com October 25, 2002
I am looking for information on Benjamin Franklin and his wife Claire.  They were listed n the 1920 census as living in Haven, Kansas, Reno Co.  Benjamin died in 1923.  Thank you for you help.
Ed Morland  ps I have info on this family and other siblings and parents.


BethRWalters@aol.com October 28, 2002
I am seeking information on or from relatives of any of the following, all of whom lived and died (years noted) in Reno Co., probably in Hutchinson:
-- Charles Lincoln Parks (1930) and Etta Clarissa Harner Parks (1963)
-- William Henry Harner (1928) and Elizabeth Ann Featherhoff Harner (1920)
-- Rufus Wilson Parks (about 1895) and Susan Frances Chapman Parks (1895)
-- Willliam Raymond Yerkes (1948) and Velma Elizabeth Parks Yerkes (1969).  Thank you! 


Randy Foraker November 1, 2002
I am searching for information on this family that live in the Haven area in 1895.  My great grandfather James D. FORAKER (his tombstone says David Joshua FORAKER) married Gertrude Tucker in 1895 in Haven.  I have information on James' descendents and the Tucker family but nothing on James' ancestors.  There was also a Charles F. FOREAKER that lived in Mt. Hope, Sedgwick County, Kansas in 1910 that may have been James' brother.  Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Bobbales@aol.com November 4, 2002
BALLARD, William, and FRENCH, Sadie.  Seeking information on William, born in Afton, Iowa in 1860, buried in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas. 


Barbie Graham November 7, 2002
I am looking for information on Bessie HATHAWAY. I have no info other than her name. She is my mother-in-law's mother. Any ideas about how to go about locating any information? She lived in Reno County in Hutchison. Thanks for the help.


Ellen Baize November 10, 2002
I am looking for information on the Levi McFARLAND family of Hutchings, Reno Co., KS.  (about 1837 - 1901).  I believe that he is the brother of my gg-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth McFARLAND EPPERSON.  In gg-grandfather Epperson's wallet was a newspaper clipping about the death of Willis McFARLAND, son of Levi McFARLAND.  I'm trying to find the parents of Mary Elizabeth and Levi.


O. D. McElroy December 10, 2002
I am trying to locate someone from the family of Jerome Silas and Virginia ATKINS. They are listed in the 1880 Valley, Reno County census with five children. Florence, Samuel, William, Eve, and Jesse. Thanks for any information. Virginia Curtis ADKINS is the sister of my G/Grandfather, William Alexander Curtis.


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